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Easter Blessings

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016

IMG_1371Most of us will be taking some time off this weekend as we enjoy the Easter weekend/ Spring break. Although I will be sharing a lunch with family, and all the fun of an Easter-egg hunt with my grandchildren, I am also deeply mindful of the true origins of Easter-time throughout the world.

As we enjoy all the Spring flowers and the sight of the new lambs in the fields out here in the countryside I really love this time of year. Ok I admit it brings back wonderful childhood birthday memories of gathering daffy by the armful in the Lake District, but I am also reminded that Easter is a time for renewal and re-birth in mostly all traditions, originally from Pagan roots, but to those in the Christian faith we celebrate sacrifice and resurrection.

Whatever your personal beliefs – this year our Easter celebrations are blessed by not only a full moon, but another lunar eclipse. The second eclipse so far this year. Full moon energy can be emotional at the best of times, but during an eclipse we are called to take note of the feelings rising within us and deal with them. If you have been resisting change then watch out for a huge galactic ‘shove’ – but if you have been sowing the seeds of growth you can now watch the flowers of your hard work spring into life! Call in the energy of Archangel Gabriel who is the guardian of the moon, and ask that all messages are communicated clearly to you so that you will understand exactly what you must do.

It’s a time for ‘purging’ out the negative and replenishing with sparkling new positive energy for all of us and especially Light-workers. With so many dramatic challenges creating fear and trauma around the world, goodness knows we are needed now even more than ever to share our love, healing and Light energy. No matter how much we are happy to share with others we do, sometimes, forget to replenish our batteries.

Do you ever feel too busy to meditate, to preoccupied to pray, and then feel guilty if your spiritual practice is being neglected?

I woke early this morning with a sense of urgency as I often do. So many people I know are ‘feeling’ a speeding up of time. Sometimes I wonder if it really is a planetary / cosmic quickening, or rather my own sense of pressure, of trying to fit so much into my days. Even as the shorter hours of daylight grow into Spring and we have more daylight hours I often can’t quite cram in everything that I hoped to, and I worry about missing something – especially all the beautiful spiritual practices that I like to incorporate into my day. Then I contemplated for a few moments on how many others might feel the same. I wondered how I could help all those other busy people to build their own spiritual practices into their own busy schedule. Via my regular blogs, affirmations and courses I know I’m reaching out to hundreds of lovely people. But there is always that little niggle that I could do more and that there are other people who feel the same.

Perhaps you are one of them? Come along and share some inspiration and deepen your connection with the Divine energies of the angels at one of our National Workshops, in partnership with Spirit and Destiny Magazine. The next one, in April, is in Bristol, then Stratford-upon-Avon, London, Edinburgh and Harrogate. I’d love to meet you there! Why not book right now to be sure of a place. (Full details are: )

However you are spending your Easter weekend I hope you will find the joy and blessings of Spring and renewal.

All my love, Chrissie.

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Metatron on the Amazing Eclipse and the Moon Shadow

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015

Did you catch the total eclipse of the moon? The last time a total lunar eclipse coincided with a ‘supermoon’ or ‘blood moon’ was in 1982, and if you want to watch the next one, you will have to wait until 2033 for another chance. But what a fabulous moon still hanging there in the dawn sky today as I write this. Even on into the evening of Monday the moon was still huge and bright orange. I was driving home around 9pm and all the country lanes were illuminated by the light of the glorious, magical moonlight. I might have missed the eclipse but I certainly felt the energy. Some of you wrote on my Facebook page that you felt very emotional. Not surprising.

Very few of us can avoid the out-pouring of energy that accompanies a full Lunar Eclipse, even those who are unaware of any spiritual connection. What many of us don’t realise is that the moon isn’t just an object in the sky, it has a huge impact on our physical, spiritual and emotional being. The closer it comes to the Earth, the greater the gravitational pull. Some people dismiss Astrology as a ‘pseudo-science’, but whether you are interested or not the effect of these enormous celestial energy forces, the planets, have a great impact.

I wouldn’t normally add chunks of someone else’s newsletter into my blog but I felt this was of interest as we are said to have a ‘5 day’ window of opportunity to really utilise these enormously powerful energies in our own life to co-create and manifest the things that really matter to us.

