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Every Day Is ‘Angel’ Day

Posted by on Oct 19, 2017

AngelInsight-horiz-_0019_AngelInsight_Harmony.jpgIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed that I often call upon individual Archangels on specific days of the week.  One of the many attributes that mystics have asscoiated with the angels is that each of the seven Great Archangels has their own day of the week:

  • Sunday is a good day for taking time to focus on personal power, protection and Divine connection through meditation and prayer with Michael.
  • Monday is the day for sharpening perception and gaining wisdom from Jophiel.
  • Work with Chamuel on Tuesday to bring more tolerance and love into your daily life.
  • Gabriel on Wednesday is about direction, organisation, artistic development and clear communication.
  • Work with the powerful energies of healing, creating sacred spaces and deepening your understanding of what’s ‘true’ with Raphael on Thursday
  • Uriel encourages a sense of peace and service to others on Friday.
  • Saturday is a good time to invoke the angels for transformation, joy and freedom with Zadkiel.

Now, of course, angelic energies permeate the universe and surround us constantly. There’s nothing wrong with calling upon them at any time. But by keeping each day special as part of your regular spiritual practice, you’ll focus your attention on those seven important steps in on your continual spiritual growth and development.

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Ascending into the Violet Flame

Posted by on Jul 21, 2016

14-Presence_150We haven’t looked at a specific Archangel in depth for a while, so today, as I’ve just recorded a webinar for my course students, I thought this week I would write something about the transformational energy of Archangel Zadkiel.

At my workshops, and especially where we have more time on retreats, I love to include a guided meditation where we visualise the colours associated with the Magnificent Seven to see which Archangel’s energetic magnetism we resonate with. I tend to believe that there are no coincidences and that everything in life is linked to universal and cosmic Divine energies so much greater than our own. In our astrology, our numerology and even the letters in our chosen name, there are signs relating to our soul purpose, and clues to which of the energetic vibrations of the Chohan (Ascended Master) and Archangels guiding us on our journey. So when we meditate on the colours related to the Archangels, this also connects with our soul at a deep level.

As we know, all light is a reflection of the seven colours of the spectrum, which we see quite clearly when the sunshines through a droplet of water, or a crystal, and of course there are thousands of different shades. (Just like the rainbow we can only actually see seven colours though if we concentrate we can find softer blended shading where the colours meld into one another.) Each of the main seven carries its own vibrational resonance, colour and quality. As we know the Seven Archangels are associated with each of these colour vibrations and in angelic terms they are known as ‘flames’. Theosophists and New Agers have related these light vibrations into what is called the “Seven Rays.” Each of the Archangels is a bearer of one of the flames and permeates the energy of its qualities throughout humanity by using those of us who have an open heart and are willing to serve at a high spiritual level

During our residential week in Crete we call upon the Archangels and ask to be taken, as we sleep, to the appropriate Ashram of the particular Ray each of us resonates with. This is the centre of heightened vibrational energy associated with the qualities of the Archangel, the hosts of angels working at that level, the Elohim (highest angelic Beings of Light often called Seraphim) and the affirmation_comfortAscended Master (Chohan) of the Ray. You would be amazed at the results after a few nights of asking. This works especially well when calling on the transmutational energy of Zadkiel, or indeed Raphael for healing.

Zadkiel works with the Chohan Saint Germaine of the seventh ray and brings all the positive power of the Violet Flame.  This powerful Light source helps us with the transmutation of energy (from negative to positive) and likewise with soul transformation. His is the role of ‘Keeper of the Violet Flame’ and it is this high vibration we can call upon to dissolve painful memories and change negative thoughts and fears into positive life-force energy. If we make the choice to acknowledge that most of us have personalities tinged with some form of negativity towards some other people, such as thoughts or actions related to greed, jealousy or judgementalism, we can also make the choice to let these feelings be transmuted. This in turn helps us eleviate that karmic experience of feeling the same negative actions being made towards ourselves. (What goes around comes around!)

Believe it or not the job or career you have chosen will reflect the calling of your soul, and the Ray or flame associated with your soul vibration. Even if you feel you are in a job you dislike at the moment there will most certainly be lessons or challenges you have drawn to you and a real reason for being where you are. (Even if you can’t work out what they are right now). So for example if you are resonating with the violet colour and the attributes of the seventh ray energy of Zadkiel, whether or not you are working in your ideal profession, you will have an interest in issues of freedom, culture, refinement and diplomacy. Your current situation may be teaching you tolerance, forgiveness and serving others within some kind of discipline. Perhaps you are an ‘Agent of Change’. For that is exactly the energy of this particular powerful angelic being.

