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Healing when Love really hurts!

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

AngelInsight_RaphaelHave you ever had a row with your lover, or partner, that has left you feeling weak or sick for days? The kind of argument that echoes in your head so long you don’t know which way to turn?

Very few of us have escaped the pain that a rift within relationships can cause. Of course we may fall out with friends, or family, and experience differences of opinion with work colleagues which can leave us feeling miserable… but the greatest pain and deepest wounds seem to be caused by the bitter arguments and emotional battering we experience within our closest ‘loving’ relationships. Not only from the very serious, such as divorce, but continuing bickering over domestic issues causes problems.

Many lovely people are carrying the scars of a failed or toxic relationship. Sometimes the pain is fresh and raw, but in many cases the rift still hurts after decades. It is so important to be able to heal our emotional wounds before they become too deep.

Evidence shows that the cells within our amazing human body have a memory of their own and will hold the pain in certain areas, particularly the joints or heart and chest area. This weakens us, often to the point of debilitating physical discomfort and chronic ‘dis-ease’.

So how can the angels help us with this human condition?

It could be said that all our guardian angels bring love, compassion, and healing, but when it comes to specific issues it is good to develop a regular communication with one of the great Archangels and learn to attune to the powerful energy carried by these beneficent beings.

Archangel Raphael is known as the great healer. In fact the name means “God has healed” or “the shining one who heals”; rapha in Hebrew means “healer” or ‘doctor”. Raphael helps with all issues of wholeness, healing, vision, and scientific discovery. He also assists with overcoming degeneration, superstition, error and blockages in abundance. Not only does he help in overcoming disease but also healing on a psychological and spiritual level such as with deep emotional wounds caused by personal relationships.

So, if you would like angelic help with this particular issue here are three ways of working with Archangel Raphael for healing your emotional wounds, and also dealing with the overall challenging situation. You can spend as long or as short a time on these exercises as you please. The more you practice them, the greater the effect.

One: Cellular Healing

Call upon the energy of Archangel Raphael, three times. (Three has a significantly powerful mystical property which, when used as a mantra or fiat – a decree or command- magnifies the intention of your prayer or request. It has been used for thousands of years in spiritual rituals.)
Imagine a beautiful green light surrounding you and filling your body with peaceful healing light. Ask the powerful energy of Archangel Raphael to cleanse away any toxic thoughts and memories that are causing you pain. Imagine the green light calming your mind as you breathe it in for a few moments, balancing your energies and repairing your cells. Say this affirmation to your self as often as you like in sets of three: “Every cell in my being works in perfect harmony”.

Two: Forgiveness

Call Archangel Raphael three times and ask that his energy surround you for this exercise. Picture the person, or partner (with whom you have the issue) as happy and well. Now picture in your mind’s eye a whole circle of angels surrounding that person. With Archangel Raphael by your side you enter the circle and stand facing your partner. In this safe and sacred space say to your partner: “I truly forgive you for any pain you have caused me. … And I ask you to forgive me too for any pain I might have also caused you.” Thank Archangel Raphael and the angels of healing for their assistance, knowing that this powerful exercise has already begun to take effect and that it will create the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Three: Compassion

There are three elements to compassion, and these are love, kindness and patience. It is often easier to be loving, kind and patient with someone else but can be very difficult to have these qualities for our self.

Archangel Raphael wants us to heal with compassion, by reminding us how unique, beautiful and loved we really are. Remember that the angels see only the light within us, and the more we treat others and ourselves with tender loving care the brighter we shine. When we have compassion for ourselves, we can also feel the same for even those who hurt us.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you can see a tiny light forming behind your eyes. Watch as it gets brighter and brighter reminding yourself that this is your inner Divine light. Give this little light your love and admiration, just as you would any other thing of great beauty and value. Now imagine the other person in this situation, with a beautiful light shining from within. Say in your head (or out loud if no-one is listening): “The Divine light within me acknowledges and loves the Divine light within you”. This way you can have compassion for the Divine light within for you and your partner without actually focusing on any negativity within the situation.

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The Power Of Reconciliation

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014

I was pleased to hear that William Roache, one of Britain’s most talented and enduring actors, was cleared of the charges against him this week. My publisher invited him to write a forward for my book, Gifts From Angels, back in 2011. In my correspondence with him, it was clear that he was a deeply spiritual person, a warm, kindhearted gentleman, and a consummate professional.

After the verdict in his case, William spoke to the waiting media and said quite simply, “In these situations there are no winners… we should be much kinder to ourselves.”

In that one sentence he showed both compassion for those involved in the case – his accusers as well as himself and his supporters – and offered reconciliation and hope. It led me to reflect deeply on the need for forgiveness, reconciliation and release in all our lives.