Archangel Metatron (channelled by James Tyberonn) explains: “The phases of the moon allow for specific periods that the adept human can utilize to seek deeper understanding. Certain phases are embellished with both gravity and light that absolutely balance the human Auric Field, which of course includes the mental and emotional bodies. We will tell you that without this living ‘lunar’ cycle, your ability to dream, to enter into that essential field of re-calibration, which you term the sleeping state, would not be as easily or effectively accessed.

Just as the Moon brings reflection and offers light in areas of darkness, so then does the ‘Living Moon’ assist you in gaining clarity in your life’s movement, in gaining a great and greater understanding of how to move forward in areas of uncertainty or shadow.

The reflective light of the moon is very different from the direct light of the sun. It influences you quite differently. Yet, in many ways it is just as essential to your well-being as is the light of the sun. The lunar effect is that there is prolific correlation between specific stages of the Earth’s lunar cycle and the emotional field and aura of humans that is far more than just variation in light levels. Lunar field waves vary according to moon phases.”

About Eclipses (Metatron goes on to explain the importance of the combined energies of a Solar and Lunar eclipse):

“Eclipses are apertures that combine light, planetary frequencies, geo-gravities and collective thought. Eclipses offer a unique pallet for both Divine Thought and higher vibrations of Human Collective thought to be imprinted. Now, a lunar eclipse can only occur on a full moon, and a solar eclipse can only occur on a new moon. Both provide their specific frequency, their astro signature, and an added potency to the associated eclipse.

Eclipses are often viewed by humanity as singular events, but we would tell you otherwise….when lunar and solar eclipses are in direct linear sequence, as are taking place in the present a more amplified field is formed in a greater concentration of energy.

Back to back linear eclipses (within 15 days) that enclose either a solstice or equinox have a greatly magnified intensity…

Eclipses were known by more advanced societies as extremely significant events that permeated the dimensional fabric of reality within the earthplane. The Atlanteans referred to them as infinity points, because for the period of the eclipse, linear -time stops for a brief interlude of infinity. (The word ‘eclipse’ comes from the Atlantean language and was interred into the language of ancient Greece, meaning to conceal or ‘cease to exist’.) Eclipses uniquely alter the wavelengths of light and effect gravity. Gravitational anomalies as well as torsion effects occur during eclipses. These are speculated in your current science as the Allias and Saxi effects.

Eclipses emit a ‘percussive’ energy wave that permeates the earth and affects humanity. Coherency opens the pineal gland and elicits a specific response from both the cells of the human body physical and the energy construct of the etheric body (the aura).

In a manner of speaking time as you know it is altered during the phase of eclipses, especially when both a lunar and solar occur within a relative proximity to apexial points of solstices and equinoxes. And indeed, this is taking place now in September 2015.

And, while this energetic occurrence creates intensities, it also opens extraordinary ‘dimensional doorways’ of consciousness. Dream states are more lucid in these rare phases, and altered states within waking consciousness are also differentiated. The pulse of thought, of life force is varied in subtle but very meaningful ways. Windows of reality are opened, horizons of beingness are extended. Space-Time is briefly changed. Higher states of ‘Eternal Now’ simultaneous time are enhanced, allowing for a truly embellished phase of multidimensional clarity.”

(Simply put, the cells of our body respond in the same way as a plant grows in shadow, seeking to grow towards the light. But the effect is not just biological, it is much more than skin deep and offers a unique opportunity to align our whole self; mind, body and soul.)

“Lunar Eclipses & full moons have throughout your history been powerful energies, but these are double edged swords, cutting both ways. If utilized in high intent, the amplified eclipical energy can open the pineal and chakric senses into an extraordinary optimal psychic awareness, affording magnified clarity to those seekers in auric & mental balance to even greater lucidity. But to the unguarded mind, if one enters such amplified energies in states of depression , anxiety or imbalance, these too, will be amplified.

Accordingly, in the intensity, of the 5-day span of the Lunat Eclipse frequency of September 2015, it is very important for you to realize the importance of balance, otherwise the energies bathing the planet can be difficult to manage, much less optimally utilized. Attention and understanding is required. Otherwise this can spiral down into a time of regression into depression and apathy.

