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Solstice Perfection

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015

winter_sunriseThe Winter Solstice on the 21st/22nd marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. We all know this, and some will be celebrating,  but the majority of people will be spending it shopping and working. I would like to encourage you to take a few moments to reflect on the profound spiritual aspects of it too. The Winter Solstice has formed a central part of spiritual beliefs throughout the world since the beginning of history. From the birth of Horus in ancient Egypt, Yule in Europe, the birth of Mithra in Persia, at significant ancient neolithic sites such as Newgrange in Ireland, in Chichen Itza at the pyramid of the feathered serpent in Mexico, and the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas the Winter Solstice has been synonymous with profound belief and spiritual ritual.  All these sites and celebrations share common symbols even though some have been separated by vast distances and time.  This gives us a clue that this time has a deeper spiritual significance that is more universal than most could ever imagine, not just noticing that the longest day brought back the sunshine. It would seem that many ancient cultures had a similar spiritual meaning for Winter Solstice, suggesting humanity always cared about the rebirth of light. In many cases associating it with the re-birth of the Sun, representing the birth of the god or goddess.

Every spiritual teaching throughout the world has some word and practice for attaining enlightenment. Although many faiths associate this with the birth of a divine leader, who came to teach humanity a way of reaching that state of self awareness, many others who hold a broader more holistic form of spirituality may be working towards a more personal practice to reach enlightenment. All of these practices, whether personal or within community helps to raise the vibration of humanity as a whole, and in turn our home, the Earth.

In our modern western world where the majority celebrate Christmas festivities regardless of faith we may be practicing spiritual rituals to celebrate bringing in the light without even realising what we are doing. There are  thousands of lights decorating trees,  houses and gardens are sparkling and twinkling, and lots of us burn more candles in our homes at this time of year – don’t we? How interesting that with or without spiritual purpose the act of ‘lighting up’ works to perfection.

There are so many wonderful aspects to the run up to Christmas that I refuse to ever be swayed by any of the ‘Bah-Humbugs’. I love writing, sending and opening Christmas cards. I enjoy thinking of the people I’m sending them to and receiving them from. I get fun from wrapping presents and piling them under my tree. The tree lights give me an enormous mystical sense of serenity, and a good singalong at the Christmas Carols lifts my spirits.

One of the greatest joys of being a grandparent is to be invited along to various children’s school performances. What a joy it was to watch 5 year olds singing their little hearts out all dressed as angels, wise men, shepherds, donkeys and sheep, and then eager 8-10 years olds acting out their version of “Scrooge”. I had a permanent grin for an hour at the village school children’s Christmas carol concert too, with the aroma of mulled wine and mince pies wafting through the candle lit church packed full of proud parents with beaming faces. The children may not be all mine, but it warms my heart to watch them just the same. Some of these youngsters have angelic voices and some don’t, some read beautifully and others can’t and the shy ones don’t love to perform but they all take part, give their all and do their best anyway.

As I watched the little ones shuffling, wringing their hands, fiddling with their tinsel head-dresses, re-adjusted their wings, forgetting the odd word, or waving to mummy, I realised that the imperfections of children doing their best makes us smile just as well as the polished performance. We find it so cute. Don’t we?

As I was leaving the church I reflected on how much kinder it would be to view the faults of adults with a smile instead of harsh criticism. To encourage with a smile and a warm heart when things are not done exactly as we want them would surely be one way we can add love and shine a little more light. After all,we are all the children who were once giving our all and doing our best, aren’t we?

Have a wonderfully bright Winter Solstice, let’s all fill the world with light, kindness and laughter, remembering the Solstice and getting in form for the true Christmas spirit.

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Loving Christmas Trees

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015

IMG_0019I love all shapes of Christmas trees, don’t you?

OK. Hands up how many of you put your Christmas tree up last weekend so that you were ready for the 1st December? I know so many people do. Yet did you know that traditionally the ‘tree’ was decorated on Christmas Eve, and it was only in the late 1960’s that this changed. My own children would beg to have their tree decorated early to compete with their friends, but I always held out until a couple of weekends before Christmas Day. Putting up the tree and Holly felt so much more exciting if it was nearer the actual date. But that was then, and this is now – and to appease and have fun with my grandchildren we shall be ‘lighting up’ with the best, and the rest! I do love it all and have no objections whatsoever, its just that if I’m honest a teeny bit of me senses an inner rebellion against conforming to pressure. Then alongside that is a recognition of my own judgement against the continual rise of over-indulgence in society.

But the Christmas tree is such a magnificent symbol of Christmas isn’t it?

The Norwegian Spruce donated and erected in Trafalgar Square, in London, each year as a token of gratitude and appreciation for liberating Norway during the Second World War, always fills me with joy. As I turn off my lamps and sit with the lights of my own tree late in the evenings, when the house is quiet, I can always feel a sense of Christmas peace, hope and trust in the power of the presence of God and the angels. For me the joy is represented by all the tree-lights twinkling, reminding me of stars, Bethlehem, the Nativity story and the true message of Christmas brought by the angel Gabriel.

