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Readying Yourself For The Journey Ahead

Posted by on Nov 3, 2017

wisdomWe live in a frantic world, where some days it can be difficult to find even five minutes’ downtime away from the rush. But in order to follow this path, in order to fully step into your Light, remember that you will need to nurture yourself – mind, body and spirit – and remain balanced and strong. By this I mean consciously achieving a happy balance between your work life, your family life and your spiritual life, between health and money, love and charity, work and play.

Once you become more aware of the need to prioritize your health and wellbeing, you can develop strategies for putting that understanding into action. This might include bodywork such as massage, reflexology or yoga, and eating a nutritious diet and taking exercise. You can call in the angels to guide you toward those activities that are good for you, and assist you in reorganizing your schedule to fit it all in. Archangel Gabriel’s Light is wonderful for showing us the way.

In terms of nurturing your spiritual development, the simplest way to do this is through meditation, connecting with nature, and doing the things that make your heart sing, whether that be listening to music, dancing, walking, being with animals or children, laughing or playing.

You know when you are out of balance: the aspect of life that is draining you will leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. If you have no energy or enthusiasm for something, it is time to take a break and reassess. I regularly go on retreat to far away places just to ensure I get this kind of break to realign body and soul. When you are happy and well, you are in good balance. The physical body we see and feel is not all we are, and to maximize our Light  we need to take full responsibility for our own health (on all levels) and let go of all blame and excuses.

The same is true of developing your soul. There are no “quick-fixes”. No matter what any teacher or guru says, no one but you can “accelerate your ascension process”, “realign your DNA” or mend your broken heart, no matter how much money you are willing to pay. We are each responsible for our own decisions, actions and outcomes. Here’s an affirmation you may wish to use to support you on your journey:

“I stand in my own power, taking full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions.”

Reaching this point of self-awareness can often enable the first great changes to take place and bring a cataclysmic shift in energy. We begin to understand that although other people affect us, we are in fact in control of our own lives. Just like becoming good at sport or playing the piano, we know we have to put in the practice; we realize that in order to be happy and fulfilled we have to do the work. We are responsible for the stories we tell to others and to ourselves. By taking full ownership of our decisions, we can rewrite our stories, make a fresh start and begin again, creating anything we want to.

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Chakras In Meditation And Healing

Posted by on Oct 13, 2017

chakrasWorking with the seven energy centres of the body, known as the “chakras”, forms part of the practices in the Seven Steps. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light” and derives from the highly trained Indian yogis that observed the chakras as spinning vortexes. It is through this energy that our life force flows, stimulating the endocrine system and helping us maintain a healthy, open balance of body, mind, spirit and soul. As a filter of subtle energies from earth and heaven, the chakras also act as conductors, and can help you become more open to receiving and transmitting Angel Light.

Growing Strong Roots
Archangel Gabriel is mainly associated with the throat chakra, the centre of communication and will. However, this angelic force is also closely linked to the root chakra because she “over-lights” our entry to the world at birth and working with her light enables us to become conduits of Divine energy. Our aim is therefore to create a strong, clear communication with the angels while also balancing the root chakra so that we feel safe enough to stand our ground.

This is important because in order to express your highest truth and open the “third eye” to the light, you will need to open the upper chakras. But first you need to strengthen the lower chakras (starting from the root and working upward) or you may feel off balance or floaty. Ways to ground yourself include meditating on the root chakra, walking in nature or feeling the earth beneath your feet.

In Seven Steps Into Angel Light, I offer several exercises connected with the Chakras. I’d like to share this ‘balancing’ exercise with you:

  • Sit comfortably, phone off, eyes closed, back straight.
  • Breathe deeply in and take the breath right down into your lower abdomen. Imagine you are strolling through a sunlit meadow filled with glorious red poppies bobbing cheerfully in the warm breeze.
  • You sit and peel an orange, enjoying the sweet juice as it quenches your thirst, under the gaze of the bright yellow sun above your head.
  • Continue through the meadow towards a clump of deep green trees where the air is cooler and you feel calm and serene.
  • There you find a stream trickling over pebbles which leads you to a lovely pool, turquoise in the twinkling sunlight teasing through the tree tops casting indigo shadows on the mossy banks.
  • Here you find clumps of the sweetest little purple violets, hiding their beauty from the world.
  • Sit for a moment, opening your balanced chakras to the angels, feeling their presence and basking in their light.


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Angelic ways to stay grounded

Posted by on Jul 6, 2017

AngelInsight_AscensionAs we move into the heart of the Summer, and the new heightened spiritual energies that were predicted by so many gurus, so many of us have recently experienced major life-changing events, others have had heightened spiritual awareness, angelic connections or psychic abilities.

In my workshops and talks I often speak about how wonderful it is to be open to angels as light and loving celestial beings, but remind people that our role as ‘light workers’ is to bring that energy down and anchor it into the earth, by becoming more grounded. The suggestion sometimes meets with a blank look. In this blog I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at what it means to ‘ground’ and truly ’embody’ our soul or ‘higher self’ which is already connected to angelic energies.

