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Jophiel – The Brilliant Light

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016

affirmations_knowledge_400Do you have an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge, particularly relating to your true self and your soul purpose?
When we have been awakened, and we are enthusiastically soaking up all and everything we can find about the different aspects of spirituality, particularly our own. Our personal vibration (whether we can feel this difference or not) is changing. We may find ourselves with a powerfully strong desire to be alone, or we may be drawn to mix with other like minded people at workshops and groups, such as MBS events, who are also aware of or seeking their spiritual nature.
This is the point when we pick up other people’s vibrations, we feel their energy and sometimes it feels great, but other times not so good. You might be feeling that you no longer want to engage with people who are loud or aggressive, because you can feel their energy as very prickly, and different to your own. You may even find them toxic, their attitudes or opinions so prejudiced or negative that they are offensive to you. You might feel guilty, but try not to. You will find that you have to make a decision to keep away from some of the more negative and even harmful relationships that you tolerated in the past. You’ll be more selective of which television channels and films you choose to watch, and the conversations you have. You are filling your life with positive energy, more fulfilling interests, and you simply want to satisfy the craving for more of the ‘good’ stuff.

It is at this wonderful point of so many coincidental ‘aha’ moments and the realisation that we are finally starting to ‘see the Light’ that we encounter the influence of the majestic Archangel Jophiel. It is this Archangel who can enhance our creativity, sharpen our mind, and lead us rapidly towards understanding the more magical and mysterious side of spirituality. Very often when there is a yearning towards learning more about what we hear banded about as ascension or enlightenment we are being guided by this benevolent, powerful Being.

The brilliance and brightness of the energy of Archangel Jophiel, is a positive, powerful energy which is all about enhancing, raising your vibration and being established on the road of illumination, ascension, enlightenment. Not just about gaining knowledge, but about absorbing the light, the Light of the God Source. This is the meaning of en-Light -en-ment, we take it in, it becomes part of our whole being. When we close our eyes and engage with the Archangel Jophiel by calling his name (three times) we may be able to physically feel a brilliance, like the brightness of the sun. It particularly shines around this angel. Personally, I love to connect with this being, and although I feel the presence I see no face, no form, just brilliant light. When I was channelling the meditation for connecting to Archangel Jophiel I was surrounded in the most powerful brilliant light, the whole meditation came through as a ‘brilliance’ because I was tapping in to truly divine energy.

This divine creative energy is available to all those who seek it, and you are invited to connect and tap into it when ever you need to.
Jophiel means the ‘Beauty of God’ (sometimes called Iofiel, Zophiel, or Jofiel) and is particularly helpful to those of us in the creative pursuits of teaching and writing.

Jophiel, we are told, is one of the original Archangels of creation. It is his job to transmit the ‘thought’ of God into the minds of man and woman. Through Divine inspiration of ‘God-ideas’ we co-create the beauty and art form in the world and some of us with much practice will reach a state of mastery, or enlightenment. This is where a point of complete understanding of how everything in the universe works is finally reached and which also holds the energy of the Christ-consciousness

According to the Seven Rays teachings found in Theosophy (The Study of Divine Wisdom ), Jophiel works on the second light ray of Love/Wisdom represented by the colour of golden sunshine yellow.

In daily life we can work with the energy of Archangel Jophiel to bring wisdom, illumination, clarity, inspiration, knowledge, intelligence and insight; and also when working through our shadows, to overcome ignorance, pride, mental confusion, and narrow-mindedness.

You can ask Jophiel to help you:

To change sadness to gladness
Call on this energy if your creativity is blocked.
For guidance in making wise decisions.
To bring lightness into your thoughts when you are troubled by negativity and ‘heaviness’.
To help you develop your sense of inner wisdom
To heighten your perception of people and situations
To speed up your understanding and thought processes
To speak wisely and give clarity when asked.
To shine your inner light as a beacon to others
To help you to see the beauty in everything

Enjoy the connection, and be brilliant!!

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Eat, Pray, Peace

Posted by on Aug 19, 2016

The Buddhists believe that no food should be prepared in anger. That if you are in a ‘bad mood’ then don’t touch food that is about to be eaten by someone else as it won’t do them any good. In fact it will be indigestible. All food should be prepared with love.
There is a famous British chef who is well known for his bad language and cursing whilst working in the kitchens. Usually his swearing is aimed at the other chefs, and not necessarily at the food. Nevertheless that is the energy within his kitchen, and the energy surrounding the food being prepared. Personally, regardless of his fame, I would never choose to eat anything from one of his restaurants. There’s just too much disharmony, and not enough love, or peace, in his creations.
Energy follows thought. Everything we put into words, actions, and deeds contains the energy of whatever we are thinking at the time. If we are thinking negative thoughts it follows that all that negativity flows into the immediate action. When we are asked to do something which we like doing our pleasure and enjoyment goes into it. That way the love flows into the ‘doing. Similarly if we dislike the task, or haven’t got the time and resent doing it the same thing will happen. Our resentment flows into the action, and there is no love in the gesture at all. Understanding this flow of energy and becoming aware of our own thoughts and energy as we prepare food or we help others, or even in our daily tasks, is what we mean when we speak of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