AngelInsight_Compassion2It is, sadly, in our human nature to be adversarial. We are competitive animals, evolved from the natural world of ‘fight or flight’ and so often, when things go wrong, we seek comfort for ourselves by putting blame on others. I’m not suggesting for one moment that those who do harm to others should not be held accountable or brought to justice. But in our day-to-day lives the temptation to blame others rather than take responsibility for our own actions is strong. It can destroy relationships and bring misery to all sides.

As spiritual beings, we have the power to overcome this weakness. We can, with the help of whatever God we look to, and our guides and angels, learn to offer forgiveness to those we believe have harmed us, and in doing so, begin the process of reconciliation. Blessing those around us every day, even those we do not like very much, is a powerful way of doing this. It doesn’t have to be open or out loud – just a quiet thought or moment of silence, calling on the angels to help you forgive and bring peace to any situation.

By doing this, we keep control of ourselves, begin to release our anger and move forward from whatever hurt has been done to us.

I have been getting enquiries about doing more one-to-one sessions and offering personal spiritual coaching. This is something I have always offered, but not really made a big ‘song and dance’ about.

However, for some, an hour of guidance, reflection and sharing of spiritual energy can make a huge difference and I would like to offer my knowledge and gifts to you if you feel the need for that guidance.

The purpose of your consultation may be to:

  • Discover or strengthen your personal connections with the Angelic realms
  • Find your soul purpose or life path and support you on that path
  • Gain strength and advice for dealing with personal issues and setbacks
  • Deepen your insight leading to a more fulfilling Spiritual Life.

Sessions may include self-help tools & exercises for you to continue to use after your consultation, and/or messages received through my beautiful Guardian Angel Oracle cards.

I offer a limited number of one-on-one sessions each month which take place over Skype, although I can also arrange to meet if you are in the South East of England. Consultations can be booked individually, or as a series, offering the opportunity for more ongoing spiritual growth, mentoring and support. You can even work with me each month as you progress through the home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul.

To highlight this service more widely, I’ve set up a free prize draw on my Facebook page. Simply visit the page before the end of February and enter your details and I will pick one individual for a free one-to-one consultation, which can be arranged at a time convenient to you. Or if you would like to book a session with me sooner, just visit the website or call the support team on +44 1223 969858.

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Forgive, and shine even brighter.

Posted by on Nov 29, 2013

It’s that time again, when millions of folk will be stressing about Christmas.

For those people for whom Christmas is purely material, then it truly is expensive. I once bought a tea-towel at a church Christmas fair when my children were small, that declared boldly ‘JESUS is the REASON for the season” and I put it in the window with the Christmas tree one year (but I was pressurised to take it down, in case our neighbours though I was a nutcase!). I relate that with a great big smile on my face as I recollect it may have been taken from the window but it remained behind the door in our hallway so that everyone passing through would see it anyway. My argument was why send the children to Sunday School if I’m unable to demonstrate the real reason for celebrating Christ’s birth.

It really is no surprise that faith of many varieties is still hidden in fear of persecution. For those who believe we have carried the ‘faith’, whatever interpretation it might be, through many lifetimes … and often at great cost… we are unable and unwilling to dim the flame this time!

It is time to shine our light as brightly as we ever did, as we ever can, and brighter still! This is it folks, it really is time for us all to raise our alms high, be willing and able to march forward, onward and upwards. This is exactly what was predicted. We are the millions of heavenly hosts.(As above so below rings in my ears)… It is the light workers incarnate now who will save the world. Our family has been waiting for this for such a long time haven’t we? There are areas where we can only watch as devastation takes place because of lower vibrational human domination between countries, cultures, and religions. Yet we are part of it all.

Now that we really begin to understand the principles of Universal law, we are all one – yet individuals, we have one home – yet live separately, we have one God – yet worship differently… there is one way forward and each of us in our own unique way is involved in this ‘tactical exercise’ to save the world. But our tools are those of resonance, our armour is built from high vibration, our goal is ascension and the quality of our sword and our shield demonstrable by our spiritual authenticity.

Each morning, following my stillness, I like to start each day reading some words of inspiration. I like to ask what it is I need for the day, then from the many books on my shelves (my Mother-in-Law suggested we change the name of the house to ‘Village Library’) I take which ever book appeals to me. Today’s lesson in A Course of Miracles was about the illusion of blame…. that God does not condemn and therefore there is no need to seek forgiveness. My goodness how appropriate for what I wanted to say in my letter?! How liberating to truly forgive. What a truly beneficial spiritual practice. How sharp the sword and how bright the shield of those who can really forgive with a generous heart.

As I write this the powerful November full moon begins to wane, and using the wonderful energy of that, each day I am going to practice forgiveness. ‘I need to polish my shield, and if you’ll pardon the pun, at the moment it reflects a little too much ‘guilt’.

Blame resides only in fear, in love there is no condemnation.
With Love, Chrissie

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