Once you feel ready to raise your vibration to the bright true spiritual being you were born to be, you will feel definitely be drawn towards the Zadkiel vibration. He will enfold you in the transformational energy of the Violet Flame and transmute all negative thoughts and actions into joy. The way we perceive things begins to change (slowly at first) and although we might still have our faults we are able to notice them and change. There is a great freedom in letting go of judgement and fear. Those of us who judge others harshly, are usually incredibly hard on ourselves and truthfully that’s not really loving! We are all a work in progress. It does take dedication, self-discipline and focus. But when we call in and work with Zadkiel we learn to let others be who they are, and our relaxed and positive attitude is reflected in how we feel towards ourselves, not just other people, leaving us happier, more loving in nature, and ‘lighter’ in the process.

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Angels Without Limits

Posted by on Mar 6, 2015

An angel is like a mirror that reflects the truth kindly, for in its reflection you can see who you truly are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you noticed how many different masks you wear? Each mask is a personality trait you have created to show the rest of the world what you assume they expect of you. Masks are often the tools of insecurity and are worn to please someone else.

By developing different masks for all occasions you are pretending to be someone else. Have you forgotten who you really are? By ignoring your true self you dilute your own energies, your personal magnetism and diminish your potential for growth.

Establish a routine in the mornings. Affirm your ability to be true to yourself. Call on your guardian angel, who knows you better than you know yourself, and ask to be given the courage and honesty to be who you truly are.

The thoughts and actions of angels are not limited by time and space. Angels are not tied to our three dimensional reality. They have no concept of manmade restrictions of time and space, moving freely and instantly between our world and theirs. An angel’s movement is as quick as a thought. The great Archangels can be in several places at any given time.

Don’t be afraid that what you are bringing in your personal dilemma is too insignificant to an Archangel, or that you will not be heard. Yes, there are the major catastrophes in the world and these need great shifts of understanding and human intervention. They are being over-lighted by archangels at every given moment. But so are you. The archangels can do both. The energetic loving energy they emit is way beyond our human capacity for understanding.

A true request, for the right reasons, is never too simple or too small to be heard by the angels. You are loved and important. Please never forget that.

Taken from ‘Advice from Angels’ by Chrissie Astell
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Archangels Everywhere!

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014

chriskeenanHow amazing is this Autumn? You might be experiencing the presence of the ‘Angel of Water’ in your area, but we would all have to admit that it is exceptionally mild. I’m loving the colours, and for me as someone who follows the Essene communions with the angels I am constantly reminded of that magical connection between the energies of the Earthly Mother in all her glorious beauty – and the mysterious spiritual qualities influenced by the Cosmic energies of the Heavenly Father. I have been sent this beautiful picture, by artist Chris Keenan, to share with you, which illustrates that connection beautifully. (I am delighted to be offering a full day workshop on the 16th November at the College of Psychic Studies in London, where we can explore this connection together.)

As you know my work often introduces people to working with the Angels and Archangels in a very practical way, and as a teacher and facilitator I’m always delighted when people want to expand their knowledge and experience. Such as this great question, asked recently:
I always thought that there were seven archangels. Now I have read that the Kabbalah has ten! How does that work?”

Confusing isn’t it? Yes, and the more you delve into the history of angels in the different religious literature you find even more groups of seven, ten, eleven and twelve! Archangels are like the ‘managers’ or team leaders of the angelic realms, and so of course there are many more than seven really. Let me try to unpick some of the differences for you…

The great ‘Seven’ archangels you will have most commonly heard of originate from the study of Theosophy and represent seven aspects of the Divine: Michael (power), Gabriel (annunciation), Raphael (healing), Uriel (peace), Chamuel (love), Zadkiel (transformation) and Jophiel (wisdom). The first four appear in the Jewish, Islamic and Christian scriptures.

Then there are another ten Archangels of the Kabbalah – or Tree of Life – which originally comes from secret Jewish practices called ‘the work of the chariot’ or Merkabah Mysticism, and goes back to the original visions of God and angels described by Ezekiel in the Bible. The word kabbalah means ‘receiving’ and refers to the spiritual knowledge gained from practicing the truths at each of the ten stages of the journey through the Kabbalah, offering a logical, holistic and harmonious system of spiritual development. some of these angels may be familiar, and others have slightly more unusual names.