So many of us pray for peace. Whether we are working with angels or not most of us desire a peaceful and loving world do we not? And the constant news of pain and suffering caused by conflict  is so depressing it hurts us all. We pray for peace, and for the healing of our Earth and all the sentient beings who live upon it. Yet we haven’t quite ‘got it’ have we?
Peace starts within each one of us. We can only ever have world peace when we discover inner peace, and put it into practice.
Working towards world peace starts when we deal with everyone, and ourselves included, with respect and compassion. By putting ‘good’ energy into everything we do. By becoming mindful of the effect of our words, our tone, our thoughts and actions, and realising that everything we do affects everyone else too. Peace could indeed start in our own kitchen!

Archangel Uriel is one of the guardian’s of our beautiful planet, and also the Archangel we can call on to help us become more peaceful in our own lives. By lighting a candle, calling upon and meditating with the beautiful beneficent Archangel Uriel and the angels of Peace, and by adopting a more peaceful approach to our own lifestyle we can all become agents for peace. Here is an invocation if you feel drawn to this work:

Dear Archangel Uriel
I am willing to fulfil my purpose now whatever that might be.
I ask for assistance in strengthening my resolve, in standing up for what is right,
in letting go of all aspects of my personality that prevent me from being at peace.

Help me, please, to detach from and clear all memories – on all levels- that trouble my mind and emotions.
Enable me to be at peace in my mind, heart, body and soul.
Empower me to assist God and the angels as an agent of change.
I am ready to be of service.
Use me as a channel of God’s peace
Thank you, Amen

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Strengthen your Aura – with Archangel Michael

Posted by on Aug 12, 2016

AngelInsight_ProtectionIn all our lives there are times when we face challenging behaviour from other people. Whether it is a colleague, friend or member of the family whose words or actions are unacceptable or offensive to you, the reason you become so upset is because, actually, you have no direct control. The only thoughts, words and deeds we can be sure of come from our own mind and mouth – and sometimes even our own reactions seem to have a life of their own, if we not practicing full awareness. When people are either in our personal space as they may be at work, or ‘prodding’ our hearts because they are in our family, we are so close that it is difficult not to become embroiled in the drama. Our mind tends to go over and over the situation. This attachment affects our ’emotional body’ which makes up one of the layers of energy which we all know as our aura.

Trauma, heated battles and emotional upsets, as well as all types of disease, (not to mention abuse of any kind) are not only mentally and emotionally exhausting, but they can cause serious damage to the aura. This damage shows in the form of cracks, holes and discolouration. Holes in our aura leave us vulnerable to ‘psychic attack’. This doesn’t mean that someone is casting evil spells or sticking pins into a model of us, it simply means we are more than usually affected by other people’s cruel words and unkind actions. (Sometimes when we are very vulnerable we are even affected by and ‘feel’ the injustices in fictional drama from screen plays on the television and cinema).
Don’t worry, like everything else in life once you become aware of the problem you can work at putting it right. When we believe in and work with the angels help is always at hand.
Think of the aura as being an egg-shaped band of multi-coloured light surrounding your physical body. Like an egg the skin and outer shell is permeable. We exchange energy between the outside world and our inner being through this permeable membrane, and just like the skin and the shell of the egg of a bird protects the chick, it is designed to protect us as we grow. So, how do we strengthen and protect our emotional energies and repair our battered aura so that we are fully protected? Here are a few guidelines you might like to try,  and with renewed strength, you will be able to keep out the negative energies allowing your whole light to shine through.
* Every time you get out of bed imagine that you are stepping into a ‘hoola hoop’ of bright light and pull this up the whole length of you sealing it at arms reach above your head.
* Call upon your guardian angel to help you strengthen the outer ‘skin’, filling it with bright shining light.
* Call upon Archangel Michael to surround you in his protective blue light throughout the day.
* Ask Archangel Raphael to help to heal your aura, and send healing blessings to all those involved.
* Send your love into your aura, out to everyone you know then onward and out into the world.
* Breathe deeply before any anticipated confrontation and call your angels to stand by your side: “Angels be with me please, to my left, to my right, behind and before me. Thank you”.
* Carry a piece of your favourite crystal, or an angel card, with the intention of regularly connecting to your spiritual nature.
* Take time out in nature. A ten minute walk lifts our spirits.
And finally, meditate, meditate, meditate! Even just 2-5 minutes of deep breathing, sending out blessings in advance before you start the day to centre and ground yourself, brings enormous changes to the energy within and without.

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