This time last year I was packing for my group trip to Sri Lanka. Not only was I leading a lovely group to a magical island that had been on my ‘bucket list’ for years, but I’d also been invited to give some workshops introducing people to the concept of what it means to be connected to our ‘Guardian Angels’.
The tour was superb. We had awesome experiences. Our hotels were chosen for us well. We stayed way up in the hills with amazing jungle views, then beside a calm, still beautiful lake. We had the sights and sounds of temple festivities to the roar of the Indian Ocean. We had the diversity of monkeys hooting in the distance, and then slick city smartness. We had an encounter with a wild elephant at the side of the road (we stopped and fed it bananas) and deliciously nurturing Ayurvedic massage treatments from head to toe to end our visit. It was a fabulous nourishing and uplifting trip that everyone loved. An opportunity to be in a place where everyone we met filled each day with joy, smiles, friendliness and a wonderful sense of self-worth.

My workshops were filled with hundreds of smiling faces, and the interchange of loving energy was palpable. When I got home friends asked me if I was exhausted from leading a spiritual retreat and then teaching audiences of over 800 people. My answer was a definite “No!”. It was unlike anything I’d experienced before. The energy shared with me was so loving, so filled with gratitude and excitement at my being there that I felt the complete opposite of tired, I was re-charged and energised.

Yet for some terrible reason, this week, these beautiful people have been a target of brutal terrorism. Now the messages I’m getting from Sri Lanka are of grief, pain, loss and fear.

If you’ve been following me for a while now you’ll know that my passion, my purpose if you like, is to enable and facilitate a deep connection with the angelic realms, for individuals and for the planet. The spheres of energetic Divine Light, that we call ‘angels’, surrounds us all and becomes active when we invite it closer. When we sit (or stand) together with our focus of invoking and anchoring that Divine angelic energy we can create a vortex of pure healing love which is powerful beyond words.

Will you join with me now? Will you stop for a moment wherever you are, whatever you are doing once you’ve read this, and visualise all Light Workers – everywhere – standing at a point on the Diamond Web of  Light that shines as a matrix around our planet. And will you find your place on that grid and stand (or sit) for a few moments with an open heart. As we each open our crown to the Divine Impulse of pure Love, as we open our heart chakra as wide as we can, and we allow the Love to flow through us, our own Divine Light brightens and shines with that of the angels. That Divine healing energy flows through each of us and ignites, energises and reflects on the other until we form a web of Light around our Earth. Allow your Light to penetrate into the darkness of the hearts of those who created the situations, the fearful violence, and to those who are now paralysed by fear, pain, and grief to bring healing. (After a few moments take some deep breaths to ground yourself and allow that energy to flow through your feet and into the earth itself).

Thank you.

If you feel you’d like to join me every Thursday in sending (or receiving) this Divine Healing Light, do join me on my @chrissie.astell1 Facebook page and like and share the “Archangel Raphael” healing posts so that we can spread this around the word through our friendship groups.

And even better if you can join me in person, at one of my upcoming events, where we can create a circle of Divine Angel Light at the end of our workshops and join in that powerful energetic love and healing which builds during the day and can be sent around the world to all places where Love may overcome fear.

I’ll be in London, Omagh, Belfast, and Totnes this Summer I do hope you’ll bring your wonderful energy to join me there.

My love and Blessings to everyone, as always.