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Angelic ways to stay grounded

Posted by on Jul 6, 2017

AngelInsight_AscensionAs we move into the heart of the Summer, and the new heightened spiritual energies that were predicted by so many gurus, so many of us have recently experienced major life-changing events, others have had heightened spiritual awareness, angelic connections or psychic abilities.

In my workshops and talks I often speak about how wonderful it is to be open to angels as light and loving celestial beings, but remind people that our role as ‘light workers’ is to bring that energy down and anchor it into the earth, by becoming more grounded. The suggestion sometimes meets with a blank look. In this blog I thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at what it means to ‘ground’ and truly ’embody’ our soul or ‘higher self’ which is already connected to angelic energies.

When we are enjoying a spiritual workshop, meditation or blissful experience we may become exquisitely connected, through our crown chakra, to the high vibrational angelic energies. But if we spend too many hours a day in this heightened state, we can become floaty and disconnected from our everyday lives. A blissful experience is certainly desirable during a period of meditation, and perhaps longer if we are being supervised on a spiritual retreat, but in our everyday lives we need to be practical, and have a mind, body and spiritual connection which is grounded, focussed and balanced to function properly, and to be of service to others.

There is an ancient tradition where connection to the angels was considered very grounding too. In the 1940s, aged parchments containing prayers to angels were discovered by a group of boys in caves near the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert. Written in Hebrew and Aramaic, they were among spiritual documents known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Historians discovered that they were written by scribes from the Jewish Essene tribe, who pre-dated the Christian era.

As well as being very spiritual, the Essenes were also very practical, with hundreds of laws for healthy community living. They believed in angels in relation to the elements and powerful forces of nature. As farmers, the Essenes called the guardian spirit of the soil and fields they tilled the ‘Angel of Earth’. They knew that all the minerals of the Earth are what makes up the living body of man, for which they then thanked the ‘Angel of Life’. They believed that all the powerful natural energies of the Earth, were the angels of our planet Earth, governed by our Earthly Mother. They also seem to have had a mystical understanding of the physical ‘holy’ laws of nature, which we now call science, and meta-physics.

The Essenes understood the relationship between the elements and human life. So the power of the wind and the air they called the ‘Angel of Air’, acknowledging that the air we breathe is our lifeforce, but that it also whispers the secrets of the universe. They saw that the water we drink flows through our blood, cleansing our bodies and nurturing the earth. They honoured water calling it ‘Angel of Water’. The heat of the sun, to the Essenes, was not only an energy of light and warmth but the source of life to every plant and living thing, and in human beings it has the added gift of warming the heart (the emotional body) thus enabling us to feel love for one another. They called it the ‘Angel of Sun’ thereby vocalising a connection between humanity, the elements and the stars.

By cleansing their bodies, eating raw living foods, meditating in communion with angels, peaceful living, and by keeping to the ‘Holy Laws’ they understood their vibrational energy would become so pure that they could heal others simply by being present. Now that’s what I call really putting spirituality into practice.

Exercises for grounding spiritual energy.


  • If you are sitting down straighten your spine, place both feet on the floor, relax your shoulders and place your hands in your lap.
  • Breathe deep into your lungs with a long, slow, gentle breath allowing it to continue until it fills your whole abdomen. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds then gently exhale through your mouth until you have completely emptied your lungs. Hold your breath for a couple of moments and then repeat at least three times.
  • Imagine a beautiful bright angelic light surrounding your head and shoulders, noticing the colour, and how it makes you feel. Now imagine breathing this light through the crown of your head, and as the breath fills your body imagine the light permeating every cell and moving all the way down through your legs. With every breath take the light further down into your body until you can imagine it pouring out through your feet into the ground below.
  • Open your eyes and maintain the connection with that physical feeling of light within your body, anchoring it.AngelInsight_Strength2


  • Stand with your feet slightly apart so you feel balanced.
  • Straighten your back and allow your arms to relax by your sides.
  • Breathe slowly down into your lower abdomen and imagine that your breathing is making your legs and feet heavier, so that with every breath you feel more solid, almost rooted to the spot.
  • Imagine you are sending love from your heart into the ground.
  • Smile to yourself and create an intention to leave loving footprints wherever you tread.