When we are enjoying a spiritual workshop, meditation or blissful experience we may become exquisitely connected, through our crown chakra, to the high vibrational angelic energies. But if we spend too many hours a day in this heightened state, we can become floaty and disconnected from our everyday lives. A blissful experience is certainly desirable during a period of meditation, and perhaps longer if we are being supervised on a spiritual retreat, but in our everyday lives we need to be practical, and have a mind, body and spiritual connection which is grounded, focussed and balanced to function properly, and to be of service to others.

There is an ancient tradition where connection to the angels was considered very grounding too. In the 1940s, aged parchments containing prayers to angels were discovered by a group of boys in caves near the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert. Written in Hebrew and Aramaic, they were among spiritual documents known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Historians discovered that they were written by scribes from the Jewish Essene tribe, who pre-dated the Christian era.

As well as being very spiritual, the Essenes were also very practical, with hundreds of laws for healthy community living. They believed in angels in relation to the elements and powerful forces of nature. As farmers, the Essenes called the guardian spirit of the soil and fields they tilled the ‘Angel of Earth’. They knew that all the minerals of the Earth are what makes up the living body of man, for which they then thanked the ‘Angel of Life’. They believed that all the powerful natural energies of the Earth, were the angels of our planet Earth, governed by our Earthly Mother. They also seem to have had a mystical understanding of the physical ‘holy’ laws of nature, which we now call science, and meta-physics.

The Essenes understood the relationship between the elements and human life. So the power of the wind and the air they called the ‘Angel of Air’, acknowledging that the air we breathe is our lifeforce, but that it also whispers the secrets of the universe. They saw that the water we drink flows through our blood, cleansing our bodies and nurturing the earth. They honoured water calling it ‘Angel of Water’. The heat of the sun, to the Essenes, was not only an energy of light and warmth but the source of life to every plant and living thing, and in human beings it has the added gift of warming the heart (the emotional body) thus enabling us to feel love for one another. They called it the ‘Angel of Sun’ thereby vocalising a connection between humanity, the elements and the stars.

By cleansing their bodies, eating raw living foods, meditating in communion with angels, peaceful living, and by keeping to the ‘Holy Laws’ they understood their vibrational energy would become so pure that they could heal others simply by being present. Now that’s what I call really putting spirituality into practice.

Exercises for grounding spiritual energy.


  • If you are sitting down straighten your spine, place both feet on the floor, relax your shoulders and place your hands in your lap.
  • Breathe deep into your lungs with a long, slow, gentle breath allowing it to continue until it fills your whole abdomen. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds then gently exhale through your mouth until you have completely emptied your lungs. Hold your breath for a couple of moments and then repeat at least three times.
  • Imagine a beautiful bright angelic light surrounding your head and shoulders, noticing the colour, and how it makes you feel. Now imagine breathing this light through the crown of your head, and as the breath fills your body imagine the light permeating every cell and moving all the way down through your legs. With every breath take the light further down into your body until you can imagine it pouring out through your feet into the ground below.
  • Open your eyes and maintain the connection with that physical feeling of light within your body, anchoring it.AngelInsight_Strength2


  • Stand with your feet slightly apart so you feel balanced.
  • Straighten your back and allow your arms to relax by your sides.
  • Breathe slowly down into your lower abdomen and imagine that your breathing is making your legs and feet heavier, so that with every breath you feel more solid, almost rooted to the spot.
  • Imagine you are sending love from your heart into the ground.
  • Smile to yourself and create an intention to leave loving footprints wherever you tread.


  • Straighten your back and shoulders and widen your stride slightly. Step firmly, being aware of each foot as it connects with the ground.
  • Become aware of the sounds around you, any traffic noise or wind in the trees, birdsong, human or mechanical sounds.
  • Feel the fabric of your clothes against your skin, and the tightness of your shoes.
  • Take note of how you are holding your body, and how your limbs and muscles move.
  • Be present ‘in’ your body as you walk paying full attention to your physical being.

Use nature to ground you

To become more grounded in your spiritual practice you might like to wear or place crystals of an earthier nature such as agate, amber, jasper, beryl, obsidian, magnetite or hematite around your home, or on an ‘altar’ space. In fact, almost any of the darker, brownish-red or black crystals are good for grounding spiritual energy. I always find that fresh flowers or herbs that remind me of being outdoors and in nature have a grounding effect, as does a shell, piece of driftwood or a couple of pebbles collected from the shore. I also have a beautiful straw angel, which reminds me of the angelic qualities of working on the land. I light a pure, white candle to invite the angels to be present during my meditations, and I may, from time to time, hold one of the grounding crystals as I breathe deeply for a more intense meditation experience.