The September 27-28, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse on the full ‘super moon’ is in a very unusual Mercury retrograde affording extraordinarily enhanced inner-psychic vision. But it is important to note that the level of clarity as opposed to the level of delusionary misinterpretation of this visionary opportunity will depend on one’s individual auric integrity, state of balance & ability to remain ‘grounded’. Keep in mind, Mercury is in retrograde, so miscommunication & misunderstandings can not only occur, but can be amplified unless preventive maintenance is applied diligently. Think twice before speaking, think three times before engaging into conflict.

Utilized wisely these energies can be vAngelInsight-landscape-Insightast springboards for clarity, spiritual growth and co creation. But the amplification will be according to each individual’s ‘state of mind.
Accordingly those in delusion will experience delusion; those in clarity will experience extraordinary clarity.

That is why the ancients always considered Equinoxes, solstices and Eclipses as Sacred Events. Even in your current times many religions still consider these events as Holy Days. But achieving balance in order to maintain clarity is tantamount.”

Keep in mind that light received from the moon is reflective, whereas light from the sun is direct. During eclipses these differences are key factors. The moonlight and patterns of the lunar scope operate more in altered realms and dreamscape vision. The sunlight and patterns of solar frequencies influence one more in the scope of life force and co creatorship and manifestation.

(With thanks to James Tyberonn

In these extra-ordinary times it is really important to look at all perspectives.

Over these next few days I’m going to keep my intentions set on clarity and be really careful what I wish for!

Do you remember the Cat Steven’s song from the sixties? “I’m being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow” – throws a whole new light on it now doesn’t it?

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Cosmic Coincidences? I think not!

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015

chrissieathome-35What do you call those remarkable ‘aha’ moments in your life, when you notice that something is clearly special, different, or even mystical? Serendipity, synchronicity, just coincidences perhaps? Is it a just a coincidence that we have three of the most powerful natural phenomena happening right now?

It’s going to be an amazingly powerful weekend. Cosmic forces are making waves today and tomorrow which will have a profound effect, sending some of us spinning even more than we are already into a state of sensory overload. Or, perhaps it might just stop us in our tracks, allowing us to take a deep breath, pause in the shadows, and reflect.

We are right in the middle of three (see that mystical 3 appearing again?) natural phenomena which – whether or not you believe in astrology – will have an affect on every sentient being on our planet. As you know our two greatest and most influential sources of light, our Sun and Moon will appear at the same time gliding together in a wonder-filled celestial Solar Eclipse, weaving their mystical cosmic design through all our lives. This eclipse coincides with all the lunar forces of a New Moon in Pisces, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere we have the beginning of Spring. The Vernal Equinox arrives with all its glorious opportunity of new growth.

The message behind the eclipse at this time – (in the final degree of Pisces right at the end of the zodiac) – is of completion on a grand scale. All major patterns within our selves and humanity in general are coming to a close. We are being given a huge opportunity to synchronise our personal desires and willpower with the powerful Divine forces of the Universe – for the greater good. The endings we face may bring disappointment, a loss, or a sense of liberation and closure, but regardless of how they make you feel are a reminder that we cannot and do not have to ‘struggle alone’.

Here’s what the wise SARAH VARCAS from her has to say:

“This eclipse connects us with 1997, bringing to a close cycles begun then. Whatever life asked of us at that point, the cosmos now echoes back to us the answer we gave. As we approached the dawn of the new millennium many were speaking of disaster, others of liberation. Life was taking on a sense of urgency and the energies which have tested our mettle to the max in recent years were tentatively beginning to make themselves felt. An eclipse on 9th March 1997 released into the collective consciousness a vision of completion, of enlightenment. A flame was lit in the human psyche, brighter than before, which called us to draw near and remember our original face, just visible in the dancing shadows. A deeper knowing was awakened in many and the seed for it planted in many more. We were changed from that moment, even if we didn’t know it. Since then our task has been to know it, to live intimately with the divine, with the universe, the god-force. To discover just how deeply we are guided and led by forces whose influence stretches far beyond anything we had previously known. In 1997 we were conceived in truth, at this eclipse we are born of it, stark and undeniable, beautiful and nourishing, truth in all its guises and glory: harsh and gentle, in darkness and in light.”

