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Is your Higher Self an Angel?

Posted by on Jul 27, 2017



I’ve just had the privilege of being one of the first to view and comment on a new website of a dear friend of mine, Geraldine Sherborne, who channels ‘Higher Self’ guidance and messages for people, helping them to find their true purpose. I love Geraldine, and her soul work, and as Essene members over the two decades I look forward to seeing her each year, knowing that when we do meet there is always a strong bond of friendship that goes way beyond this life time. Geraldine has been channelling beautiful messages from the heart of our planet, Gaia, and from Angels, Masters from other worlds, and Archangels for many years. She does this by connecting through meditation to her Higher Self, and receives guidance from the cosmic energies accessible to those who enter the field.

We all have a Higher Self, even those of us who haven’t yet woken up and become conscious of it. It was once explained to me, many years ago, that the soul was split into two aspects but with only one half coming to incarnate on Earth. This is the part of us which, as human beings with a physical body, is heavier in density and has a lower vibrational energy. It contains our personality, our ego, and our emotional and mental bodies. Our Higher Self is in constant contact with Divine energy and Light, and is able to maintain a frequency of high vibrational energy so high that we don’t always – or automatically – connect with it.  That is what we are doing when we learn to tune in to our silence. This is what we are doing when we go within. Perhaps it is what we hear whenever we need guidance and wisdom. Aha,  I hear you ponder, so, could this be what we are really referring to when we think of our ‘guardian angels’? Is this what we are doing when we pray to God, or speak with the angels, and receive answers?

Fair comment. Here’s some food for thought as we explore the concept more deeply …

IF our soul splits at incarnation with the intention of giving guidance throughout our lifetime so that we may indeed fulfil our purpose, then why can’t we all re-connect at will? Well perhaps we can, and do, and perhaps we just don’t realise this is what we are doing in meditation.

And, if indeed we have divided our soul leaving part of us behind in the heavenly realms of Light, could this be the sense of yearning and ‘trying to find our self’, that so many of us feel throughout our lifetime and what psychologists describe as a sense of  separation? For two thousand years we have been taught to believe this sense of lack, or yearning, is due to the ‘Fall of Man’. Possibly. But for those men (perhaps with a blinkered sense of understanding) writing the rules in the beginning of strict religious teachings there needed to be explanations.  What better way to control the masses at that time than to teach them to believe it was because humanity (or Adam and Eve to be precise) had angered their jealous and vengeful Creator. He would, after all,  leave them to fend for themselves until they found their way back to the Light through suffering and repentance. I struggle with that one myself, so the idea of my soul separating with one part remaining behind in the Divine Light to guide me satisfies better.

There is, in essence, great wisdom and understanding in all of us. Many just don’t have the confidence to believe that,  nor do they have the tools to access it. That’s where we often seek guidance from others. sometimes we go to a clairvoyant, sometimes we seek spiritual development so that we can learn how to do it for ourself. If you are feeling a little wise council might serve you I can recommend my lovely friend Geraldine. she doesn’t offer to talk to your angels, but to your Higher Self, yet her definition of Higher Self is:

​”Your Higher Self is the eternal deep part of you that is connected to the higher planes of existence. It is your ever present friend whose guidance is always loving, compassionate and uplifting”. 

I and Geraldine and many others access our Higher Self on a regular basis. I believe it is this  source of wisdom that inspires and guides as a muse for music, creativity, teaching and in my case writing and public speaking. In healers it is the Higher Self which connects to the beneficent Light and soothing balm of the universal Divine healing energies available to all of us when we open our hearts. To believers of different faiths it could be connected with the Holy Spirit, perhaps to a direct connection with God (in fact could it be the Higher Self in connection to Source answering the questions we ask in our prayers for instance ?). Or, yes indeed there are those who might argue that this is the guidance of our Guardian Angels. And actually who’s to say that this is not one and the same?

So many theories spark interest in our origins, our spirituality and our soul – but which ones are true, and whom may we trust? The answer is always to sit quietly and breathe deeply, to relax and ponder your question as you sense the answer coming into mind. From a guardian angel?  or you, …. your Higher Self?


[Geraldine Sherborne’s website is : www.HigherSelfGuidance.co.uk]


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Zadkiel – The Angel of Change

Posted by on Jul 21, 2017

Archangel Zadkiel can help with your addictive behaviours


archangel_zadkiel_170Let’s look at how we can work with the power of the angelic realms to help even in really tough life situations. No matter how mundane, the angels are always with us, and there is a way of working spiritually that will help us see our way through. Do not worry about remembering the names of particular angels, and in fact the name is not always essential. Your intention, and open heart, will always connect you to the angels. Remember however, we are inviting angels closer to us to help with taking responsibility for our own lives in an effort to change by calling on them for their divine assistance. We cannot ‘summon’ angels to do the job for us!