  • Straighten your back and shoulders and widen your stride slightly. Step firmly, being aware of each foot as it connects with the ground.
  • Become aware of the sounds around you, any traffic noise or wind in the trees, birdsong, human or mechanical sounds.
  • Feel the fabric of your clothes against your skin, and the tightness of your shoes.
  • Take note of how you are holding your body, and how your limbs and muscles move.
  • Be present ‘in’ your body as you walk paying full attention to your physical being.

Use nature to ground you

To become more grounded in your spiritual practice you might like to wear or place crystals of an earthier nature such as agate, amber, jasper, beryl, obsidian, magnetite or hematite around your home, or on an ‘altar’ space. In fact, almost any of the darker, brownish-red or black crystals are good for grounding spiritual energy. I always find that fresh flowers or herbs that remind me of being outdoors and in nature have a grounding effect, as does a shell, piece of driftwood or a couple of pebbles collected from the shore. I also have a beautiful straw angel, which reminds me of the angelic qualities of working on the land. I light a pure, white candle to invite the angels to be present during my meditations, and I may, from time to time, hold one of the grounding crystals as I breathe deeply for a more intense meditation experience.

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Spring In My Step

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017

IMG_9248This week’s blog comes from one of the world’s most beautiful areas of natural beauty – the Lake District National Park. I’m here in Cumbria for a few days to hide away and enjoy all the things I love most about Springtime in the British countryside. Mother Nature displays her raw beauty in the wild coastal paths, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and bleak moorland passes, contrasting the gentleness  and delicacy in all the lanes filled with golden daffodils (as well as all the other wonderful ‘flora and fauna’ ). So many favourite sights.  One of the cutest, funniest and uplifting sights is the leaping, frolicking and tiny bleating sounds of new-born lambs in the lowlands as we drive through the valleys. I love to stop and watch them turn to look at me, as I’m  leaning over the gate to take pictures, and hear the deep call of the mother sheep in response to her babies call. This visit I’m amused by seeing some tiny lambs in ‘plastic’ raincoats. I guess it must be for the tiniest and most vulnerable. What bemuses me is that for some reason we believe sheep to be fairly stupid. Yet these ewes are totally aware of the presence of a stranger. Every mother in the field stands and stares, then slowly moves her babies out of harms way, across the pen, or the field. That protective ‘Mother’s instinct’ is demonstrated so clearly. Not so stupid.IMG_9238

Some of us believe that our Earth is a Divine feminine presence. The Mother of all life. Would she too not wish to protect and defend her creation? I’m only muting this point because if we believe, as I understand the Essenes certainly did, that Gaia is our Earthly Mother and that we are to protect and nurture her in return for all she provides … then why on earth do we treat her so badly?

There are so very many examples of lack of regard for our planet. (I don’t need to labour the point about nuclear missile testing in the Pacific ocean, and fracking). What I’m saying is that because like you I do care I think I’ll try to do one extra thing each week (or each day if possible) into showing my love for her. I’m sure everyone reading this already does everything in their power to live in an eco-friendly way because we are all trying to become more conscious, more aware of our actions.

But I pause in the misty mountains here and reflect –  I feel I could be doing more. When my children were small I would (to their embarrassment)  take a carrier-bag and collect litter as we walked to school. For some reason I have stopped doing this but now I think I’ll start again when we walk our dog. I enjoy planting tubs and pots but I’m going to put in a few extra flowers in the garden to feed the bees, and make sure I never forget to fill up the bird feeder for the garden birds. Being just a little more consciously aware of our use of electricity and water makes so much difference too. I’m trying to encourage the grandchildren to turn off the tap when they are brushing their teeth – not just because I’m on a water meter- but because it makes sense! I am shocked by a recent report that indicates less and less people are ‘bothering’ to recycle as it is simply too much trouble. Oh no! That’s so sad. What happened? (I actually enjoy my trips to the bottle bank. There is something therapeutic and strangely satisfying about the sound of breaking glass).

