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Angels are not just for Christmas

Posted by on Dec 15, 2017

AngelInsight_Gabriel2It is that festive time of year again when all the shops are filled with baubles, tinsel and ‘angel wings’! Stores will be carrying a variety of tree top and glass angels for your tree, and infant schools will have little darlings dressed in white representing the angelic hosts. One brave and talented youngster in each group may even land the role of the angel ‘Gabriel’. For certainly Gabriel is by far the most well known of all the angels. Yet even though the obsession with Christmas angels is delightful it represents only a tiny part of the enormous role the real angelic beings actually play in our everyday lives. The wonderful thing is, when we bring these images and symbols of Divine Light into our homes at Christmas time, whatever our beliefs  and background, the symbolism and the energy of the angelic realms becomes a focus and enhances the energy within that space.IMG_1328

Angels were given to us as a gift at the beginning of time. People don’t even have to believe in them if they don’t want to. They are there whether we are aware of them or not. As beings of light following the thoughts of God they appear as healers, protectors, guardians, and messengers bringing joy, hope and inspiration. And the greatest bearer of glad tidings is? …. Yes, Gabriel, you’ve got it!

In my Educating Heart & Soul home study course, and recent book Seven Steps into Angel Light Gabriel is the focus of our ‘first step’. That is because most of us have heard the Christian stories of how the angel Gabriel brought the news of John the Baptist and Jesus’ birth, but some of you might not know that Gabriel, known as the great ‘annunciator’ and angel of revelation, also dictated the Muslim Qur’an to the prophet Mohamed, as Jibril. Some also believe Gabriel is the angel of birth and death and guides the incoming soul throughout a mother’s pregnancy. Said to be one of the great seven archangels who surround the throne of Heaven it is Gabriel who is also the guardian angel of the moon.blue_moon

The moon is generally recognized as symbolic of all feminine attributes including intuition and for this reason I recommend deepening your connection with Archangel Gabriel when you wish to enhance your intuitive and psychic abilities. This is also very powerful when working with the energy of the new moon for new projects and great new beginnings.

Archangel Gabriel brings us messages of personal direction and helps us to remember our soul purpose. If you are struggling to find your personal direction, particularly your spiritual pathway, do try the meditation I have given you as a little pre-Christmas gift today here:
Call upon Gabriel and think of the great angel shining a bright crystal white light directly on your path ahead. It is important that once called upon you learn to trust that your request has been heard. Then look out for the clues appearing everywhere in strange but obvious coincidences, interesting conversations, written headlines, snippets from books and other ‘good omens’. Archangel Gabriel has helped me so much in my life. My Christmas wish is that light will shine on you too, not just for Christmas-time but throughout the rest of your journey onward!

I wish you Blessings in abundance,
With Love,

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Fifty, or more, shades of grey.

Posted by on Dec 8, 2017

AngelInsight_AscensionI want to shout “Help! What’s happening ?” Is the whole of Britain turning grey? It seems that every time I leave my home another whole house in the village has been painted grey. Grey is spreading across windows and doors, and into the homes. All fashionable home accessories are grey. Sofas and bed linen, wall paper, tiles, and even towels… everything is turning grey. Oh, no! What are we doing? It may look smart and is certainly popular as the latest fashion colour but grey is creeping across the land like an epidemic, insidiously turning everything drab, dull and life-less. Stripping away the colours of life.

After the stormy rain and gusty rain hammering against my window pane during the early hours, the morning sunshine and bright blue sky was a welcome relief. I’ve realised that for me the blue sky is an essential element of my sense of wellbeing. But isn’t that the same for us all? Grey skies bring us down. Don’t they?

Driving through the lanes here in the Essex countryside I never cease to marvel as the wondrous colours in Autumn’s palette are still evident even in December though many of the trees have shed their leaves, and affirm how much the colours in nature mean to us all. We post wonderful scenic photographs on social media of beautiful flowers and art – we all love vibrant interesting photographs, as well as the  sharpness of black and white. But colour, in all its various shades, affects everything. Colour is not just reflected in mother nature herself but in us. Look how many shades there are to our skin tone, our eyes, our hair. And the ‘Light’ within our own bodies contains coloured particles too (if you’ve read Seven Steps into Angel Light you’ll have learned that camera equipment can now pick up the violet light within our own DNA cells).

