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Autumn Equinox and Cretan ‘clearance’ healing

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016

blue_moonDuring the last week or so we have been graced with a super moon, a lunar eclipse, and the Autumn Equinox. Here in Crete my entire group (including the lovely hotelier Peli), have shared that their lives have recently been more than chaotic. The full moon in Virgo – a Harvest Moon, gives us the brightest light, it is the last full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox, when the farmers can pull in the last of their wheat and hay harvest traditionally by the light of the moon. But this bright huge orb of light also shows up what we may need to harvest for our life too!

Confusingly it is also called ‘The Pisces Moon’, which symbolizes the subtle realms beyond our sensual knowledge. The Moon comes full in the sign opposite to where the Sun is. So, Virgo, the Virgin and Mother, is fulfilled in Pisces, the realm of the Collective Unconscious and the source of the Unity of Life. Just as we dissolve in the cosmic ocean and become one with all of creation, we are reborn there as well, into the intuitive and spiritual.

While the Sun is in Virgo, we are drawn to take stock of our lives, get rid of the things which we no longer need. The combination of organised Virgo, and its opposite shadow of intuitive rather chaotic Pisces gives us the opportunity of seeing what needs to be completed, perfected or organised as the year begins to wind down. Having spent the summer enjoying the sunshine its time to prepare for the chill of autumn, the harvest and the darkness. Virgo’s skill is to integrate our newest experiences into our character. What better than to spend a few days reflecting (with the added inspiration and influence of a Lunar Eclipse to bring attention to those lurking hidden ‘shadows’) This is the time to ask how we lived our values and our passions this year? What needs changing? How balanced and aligned with our goals are we? Can we ‘tidy up’ and let go of the things we have become attached to, to allow grace to bless us with something new?

Here in Kastelli, by the pool, in the shade of the ‘yoga’ space we are working to do just that. We seek out that which we need to heal. We call in the angels to deepen our connection and understanding of who we are and what our ‘blockages’ may be showing us. Deep ‘stuff’, hidden memories, past hurts, it all comes out once we tap in to our physical body on the understanding that this is where the wear and tear of life has left it’s toll. In the sunshine, with fabulous fresh food, companionship of like-minded souls, and the energy of this wonderful island deep healing takes place. Not least because of the presence of angels (particularly Raphael)

You don’t have to come to Crete to heal your body, mind and soul. But you do need to want to. Just like all the clutter and chaos in our daily life we grow accustomed to our bodies not working properly until it becomes a way of life. Are you reluctant to throw anything away? To re-organise your desk / office / kitchen / mind /wellbeing? Now’s a good time. Call in the angels, resolve to have a clear out … pay attention to this new energy. If you can tidy up your home or office and have a clear out, then you can start to heal your life. Simples, no problem … as they say here in Crete.

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Soul soothing, on the water.

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016

img_7554This blog comes with all the magic and power from one of Mother Earth’s most glorious healing elements, water. Water is the source of all life. It feeds us, soothe us, heals us, bathes us, quenches our thirst, keeps our bodies in working order and without it we cannot survive. In the same way our soul starves without nurture and sustenance too.

Water also attracts one of life’s great pleasures too.Boating. I’m away enjoying a few days on the canals in a narrowboat, to nurture my soul. But although we choose the quieter places to sail along away from the towns and built up canal systems we’re never lonely. This is a very social and friendly way of getting about as everyone who passes nods, waves or gives a little advice about the locks (or pubs) on the way upstream. And, even if we don’t see another boat, we are definitely not on our own.

img_7578Water has a unique and beautiful life system that intrigues and entertains (from both sides) even the most cynical of observers. We have been watched nonchalantly as we gently chugged along the quiet leafy waterways by herons, cattle, sheep and horses. We’ve spotted 3 kingfishers (on different days) swooping, been heckled by swans for something to eat, woken by a honking flock of geese as they set off to relocate in the early hours, and this morning as I was writing at 5am a little moorhen trotted around at the back of the boat then landed on the window cil to look in (though he squeaked and flew off as soon as he saw me looking back at him!). One of the mesmerising features of the canal banks is the array of wonderful reeds and bullrushes which bow in the wash of our boat as we sail past. On this particular canal trip we’ve noticed loads of gorgeous water-lily pads too, though sadly no matter how hard I look I can’t find any frog choruses sitting croaking a serenade.

Whether you choose water or land, it is just so good to go deep into the countryside and be simple for a while. For a week every year we have no tv (no signal), no emails (no signal) and no smart phone (you’ve guessed it, there’s no signal). I get terribly frustrated from time to time but remind myself that I’m here just to ‘be me’ If only even for a couple of days. On a canal boat I can be away and connect to the earth as I moor up by fields and trees. Even with a sound spiritual practice life can become way too hectic at times. Here I can quieten myself with the soothing blessing of the moving water. I can become calmer again. I can ground my frazzled energy and open my soul to the sounds that whisper to me from deep within. Mother nature strengthens my connection once again.

img_7533To go back to being truly at one with nature is deeply uplifting, whether our feet are standing firmly on a boat as we sail along the waterways, or in the grass on the banks, hearing the air in the trees and looking at the sky. With the bright stars, and the beauty of a new moon, the amazing cloudscapes that bring messages and delight as we gaze their way balances our energy. It brings us back to centre. There are no religious connotations yet it is a deeply sacred and spiritual experience. Every thing in the earth is in us, every cell in our body is created from the same chemical components as those which make up as the earth herself. Water flows within us and our emotions flow within. Sometimes we need to go there, with gratitude, to remember to stop and feel it!

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Right Place, Right Time

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016

solar-eclipseIf rushing about trying to get all the children (of all ages) ready for the big return to school wasn’t enough of a climax to end the summer – September kicks off with a Solar Eclipse.

Many sensitive people reading this will be feeling under pressure right now and possibly even exhausted, not quite themselves! When a Solar Eclipse arrives it always shines a golden light on our shadows bringing them into full view. Even though we may not be aware it is even happening these powerful energies effect us all. When this happens in the sign of Virgo the influence is to get your house in order! At the same time we have another opportunity to reflect while Mercury is retrograde, so the advice from all the good astrologers is listen to the calling of your soul. (If you would like to know more I recommend MysticMamma.com)

With all the current disarray in governments worldwide it isn’t just our own home we have to try to get into shape. Big changes are happening, everywhere. To go along with the flow may be easy for some but not all sensitive types. There can be fear mixed with confusion. For the faithful it’s all about having trust. But as spiritual beings and Light Workers we are all being called as Spiritual Warriors, we are needed to do our bit. To find out how you can do more the planets are giving the perfect opportunity to go deep into your heart and check out whether you are following your true soul’s purpose. If you feel confused then call in your celestial helpers. The angels are there to guide and protect. When you call they hear you and will always help… it’s just that sometimes we choose not to listen!

We all need to be in the right place, at the right time, for inspiration and motivation. I’d love to be able to share more of my enthusiasm for working with the angels and share my tried and tested ways to deepen that connection.

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