As I sit in my lodge in Cumbria looking about at the budding trees, watching chaffinches hopping about, listening to the crows circling as they build their nests I’m struck by a deep sense of emotion that I can’t quite name.IMG_9235

The Essenes worked with the earth energies and called them angels. They honoured and worshipped the Angel of Earth as they tilled the soil, blessed the Angel of Water in gratitude as they bathed and honoured the ‘never ending streams’ that irrigated their crops. They gave thanks as they ate in silence and honoured all work as a blessing of joy. Life must have been so very different for the Essenes of Nazareth and in the mountains of Qumran by the Dead Sea. But I’m so sure that as I look out over the vast swathes of green fields and hillsides that many of the local farmers around have a similar relationship with their animals and land.

Those of us who love and work with the angels are not just called to heal our selves and one another, we are also here to be mindful  – as a society – of the small and important ways to show our gratitude  for life …  for our work,  our planet. Have a wonderful weekend! With love.

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Loving Christmas Trees

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015

IMG_0019I love all shapes of Christmas trees, don’t you?

OK. Hands up how many of you put your Christmas tree up last weekend so that you were ready for the 1st December? I know so many people do. Yet did you know that traditionally the ‘tree’ was decorated on Christmas Eve, and it was only in the late 1960’s that this changed. My own children would beg to have their tree decorated early to compete with their friends, but I always held out until a couple of weekends before Christmas Day. Putting up the tree and Holly felt so much more exciting if it was nearer the actual date. But that was then, and this is now – and to appease and have fun with my grandchildren we shall be ‘lighting up’ with the best, and the rest! I do love it all and have no objections whatsoever, its just that if I’m honest a teeny bit of me senses an inner rebellion against conforming to pressure. Then alongside that is a recognition of my own judgement against the continual rise of over-indulgence in society.

But the Christmas tree is such a magnificent symbol of Christmas isn’t it?

The Norwegian Spruce donated and erected in Trafalgar Square, in London, each year as a token of gratitude and appreciation for liberating Norway during the Second World War, always fills me with joy. As I turn off my lamps and sit with the lights of my own tree late in the evenings, when the house is quiet, I can always feel a sense of Christmas peace, hope and trust in the power of the presence of God and the angels. For me the joy is represented by all the tree-lights twinkling, reminding me of stars, Bethlehem, the Nativity story and the true message of Christmas brought by the angel Gabriel.

IMG_3224For me, as an Essene, angels and trees go together. Trees are believed to be more than ‘plant’ life to the Essenes. Understanding that the roots of the tree going deep down into the nurturing and supportive earth (our Earthly Mother ) match as a mirror image the boughs and branches which reach out into the air and upwards to heaven (our Heavenly Father) reflects in their teachings. To the Essenes the roots represent seven angels of elements of the Earth itself and our physical life and bodies. The branches represent the seven angels of the Heavenly realms and our spiritual life, and the soul. The cyclical life of a tree with its growth, strength, rising sap and ability to produce the air we breath is highly regarded by the Essene, who consider the tree our brother, and the air the most valued of elements.

Trees have so many properties, medicinal as well as practical. The aura of a tree is far easier to see than that of a human being as it reaches up in all its magnificence into the sky. Trees, as living breathing organisms have an energy which to many is healing; a unique essence which can be used to re-balance our own emotions; an ability to offer communication and wisdom to those who are able to ‘tune in ‘ and hear.