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Strengthen your Aura

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016

AngelInsight_ProtectionIn all our lives there are times when we face challenging behaviour from other people. Whether it is a colleague, friend or member of the family whose words or actions are unacceptable or offensive to you, the reason you become so upset is because, actually, you have no direct control. The only thoughts, words and deeds we can be sure of come from our own mind and mouth – and sometimes even our own reactions seem to have a life of their own, if we not practicing full awareness. When people are either in our personal space as they may be at work, or ‘prodding’ our hearts because they are in our family, we are so close that it is difficult not to become embroiled in the drama. Our mind tends to go over and over the situation. This attachment affects our ’emotional body’ which makes up one of the layers of energy which we all know as our aura.

Trauma, heated battles and emotional upsets, as well as all types of disease, (not to mention abuse of any kind) are not only mentally and emotionally exhausting, but they can cause serious damage to the aura. This damage shows in the form of cracks, holes and discolouration. Holes in our aura leave us vulnerable to ‘psychic attack’. This doesn’t mean that someone is casting evil spells or sticking pins into a model of us, it simply means we are more than usually affected by other people’s cruel words and unkind actions. (Sometimes when we are very vulnerable we are even affected by and ‘feel’ the injustices in fictional drama from screen plays on the television and cinema).

Don’t worry, like everything else in life once you become aware of the problem you can work at putting it right. When we believe in and work with the angels help is always at hand.

Think of the aura as being an egg-shaped band of multi-coloured light surrounding your physical body. Like an egg the skin and outer shell is permeable. We exchange energy between the outside world and our inner being through this permeable membrane, and just like the skin and the shell of the egg of a bird protects the chick, it is designed to protect us as we grow. So, how do we strengthen and protect our emotional energies and repair our battered aura so that we are fully protected? Here are a few guidelines you might like to try,  and with renewed strength, you will be able to keep out the negative energies allowing your whole light to shine through.

* Every time you get out of bed imagine that you are stepping into a ‘hoola hoop’ of bright light and pull this up the whole length of you sealing it at arms reach above your head.

* Call upon your guardian angel to help you strengthen the outer ‘skin’, filling it with bright shining light.

* Call upon Archangel Michael to surround you in his protective blue light throughout the day.

* Ask Archangel Raphael to help to heal your aura, and send healing blessings to all those involved.

* Send your love into your aura, out to everyone you know then onward and out into the world.

* Breathe deeply before any anticipated confrontation and call your angels to stand by your side: “Angels be with me please, to my left, to my right, behind and before me. Thank you”.

* Carry a piece of your favourite crystal, or an angel card, with the intention of regularly connecting to your spiritual nature.

* Take time out in nature. A ten minute walk lifts our spirits.

And finally, meditate, meditate, meditate! Even just 2-5 minutes of deep breathing, sending out blessings in advance before you start the day to centre and ground yourself, brings enormous changes to the energy within and without.

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Meditation for raising Self Esteem

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015

AngelInsight_Self-beliefSo often we forget all the amazing things we have done, our many achievements. Most of us at some point will stop and wonder what we have done in our lives. Have you made a difference to someone? Have you created something beautiful? Have you learned to swim, to drive, to cook, climbed a mountain, earned a degree, learned to speak another language, given birth? Any of these are superb achievements and I am certain once you start to think about it you can create a list of your own.

Here is a meditation to help raise your self esteem. Its important that we all feel good about ourselves. The angels love us unconditionally, can you honestly say that you do that for yourself?

Allocate about thirty minutes for this exercise, lighting a candle or some rose scented oils or incense, switching off your phone and find a safe and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. You might like to play some soft music. This is a visualisation but don’t worry if this is not something that comes easily to you, just go along with the exercise and use your imagination. Affirmations are repeated three times so that the mystical power of three sets the creative belief in motion. Sitting comfortably begin by breathing slowly and deeply several times. Breathe down into your lower abdomen and hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then release letting go of all the tension in your body.

Imagine a bright light swirling into the room like a mist, and choose a favourite colour as the light gets brighter, surrounding you with its beautiful energy. Breathe the light into your body with each breath. Imagine filling every cell until it begins to seep through the pores of your skin. The light shines within you and surrounds you.

You notice the colour of the light changing to a soft violet colour and moving in a circular swirling movement around your legs as you say to yourself three times “I am safe, and I trust my connection with the Divine light”.

As the light swirls around your lower abdomen feel and engage with the energy of this beautiful positive violet light and say to yourself three times: “I let go of all past negative experiences that no longer serve me, I release all negativity thoughts about my self into the light”.

As the light swirls upwards around your middle (solar plexus) allow yourself to feel the energy as you say to yourself: “I have clear boundaries, I respect my freedom to be, feel and express my own truth.

Imagine the light now flowing around your heart. At this point your guardian angel comes closer to you and as he/she blesses you open your heart, allowing the love to flow between you and your angel. Say to yourself three times : “I am loved unconditionally, I do not have to do or be anything other than I am now.”

The light now moves upwards and swirls around your neck and head clearing all negative thoughts and leaving only positive energy with you as you allow it to permeate through you. Thank the angel, yourself for taking part, and the energy of the light as you visualise the light fading and now leaving the room.

Breathe slowly and as you release the out breath bring your energy back into your personal space knowing you are truly loved and cherished.

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