“The power of this solar eclipse will remove rose-tinted glasses and veils that hide the truth. We cannot stop it nor can we choose to postpone our own awakening. “

It’s true, the past is gone, it really is the end of a definitive cycle. I find it fascinating that I started this work following a calling in 1997 and am at a cross-road myself (what a coincidence?!) But the promise for the future is unavoidable, it is as powerful and it is bright. New horizons, new opportunities beckon as the darkened sun re-ignites the promise of hope. We are being called to align our own small hearts and desires to the Divine energies of God’s Universal plan. WE are reminded to reflect upon our soul’s true purpose, to find our authentic being. We can respond to the Divine calling by taking note of all the signs given to us, and being aware of the timing and synchronicity. Think about all those ‘Coincidences’ in your day to day life.

Let’s all take this magical time to reflect and listen to the inner intuitive ‘nudging’ of the Cosmos, God’s angels and Spring – let’s create a beautiful world and put our love and hope into action.

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What ‘On Earth’ Is Going On?

Posted by on Sep 26, 2014

I’d like to start this week’s newsletter by saying “shana tovah u’metukah”, (Hebrew for “a good and sweet new year” ) to all my Jewish friends celebrating Rosh Hashanah this week.

Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days, or Yamim Noraim (the “Days of Awe”), and is followed 10 days later by Yom Kippur, the “day of atonement.” Rosh Hashanah is referred to in Jewish texts as the “day of judgment,” and it is believed that God opens the Book of Life on this day and begins to decide who shall live and who shall die. The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are viewed as an opportunity for Jews to repent (teshuvah, in Hebrew) and ensure a good fate.

Jews traditionally gather in synagogues on Rosh Hashanah for extended services that follow the liturgy of a special prayerbook, called a mahzor, that is used during the Days of Awe. At specific times throughout the service, a shofar, or ram’s horn, is blown. The mitzvah (commandment) to hear the shofar, a literal and spiritual wake-up call, is special to this time of year.

The new year is the only Jewish holiday that is observed for two days by all Jews (other holidays are observed for just one day within the Land of Israel) as it is also the only major holiday that falls on a new moon.

Wow! Autumn Equinox, New Moon, and Days of Awe indeed! There is so much going on that we may be excused for feeling chaotic, not just for me personally but on a global scale, What ‘on Earth’ is going on – you might well ask! How are you feeling?

If you are emotional, exhausted or chaotic – you are not alone! We are passing through another time of strong planetary influences as we travel through the powerful Autumnal Equinox (which does not only affect one day – but the days surrounding it) and a new moon. I’m no expert on science, Astronomy or Astrology, but I can certainly understand how planets, far larger than the Earth, can influence the energies of our own planet, so by my logic that must have an effect on us too.

Just imagine – the waxing and waning of our own tiny Moon causes the rise and swell of all the oceans and creates the tidal flow of the whole planet. Our bodies are 76% water so it’s no surprise that the same Moon must influence our human emotional body by pulling the tides within us. Our emotions are held within that internal emotional body of water. The September Equinox of 2014 is one of the most powerful solar events of the year, and carries a great intensity, a great testing and powerful opportunity for re-definition.

AngelInsight_Gabriel_100It is a time for ‘cleansing, sorting, re-organising, and re-prioritising’ our lives. As the New Moon arrives it offers the chance to begin again, start afresh, and build new energy. But let’s not allow all of this to overwhelm us, we do not have to deal with these changes alone.We have been given the angels to help to steer us through. For me, the Angel most closely linked to the creative energies of the moon, and the re-organisation of chaos is Archangel Gabriel. This is also the angelic energy of new projects and offers clear messages of your purpose and direction in life.

We can all take on too much work at times. We can become cluttered – not by ‘bad’ stuff – but simply by trying too hard. We can become muddled, confused and overwhelmed. These may be some of the challenges you are facing right now, but by meditating on clarity, and asking for help from the angelic realms you will be given the intuitive insights to enable you to see your way forward.

If you feel you would like a little extra guidance with the next step on your spiritual journey, perhaps to find your soul purpose, or any personal issues you would like to explore with help from the angels, I may be able to help you. You can book a One-to-One easily to talk with me via Skype or telephone, or if you live within travelling distance of north Essex you can come and see me here in my home. More information on my website:

To help you connect with Archangel Gabriel here is a Link to a free guided mediation, with my blessings:

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