Once, not long ago, a group of us (at a Summer Gathering of Essenes) decided to offer healing to the magnificent ancient Cedar of Lebanon tree (circa 1800s) in the grounds of our residence in Berkshire. We had been experiencing the driest Spring and Summer on record and the tree was parched and clearly suffering from lack of moisture. We stood in a large circle and called in unison, “Hail to thee, Oh good living tree, made by the Creator” three times (taken from the Essene communion with the Angel of Life) . Then, all together calling in the angels, we held up our hands towards the beautiful Cedar and offered healing energy to her/him/it. The heat flowed through my hands and I felt a shudder running through my body. I felt emotional and sensed a powerful sense of love for the heart and soul of the beautiful tree.

We ended by chanting three ‘Aums’ and as I walked away I felt a slight drizzle on my face and arms. I thought it had started to rain and looked about to see a reaction from the others. I actually thought we had magically created some rain! No, it was not raining. The moisture on my skin had the fragrance of pine needles. The tree had ‘showered’ me with her essence which I do believe was in acknowledgement of the healing it had received from us all, and me as the facilitator.

As you decorate your Christmas tree this year, whether real or imitation, may I make this suggestion? How about lighting a candle before you start, call in the angels, and saying a little prayer as you hang your baubles and fix the lights bring blessings and gratitude into the task. Think of the tree as bringing hope and beauty into your home, and in return give it love and appreciation . With every tree we see this month on the lead up to Christmas lets shower it with loving glances and blessings, bringing the message and true essence of hope as we pass by. Remember that all loving energy of Light lingers where it has been created. Imagine the brightness we can co-create together, with or without thousands of light-bulbs!

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Just take a moment

Posted by on Sep 3, 2015

What a Summer it has been for us all.

What with all the “Super” moons, new gateways,  ‘portal’s opening between worlds, and advance warning of even greater shifts over the next months no wonder there is a surge of energy within humanity that’s a little ‘over-bearing’. I’m sure we have all been experiencing these immense levels of energy (even those we know who are oblivious to it) in some way or another. It’s no wonder some of us are feeling the strain!

How are you coping in all of these ’shifts’?

Do you have personal strategies, practical tools in your kit, methods for continuing self-care?

meditationIt’s taken me a while, but I’ve begun to understand that the best way to stay calm, grounded and healthy is to develop a strong regular spiritual practice. So before you stop reading, or argue back at me that you don’t have time for these time-consuming practices (no matter how health-giving and beneficial) such as meditation, yoga, or walking in nature (daily) in the never-ending drive ‘to get things done’, please allow me just to encourage you with a few suggestions. All these can be easily incorporated into the busiest of mornings. For those of you who do already have a daily meditation or similar practice I don’t intend to try and teach anyone’s granny to suck eggs but there might be the odd friend to two out there who is struggling? I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by pressures of that old chestnut “work-life balance” so these loving suggestions are gentle, and well tried and tested by yours truly.

* As you get out of bed step into an imaginary circle of bright light, drawing it up around your body and surrounding yourself in angelic protection.
* Stand for a moment under the shower consciously allowing the Angel of Water to bathe away all energy that is not loving and health-supporting.
* Take several slow, deep nurturing breaths down into your body and as you exhale release any negative energy you may have been holding onto.
* Bless every mouth full of food and drink accepting the gift of life-giving supportive energy in every mouth full, and send this lovingly into your cells, with the affirmation: “Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony”.
* Read or say words you find inspiring, such as a prayer, affirmation, or guided meditation. Some take only one minute, yet effectively last the day.
* On your travels smile and greet as many people as you can. Whether silently or verbally your blessings carry positive loving energy from the heart.
And lastly, a few things to really take care of yourself …
* Take lots of short ‘breathing’ breaks, drink more water, stretch your body, and find as many things as you can to laugh about all day.

