Do you remember exactly what you were doing on 11 / 11 / 2011? It was a really big deal at the time. so many spiritual groups were gathering. Not only in celebration of armistice day but because many of us were aware of the opportunity to take part in a spiritual shift. Ascended Masters and the angelic realms had been guiding messages of a huge planetary shift, an opportunity for Light workers to become ‘available’ to anchor the Light together – all over the world. There was a lot of energy for something to be done at the time, spiritually like minded people were buzzing!

I remember that weekend very well. Thirty three of us, from within our Essene Network, gathered together just outside Glastonbury, at a small farm in Castle Cary, where an energetic portal between worlds had been revealed.
At 11 am we had arranged to meet by the gate and by 11 minutes past the hour we were all forming a circle in silence around the space where the portal could be felt (and seen by some). We held hands and allowed the loving connection to flow between us in memory of those who had given their lives to save others. Then we held a most amazingly moving and powerful ceremony of aligning ourselves to the Light and anchoring it at the portal. We moved to the four points of East, South, West and North and at each point the Essene group leaders called upon the angels, divinities, planets and galactic star bodies, and we responded with a written prayer and held the space in love and presence, anchoring the Divine Light at each spot. As we all walked round the circle the energy grew and grew. The ceremony ended with Peter, one of our treasured Essene members, standing in the centre of the circle and in his deep rich voice reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. It seemed to resonate in the heart of every one of us,  and echo in the whole valley. I can honestly say that I had never before witnessed anything so powerful in my lifetime.
From there we all made our way to Glastonbury Abbey where we repeated the ceremony in the grounds of Abbey House and continued with a full and wonderful weekend retreat..One of the best.
The whole 11-11-11 Essene weekend retreat, filled with powerful energy, laughter, visions of angels, healing and friendship was etched into my memory for ever!

My oh my, what a lot has happened since over the last seven years! On so many levels. And, as everything goes around in seven year cycles we are here with a superb opportunity to review and look back over our life-line. How much have you changed? What lessons have been learned? How have you grown?

This year, the energies surrounding 11th November 2018 are numerologically incredibly powerful, even possibly more powerful, because the year 2018 is an 11 when added.

It isn’t just the centenary year of the end of the First World War which is absolutely enormous in itself. It is a true triple ’11’. A triple Master number. We have the opportunity to Master our destiny here on earth, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s not  just an opportunity for each of us individually, but for the whole of humanity, and our planet. If you have been feeling a little more ‘strange’ than usual (dizzy, ungrounded, indecisive, nauseous, sleepless, exhausted) then perhaps you are super-sensitive to these phenomenal energies. Don’t worry, but do be conscious of it – act upon it. Go outside and ground your self firstly by walking, or do some yoga or exercise. Mentally focus by deep breathing and meditating. Then if you feel drawn to serve with the angels here on Earth please join me, and countless others, in offering your services to God and the angelic realms. We all need to remember why we’re here right now. We promised to be here, in a human physical body, anchoring the Light that flows through us, and putting Love in Action. Today’s the day to become an even brighter Light in these heavy and shadowy times.

( If you feel drawn to take your Light further afield, as well as i your own home, do come with me in 2019 as I venture to spread the energy around the world – healing ourselves and others – feeling the energy and anchoring the Light wherever we go. I’ll be taking a “Holy Land” group to Jordan and Israel in May, Angels Abroad healing retreat in Crete in September – details on the website…. and I’m very excited about adding a Spring trip to Carcassonne, and the Cathar country in March or early April (being negotiated now) watch this space. I’m also going back to teach in Sri Lanka in October and may take a small group with me there. Do get in touch if you’d like to come with me. I’d absolutely love your company! )