Addictive behaviour: Some of the hardest situations are those related to addiction of one type or another. Many become addicted to food and become overweight or to certain foods like chocolate or coffee, alcohol, drugs (including the mis-use of pain relief medicines), or nicotine. Many are addicted to work; even when our hours are finished we take our work home, or cannot leave a project until the early hours. Some people cannot resist being in constant contact with others, permanently glued to mobiles checking for messages when eating or out with friends.  In some cases, it’s not just physical, but we become psychologically addicted to being needed, or we may develop a sense of becoming indispensable.

In all cases help is at hand.

The angel to help with addictions  is Zadkiel, the bearer of an energy called the ‘Violet Flame’, and the angel of transformation, or more precisely transmutation, the process of trurning negative energies into positive ones. By learning to tune in with 100% desire to let go of your addiction Zadkiel will help you every time. The key is wanting to give up your addiction. Of course, in some cases you may also need medical help if the addiction is drugs or medication, or is linked to serious illness.

Calling In The Violet Flame

Light a violet coloured candle, perhaps placing  an amethyst crystal close by, dedicating the time to sit quietly, closing your eyes and relaxing, focus on releasing your addiction. Calling Zadkiel’s name three times: “Zadkiel, Zadkiel, Zadkiel… I ask your help in releasing myself from any negative patterns which tie me to my addiction. I release my addiction to the powerful energy of the Violet Flame and I ask that all negative thoughts of myself and my addiction be melted away and transmuted into positive energy that will enable me to succeed. Thank you.”

Now sit and imagine a beautiful violet light surrounding you and clearing away all negativity associated with your addictive habits, leaving you strong and positive. Repeating this short meditation, morning and evening, will release you from your addictions and empower you to find positive chanels for your energy.

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How to connect with your Guardian Angel

Posted by on Jul 14, 2017

It’s ages since I wrote anything about connecting to Guardian Angels, I seem to have got sidetracked by the ‘Big Seven’ Archangels.


1. Give them a name

It doesn’t really matter whether your guardian angel has a name or not, but it’s a human need to use names in order to form relationships. To this end, finding a name to use is a good way to help you link with your guardian. Some people adopt a name that comes into their head, or they hear it being called and it stands out to them. It doesn’t matter if you call them ‘Fred’ or a more celestial name like ‘Auriel’– what counts is that you feel comfortable with it. And don’t think that the Archangels can’t be your guardian too… of course they can!

2. Ask for help

AngelInsight_Comfort2Ask your angel to help you, and let them know how. Simply say, for example, ‘Angel [name] please come close and comfort me.’ Or you could say, ‘Angel, I’m struggling with… please find me a human being who has skills in the area I need.’

You can say this out loud or in your head. Many people find it easier to write their request down. Afterwards, say thank you, letting your angel know you have finished your request and acknowledging that you recognise and are grateful for their help.


3. Use angelic decorations

Decorate your home with symbols of angels in the form of figurines, candles, pictures and so on. Angel-decorated household items are all over my home. It’s not that you’re worshipping angels (you are honouring and valuing their presence), it’s so that each time you see one of your angels it will remind you that you have  guardian angels in you life.

4. Wear angel jewellery

This especially goes for angel pins, some of which even say, ‘Protected by angels.’ They’re cheap enough that you could pin one on to every jacket and coat. It makes your request clear to the angels: ‘Jump in, any time!’  I have noticed lots of lovely earrings and necklaces with wings, just like the ones I like to wear. Choose soothing that represents how you feel about the angelic realms.

5. Keep an angel diary

This is a special notebook you can keep by your bed, along with a pen, to record the magic that happens in your life. You might like to add pictures and stickers. What you write in your journal is unique to you but here are a few suggestions:

  • Angel poetry. Make your own up or include one of the greats by William Blake and Shakespeare.
  • Good news, things that inspire you.
  • Burning questions you might have for your angels (leave a space to follow up any signs you receive as aresult.)
  • Pictures printed from the internet, angel postcards, stickers or images from magazines.
  • Photos of the ‘angels’ in your life (both living or deceased). These are people who have behaved likeangels and helped you in some way.
  • Your angel experiences.
  • Your own illustrations or doodles.
  • Dreams you feel were significant – jot them down as soon as you wake up, leaving space to follow up.
  • Angel card readings (where you pick a card from a special pack to focus on for guidance).

However you choose to connect more deeply, the main thing to remember is that you are loved and protected. Always. Angels don’t judge you for having a ‘bad day’. They resonate to the high vibrational energy of love, so if you are feeling down or disconnected don’t despair and think they have gone away. It means your energy has become heavy, so it is harder for them to get through to you. Find something to help you ‘lighten up’ by meditating with one of your beautiful pictures, or with angelic music, or get out into nature and feel the breeze and smell the trees. You’ll soon be uplifted and regain that link.

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