How many times have you been automatically doing a task but your thoughts are completely else where? Might you even remark “my head’s all over the place today”, or something like ‘my mind’s in a whirl’ or ‘I can’t gather my thoughts’ ? Yes, I know. We all do it. Unless we are super, super disciplined, from time to time we allow our mind (whatever that is) to wander around uncontrolled, like some kind of uncontrolled toddler exploring, or a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. And as pleasant as that might be sometimes it is all part of being ungrounded. Not surprising really when we take account of all the many distractions in our daily life. But my job is to remind us all (yes me included) that we must learn to take care and ‘hold it together’ in the nicest and deepest meaningful way.

I know only too well how many balls many of us try to juggle in the air at any one time. After all it is already a week since I returned from the Angels Abroad retreat in Crete, and I still have a mountain of work to catch up on (as well as family birthdays and builders working  in my new cottage) and yet part of me still remains willingly and wistfully wandering along my favourite beach and watching the sunrise.
But are we really capable of being in more than one place at any given time? Well, actually I do believe we are but it takes years of spiritual practice. In fact some of the ancient Masters and mystical gurus were and are quite capable of just that.

Let me share a story of a dear old friend of mine, Cynthia, (in her 90s now) who was taken into hospital with many months of severe hip pain and for all intents and purposes a new hip. She was seen by the assistant surgeon and the hip examined and marked with an indelible ink pen. Then she was assessed by the Anaesthetist and settled for the night, falling asleep after a lengthy meditation in which she called upon the angels, and her then Guru Sai Baba, for healing and assistance during the operation. When the night nurse came to do her early morning observations she told my friend Cynthia that she had missed her visitor, but that ‘he’ came and stood by her bed then went away. Shocked as she hadn’t been expecting anyone Cynthia asked the nurse to describe the visitor. “Oh he was quite small and wearing an unusual orange robe thing. I think he might have been Indian, oh and he had a mass of dark curly hair.” “Oh, my Lord!” exclaimed Cynthia. She instantly knew that she had been blessed by a visit from Sai Baba in the night. Yet she knew him to be holding an important puja (prayer meeting) in his Ashram in Putaparthi, north India
When the Consultant surgeon came to see her for his final pre-op visit that morning there was no pain and full movement to her leg and hip. Puzzled he called to his registrar and enquired if there had been some mistake and that the wrong leg had been marked for surgery. Cynthia got out of the bed and walked normally. Her surgery was cancelled, but when she told the surgeon what happened, typically during the 1970’s, he wasn’t particularly impressed.

But for most of us mere mortals who can’t consciously be in two or more places at once, or are not aware of it, but sometimes feel somewhat ‘scattered’, what should we do? Here’s a little exercise another dear friend, Maggie, once suggested to me during a time of being pulled in too many directions, and I’ve adapted it over the years to teach to others.

Calling your self back
Take a few moments out away from your phone, and all electrical equipment, and light a candle if you can.
Now sit comfortably, and breathe in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, the out to the count of 8. Do this 3 times.
Out loud, if possible, (even in a whisper) say: “I call to the seven great Archangels, my personal angelic guardians, and Masters and guides from above the Christed level to assist me please.
I call back to myself all aspects of my true self, from all life times, and ask that in wholeness I may be bathed in pure divine healing light. (3 times)
I call back to my self all aspects of my soul from all life times, from all relationships and encounters in this present lifetime, and from all future lifetimes, and ask that in wholeness I may be bathed in pure divine healing light. (3 times)
Now visualise yourself complete, whole and in your full consciousness and power, surrounded by a bright divine white light.
Thank the seven great archangels, your guardians, Masters and guides.
Then slowly breathe down into your lower abdomen, feeling yourself fully back into your own space with feet firmly on the ground. Rub your hands together, consciously feeling your energy. And carry on with your day.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love and Blessings,