Prayer is, for me, one of the most powerfully strong act of connection. Our words, sent with love and sincerity, bring peace and blessings for each of us as individuals, for our loved ones, for the planet and the all of humanity. A wonderful saintly great-aunt once said: “To read a prayer is the same as saying a prayer.  God’s grace comes through the words straight into your heart.”

essenepackage-200In the Essene tradition we have morning and evening communions with the angels, which many of us read as prayers straight from a book. In practice these are normally followed by a meditation of however long we choose. For those who are unable to sit in meditation, the act of reading such beautifully inspiring and powerful words on a regular basis is, in itself, a spiritual practice. The energy within the inspired words is profoundly beautiful – mystical.  Many of my students have told me that they have carried the booklet of Essene Communions with them for years after receiving it as part of the Educating Heart and Soul home study course. (It’s also available separately from my website).

I’d like to share the short opening prayer with you. When those of us who feel a connection to the Essenes are using the Communions, as individuals or in a group setting, we start with this short prayer known as ”The Prologue’. It can be used on its own before you begin a silent meditation, with or without the angel communions, and it sets the scene for inner calm, peace and balance. I’d be very interested to learn how it makes you feel.

The Prologue

Let us enter the eternal and infinite Garden of Mystery,
Our spirits in oneness with the Heavenly Father,
Our hearts in oneness with the Earthly Mother,
Our hearts and minds in oneness with each other, and with the whole of creation.

Have a peacefully calm, and self-nurturing weekend. With love.

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Once in a Blue Moon

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015

blue_moonI write this morning under the influence of the second full moon in a month. This ‘two full moons in one month’ won’t happen again until 2018, and I’ve no idea when we will experience another Blue Moon. The blue is caused by particles in the atmosphere, but the astrology is all about opportunity. Yet again its an opportunity to become more aware. This Full Moon, according to one of my favourite astrologers, brings Light to our feelings, needs and attachments to freedom and independence. We will find that there’s a need to find balance between ME and WE, self and other, interconnection and independence.

If we are too focused on others and what they need or demand of us- or if we are too focused on ourselves and what we need or want- this Full Moon will bring the imbalance to Light. We all struggle with a balancing act sometimes, and many of us may have reached a point in life where work, family, relationships, health, and our spiritual life are difficult to juggle. I encourage you to take the opportunity of this Blue Moon to take a breath, a few hours of ‘time out’ and re-assess the balance in your own life. Call in the presence of Archangel Gabriel to help you with this, she is the guardian of the moon and all its energies and influences.

One way to find some balance is to take a retreat. This may be a holiday, or something a little more spiritually led where you can take time to meditate, re-connect with like-minded free spirits, and enjoy the kind of activities which inspire you and touch your soul.

summergathSome of you will know I’ve just returned from another Essene Summer Gathering, where we join in meditation each morning and evening, in communion with the angels. As a group of like-minded people we meet together every year in a lovely big house among fabulous trees where we stay and share group experiences and lovingly prepared fabulous food together for almost a week. During these community retreats great healing occurs, and in our contemplations and meditations the inspiration we receive is shared and appreciated, along with lots of good conversation and laughter. The gathering used to be called “Summer School” as we do so much subtle personal spiritual work while we are there. Some of our ceremonies are delightful as we enjoy our candle lighting, singing bowls and fun entertainment – this year I was even persuaded into performing a tap dance!

AngelInsight_FriendshipIt is so important to find a group of others where our spiritual essence may be expressed, and were we can be our true authentic ‘selves’. I feel blessed to have my Essene friends, who have become like a family of brothers and sisters after so many years. Many of our group have been practicing the Essene angel communions for decades, and to some these are new. It is with the Essene teachings in mind that I’m leading the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. My own experience was so powerfully felt, last year, that I am guided to enable and facilitate others to ‘feel’ it too.

I’m so grateful to belong to several spiritual groups, and very blessed that my work brings me into contact with so many amazing and inspiring people. Do you have a group or community where you can commune together and share your spiritual experiences? If not, why not start one yourself by inviting a few friends to meditate with you, or to explore personal spiritual development together? At all my workshops I encourage people to link up and form little groups, all over the country.  I call them “Star Groups” (after all thats what we are – beautiful shining stars) and my passion and dream is to see a whole constellation of Light Workers shining their Light all over the World!

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