For a clue to answering this question let’s look at the stages, The Ten Sephiroth, and each ‘sephirah’ with its angelic being, or Archangel, over-lighting and enhancing the energy of each stage. If imagine superimposing the kabbalah over a diagram of the human body you can see how they can be compared with the chakra system in a practical and understandable way, illustrating how all the great teachings inter-connect.

sephirothSo, although each stage actually has a Hebrew name, I’m going to give you the Archangels instead (click the image to see a larger version). Starting at the top of the tree is Metatron, the highest ranking Archangel of all, representing the crown. Raziel (wisdom) and Zaphkiel (understanding) are next on either side of the head at the level of the third eye chakra. (At the throat there is another yet unmanifest sephirah which represents higher knowledge and the senses of sight, sound, smell and speech but does not have an angel). At the level of the heart are Samael (judgement) and Zadkiel (mercy). Michael (beauty) lies over the solar plexus and the seat of the emotions. Raphael (glory) and Haniel (eternity) and Gabriel (foundation) form a triad around the area which corresponds to the sacral chakra and Sandalphon (kingdom) represents the grounding energy of the feet and root chakra. The Archangels will help you to work through each stage, and eventually you may find the meaning of life!

[If you are interested in learning more about the Kabbalah I recommend: A Piatkus Guide ‘Kabbalah’ by Paul Roland, or if you like working with cards: The Angel Script, by Theolyn Cortens.]

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New Year, New Moon

Posted by on Jan 1, 2014

AngelInsight_New_Beginnings2As this powerful New Year of 2014 is heralded in by a glorious New Moon (in Capricorn) we are truly blessed by a cosmic announcement of great opportunity for new beginnings and growth. How will you embrace this I wonder? I must admit that I have been reflecting on all the myriads of possibilities for myself today as I walked Daisy, our dog, through the muddy fields and country roads on what might have been one of her longest walks ever!

I was contemplating all the marvelous changes I might possibly make to my work, my life style, my finances, my friendships, how to improve my spiritual life/practice, and so on, and so on. Then the realisation hit me, that this was all ‘head-talk’ as usual. That my eagerness to ‘do the right thing’ was taking over (again) and my strong dynamic fire-sign tendency to rush about ‘doing’ was getting in the way of just ‘being’.

So as I settled into the rhythm of my walking feet and grounding myself, I began ‘feeling’ and allowing myself to sink into my heart to remember the truth of what I need to do/be. To enter into the energy and dynamic of this very auspicious year ahead, all I need is to fill my heart with gratitude and love. I called upon God’s grace, and all the angels to help me. I asked Archangel Michael for his power of discernment and protection, Gabriel for intuitive guidance, Jophiel for insight and enlightened wisdom, Raphael for the blessing of healing and knowledge, Zadkiel for personal transformation and enjoyment, Archangel Uriel for the energy and strength to continue serving as channel for Peace and Light, and Chamuel for the gift of abundant Love to share.

It soon became clear to me that as long as my deepest intentions are to align my spiritual work and personal life to the highest good, I can release myself from all the ‘ought to, need to and should do’s’ and simply allow.

And so, on the basis of feeling a lot ‘Lighter’, by simply allowing, may I now pass on my heartfelt wishes to you for an abundance of love, good health, and laughter as well as all the projects you might be planning for in 2014. May the angels continue to guide you, may your hopes and wishes be achieved – for the highest good of all – and may your friendships be many and your sorrows be few.

Happy New Year!

P.S. Are you called to start the New Year by developing your own spiritual growth and connection to the angels? If so, take a look at the Educating Heart and Soul course by clicking here… a home study programme that will allow you to learn and grow spiritually, deepen your connections with the angelic realms and come to understand the common threads that bind all of humanity. The course is fully certificated and leads towards the Diploma in Spiritual Workshop Facilitation or Spiritual Companions programme.

The course is still available at 2013 prices but we are planning to change the pricing structure soon. All course students past and present are also invited to an online teleseminar next Wednesday 8th January – full details on the website. I also have a limited number of places for those who wish to study the course with additional spiritual coaching from me on a one-to-one basis.

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