IMG_3224For me, as an Essene, angels and trees go together. Trees are believed to be more than ‘plant’ life to the Essenes. Understanding that the roots of the tree going deep down into the nurturing and supportive earth (our Earthly Mother ) match as a mirror image the boughs and branches which reach out into the air and upwards to heaven (our Heavenly Father) reflects in their teachings. To the Essenes the roots represent seven angels of elements of the Earth itself and our physical life and bodies. The branches represent the seven angels of the Heavenly realms and our spiritual life, and the soul. The cyclical life of a tree with its growth, strength, rising sap and ability to produce the air we breath is highly regarded by the Essene, who consider the tree our brother, and the air the most valued of elements.

Trees have so many properties, medicinal as well as practical. The aura of a tree is far easier to see than that of a human being as it reaches up in all its magnificence into the sky. Trees, as living breathing organisms have an energy which to many is healing; a unique essence which can be used to re-balance our own emotions; an ability to offer communication and wisdom to those who are able to ‘tune in ‘ and hear.

Once, not long ago, a group of us (at a Summer Gathering of Essenes) decided to offer healing to the magnificent ancient Cedar of Lebanon tree (circa 1800s) in the grounds of our residence in Berkshire. We had been experiencing the driest Spring and Summer on record and the tree was parched and clearly suffering from lack of moisture. We stood in a large circle and called in unison, “Hail to thee, Oh good living tree, made by the Creator” three times (taken from the Essene communion with the Angel of Life) . Then, all together calling in the angels, we held up our hands towards the beautiful Cedar and offered healing energy to her/him/it. The heat flowed through my hands and I felt a shudder running through my body. I felt emotional and sensed a powerful sense of love for the heart and soul of the beautiful tree.

We ended by chanting three ‘Aums’ and as I walked away I felt a slight drizzle on my face and arms. I thought it had started to rain and looked about to see a reaction from the others. I actually thought we had magically created some rain! No, it was not raining. The moisture on my skin had the fragrance of pine needles. The tree had ‘showered’ me with her essence which I do believe was in acknowledgement of the healing it had received from us all, and me as the facilitator.

As you decorate your Christmas tree this year, whether real or imitation, may I make this suggestion? How about lighting a candle before you start, call in the angels, and saying a little prayer as you hang your baubles and fix the lights bring blessings and gratitude into the task. Think of the tree as bringing hope and beauty into your home, and in return give it love and appreciation . With every tree we see this month on the lead up to Christmas lets shower it with loving glances and blessings, bringing the message and true essence of hope as we pass by. Remember that all loving energy of Light lingers where it has been created. Imagine the brightness we can co-create together, with or without thousands of light-bulbs!

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A Bright and Happy Christmas!

Posted by on Dec 19, 2014

It’s that time of year again! Here it is, the countdown to Christmas.

House fronts adorned with twinkling lights, small children dressed as shepherds and kings in Nativity plays, parcel wrapping, card writing … and Christmas messages. Actually I really enjoy it all.

Most of all I enjoy putting “with love” into every card I write, connecting with friends and acqaintancies I may not have seen for a long time – and some who perhaps only live down the road. It’s a ritual. We human beings love a good ritual!

AngelInsight_Abundance2One tradition which many of us may not have been brought up to recognise is the significance of the Winter Solstice. So this year I especially wanted to record my greeting in time. The Spring and Autumn Equinox and the Summer and Winter Solstice have more of an effect on us as human beings than we perhaps understand.

Since 12.12.12 we have all experienced a shift, a speeding up, in energy – whether or not we have been aware of it physically. We have experienced a series of planetary and stellar alignments and eclipses in a remarkable short period of time and some of you will have known about the astrological forces at play. The effect of the seen and unseen energies effect our emotions and our physical bodies with many of us feeling that period of spiritual darkness we refer to as the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’. We have perhaps felt temporary unexplained illness , fatigue, and possibly questioned our own spiritual beliefs. This is, I’m told, a normal accompaniment to the dawning of a new vibrational phase for all humanity on Earth.

Here in the northern hemisphere this Solstice brings the shortest day, a time for reflection, and also a time for celebration. We acknowledge the continuous birth, death and rebirth of the seasons, and we celebrate the return of the light. So the Winter Solstice in many places is celebrated as the Festival of Light. Synchronistically the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah, is also this week, and it too is known as the Festival of Lights. A Feast of Dedication, and an eight-day Jewish holiday which takes us right to the Christian – and now almost universally celebrated – Christmas Holiday and the celebration of the one born to be “The Light of the World”.

I’m going to work on my own personal celebration of Light this Christmas. I’m going to consciously be more aware of my own light, and how brightly (or not) I am shining. I invite you to join me. It is only by raising our consciousness and our own vibration that we can share the love humanity so desperately needs. Only this loving action of us all will bring peace.

