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William Bloom, author of The The Power of Modern Spirituality.

The Healing Light

Posted by on Sep 8, 2017

In the fourth step of the Seven Steps Into Angel Light, we work with the energy of Archangel Raphael. Click to watch my short introduction.

archangel_raphael_170Your body is a mirror of your life. Stepping into Raphael’s Light, you will find that you become more aware and tuned into your own “body talk”. You’ll become more open to eliminate emotional toxins and gain more insight into how our thoughts can make us sick. You will also learn deep healing techniques so that you are ready to step fully into a loving embrace with your purpose. Raphael’s Light can help us heal deep emotional wounds. Everything starts in our thoughts, our  consciousness, and so we can work with Raphael’s light to help reverse the degeneration in our cells, our thoughts and our relationships. Remind yourself daily: “Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony.”

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Michael’s Sword Protects Us

Posted by on Sep 5, 2017

In the third step of the Seven Steps Into Angel Light, we work with the energy of Archangel Michael. Click to watch my short introduction.

archangel_michael_170The powerful energy qualities that you will immediately sense when working with Michael are truth and discernment, strength and protection. This is because he is the Holy Warrior. In our human experience this can represent the best aspects of leadership. See him as a role model for living the best life you can, being truthful to yourself and behaving honourably to others, in all situations. When you work with Michael’s power in order to develop your own, you’ll find that it will make you stronger and more resilient; it will be easier to live more “on purpose”, and your Light will radiate more brightly. You might also like to use the following affirmation: “I stand in my power, knowing protective Angel Light safely surrounds me.”

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Guiding Us Towards Clarity

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017

In the second step of the Seven Steps Into Angel Light, we work with the energy of Archangel Jophiel. Click to watch my short introduction.

archangel_jophiel_170Working with Jophiel’s Light can help you release any blockages that are holding you back from bringing spiritual practices into your life. He shows us that there is beauty in everything.  And when we open our hearts and minds to fully experience this beauty, Jophiel’s light guides us toward a point of clarity and deeper understanding. You will begin to get a clearer picture of how everything in the Universe is energy. He will show you that everything is connected and interwoven like threads of a tapestry – a fabulously exciting cosmic order, a Divine co-creation – that includes you.

The Light of Archangel Jophiel brings amazing moments of clarity to help you shine a light on who you are and what you know. Use the following affirmation to help support you on your exploration: I  see, and am part of, the Golden Thread of Love in all things, running through all  beliefs, all  faiths, all  pathways leading into  the  light.

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