With every twinkle of my tree, with every glance at the bright decorations in the streets as I pass by, I am going to become more aware of the need to maintain, polish and brightly shine my light.

And as we raise our glasses, whether to toast Hanukkah, the Solstice, or Christmas Day may we bring extra brightness and joy into every corner of our own part of the world.

I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Christmas full of blessings, may all your hopes and wishes come true and I look forward to meeting your bright smiling light in the New Year xx

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My Christmas Message

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013

affirmation_abundanceLast year between 12:12:12 and the solstice of 2012, as many of you will know, there was a massive shift in cosmic energy. All those who are called to serve, felt it. As light workers or world servers we have been given the opportunity to step up  to the mark… and to serve with a greater wisdom, a higher vibration, and a deeper compassion.

2013 has been hugely challenging for lots of us, with many experiencing physical growing pains, emotional challenges, movement of jobs and homes and what seems the loss of our loved ones who have been called home to serve from a place of higher clarity. We have been experiencing extremes in our weather systems, and also in our personal lives. In my own life I’ve had the great joy of the birth of a new baby granddaughter but also the loss of 2 dear friends and an uncle… I’ve had my share of highs and lows like everyone else.

Some of you will be celebrating the winter solstice on the 21st, others will combine Christmas with their own cultural festivities.
Christmas-time, whatever your faith or beliefs, has become a time for giving. Some people go overboard, whilst others remember the nativity story and the message of the 3 wise men, the maji, who brought smaller gifts of greater significance.  If you were able to give one thing to the world, what would that gift be?

We have all been blessed with many divine gifts and for me one of the greatest is the presence of angels, an energetic, benevolent source of power and energy, which we are invited to tap into for protection, healing,abundance, wisdom and joy.

The Christian story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus has played a very important role in my own life! and I have always tried to encourage my family to remember the ‘reason for the season, which for me is celebration of family, magical mystery and love. Love is the most important of all Christmas gifts. We don’t need to show the world our love by the value of the presents we buy, but in the depth and generosity of spirit we share with one another.

In that Christmas spirit, I share with you my sincere wishes for  happiness this Christmas to you and your loved ones, and for many many blessings in the year ahead. May I wish you a joyful, peaceful and spiritual Christmas, full of the love and light of the angels and a very happy new year.


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Forgive, and shine even brighter.

Posted by on Nov 29, 2013

It’s that time again, when millions of folk will be stressing about Christmas.

For those people for whom Christmas is purely material, then it truly is expensive. I once bought a tea-towel at a church Christmas fair when my children were small, that declared boldly ‘JESUS is the REASON for the season” and I put it in the window with the Christmas tree one year (but I was pressurised to take it down, in case our neighbours though I was a nutcase!). I relate that with a great big smile on my face as I recollect it may have been taken from the window but it remained behind the door in our hallway so that everyone passing through would see it anyway. My argument was why send the children to Sunday School if I’m unable to demonstrate the real reason for celebrating Christ’s birth.

It really is no surprise that faith of many varieties is still hidden in fear of persecution. For those who believe we have carried the ‘faith’, whatever interpretation it might be, through many lifetimes … and often at great cost… we are unable and unwilling to dim the flame this time!

It is time to shine our light as brightly as we ever did, as we ever can, and brighter still! This is it folks, it really is time for us all to raise our alms high, be willing and able to march forward, onward and upwards. This is exactly what was predicted. We are the millions of heavenly hosts.(As above so below rings in my ears)… It is the light workers incarnate now who will save the world. Our family has been waiting for this for such a long time haven’t we? There are areas where we can only watch as devastation takes place because of lower vibrational human domination between countries, cultures, and religions. Yet we are part of it all.

Now that we really begin to understand the principles of Universal law, we are all one – yet individuals, we have one home – yet live separately, we have one God – yet worship differently… there is one way forward and each of us in our own unique way is involved in this ‘tactical exercise’ to save the world. But our tools are those of resonance, our armour is built from high vibration, our goal is ascension and the quality of our sword and our shield demonstrable by our spiritual authenticity.

Each morning, following my stillness, I like to start each day reading some words of inspiration. I like to ask what it is I need for the day, then from the many books on my shelves (my Mother-in-Law suggested we change the name of the house to ‘Village Library’) I take which ever book appeals to me. Today’s lesson in A Course of Miracles was about the illusion of blame…. that God does not condemn and therefore there is no need to seek forgiveness. My goodness how appropriate for what I wanted to say in my letter?! How liberating to truly forgive. What a truly beneficial spiritual practice. How sharp the sword and how bright the shield of those who can really forgive with a generous heart.

As I write this the powerful November full moon begins to wane, and using the wonderful energy of that, each day I am going to practice forgiveness. ‘I need to polish my shield, and if you’ll pardon the pun, at the moment it reflects a little too much ‘guilt’.

Blame resides only in fear, in love there is no condemnation.
With Love, Chrissie

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