So what is it about a colour that draws us? Think of how much we love seeing rainbows. Are they not full of joy? Colours have their own vibration, their own qualities, and we know they relate to each of our chakras. Would it surprise you to know that we are all made up of all these different colour qualities, and that depending on how little or how much we have of each will effect our personality and the choices we make in partnerships, career and other major  life choices (as well as the clothes we wear and the colours we decorate our home). Colour, and our perceptions of it, affects everything.

Like many other so called ‘New Age’ complimentary therapists in the 1970s, my mother became fascinated by many methods of healing and trained as a colour therapist whilst living in America. She linked it with the numerology and was able to give readings, based on a person’s full name and date of birth, as to which colours were most prevalent in their very ‘being’ (sometimes seen in the aura) and which colours were lacking. Because each colour has its own significance, its energy and vibration she learned that if we have a dominant colour we will have the same strong qualities related to the colour itself. The reverse is also true, so if we have non or very little of a colour we also may have an issue related to the lack of that energy, or quality too. So for example a person with a lot of yellow is found to be highly intellectual and a great ‘thinker’, indigo highly perceptive with psychic and intuitive gifts. When we are out of synch within our mind, body and soul connection we become ill we may find we are short on a specific colour element, thereby lacking in a certain type of energy. So, for example, people with little or no red may be super sensitive, easily become un-grounded, sometimes depressed and lacking courage to face up to life. Part of the therapy was to work our which colours were lacking so that the client could redress and balance their energy by balancing all their chakras and adding any missing colours from their personal ‘energy palette’. I found it fascinating how these readings gave such an accurate personality reading. Then of course came the popular ‘aura photography’ showing up the colours surrounding our physical bodies, and denoting mood or health as well as our spiritual nature. All fascinating aspects of our true colours.

Over the decades we have learned how colours massively affect our psychology. So schools started experimenting by painting walls with certain brighter colours (like yellow) to stimulate learning, and prisons painted walls pink because it was found to give a sense of calm. Many healers and therapists were choosing shades of the soothing and healing colours of violet or light green. Rooms painted bright red have been found to over-stimulate, leading to higher levels of aggression, and in some cases can even bring on a migraine type of headache in some people.

Whether or not, like me, you’re also dedicated to working with the vibrant Divine energy of angels (which incidentally manifests to most people as forms of coloured light),  just like other sensitive beings you probably love the sunshine, rainbows, the full moon and stars, cosy lamps or twinkling lights, and may find that you also need to be wherever the light is shining (you prefer rooms with lots of natural light, big windows and can’t bear ‘dingy’ or badly lit spaces). Lightworkers particularly need to be bathed in Light … and colour!

I’m concerned but intrigued by how this spreading of grey will affect us all. Grey holds anxiety, it holds no inspiration, no joy, no excitement. It holds the colour of a dull cloudy damp day, of fog, of mirky water. Is this reflecting the mood of the nation? Probably. Then let’s not allow that to happen  for the sake of fashion. There might be fifty interesting shades of grey, or even more, but please please let’s be aware of what we are doing. Please can we bring the colours back to town?

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Thanksgiving, a day of Gratitude.

Posted by on Nov 23, 2017

AngelInsight_Abundance2We human beings love a ritual don’t we? We actually need festivals and rituals, it is what brings us together, strengthens our tribal connections, feeds our community spirit and gives us our ‘social glue’. Right now all over North America, and the Caribbean, families and friends will be gathering to celebrate the great festival of ‘Thanksgiving’. A coming together of huge historic significance to celebrate and give thanks for the preceding harvest. There is a certain traditional (ritual) fare, and many would hate to deviate from it. Its the same at Christmastime too. Here in Europe we have our traditional Christmas Dinner, we like to get together with everyone for a pre-Christmas drink, (and dash about saying “let’s meet up before Christmas!”) we put up certain decorations and in many families do things a very definite way . (I always like Christmas carols playing whilst I’m decorating the tree – and I always like to add a few personal lines into my Christmas cards – that’s my ritual)

But I’m not just talking about those family gathering times of thanksgiving, Christmas, traditional religious festivals, weddings, baptisms and funerals, (of any culture or creed) but those slightly rarer gatherings and festivals which in days gone by would have perhaps been classified as pagan. Yet all of these festivals and rituals originate in gratitude and thanks giving.
For example, when I was a little girl no one ever said “Happy Solstice”, or even mentioned an ‘equinox’. Now even the weather forecasters on the media refer to ‘Solstice weekend’ as well as radio presenters including it in their dialogue. It surprises me, and I actually find it intriguing, that in an age of ‘so-called’ secularisation we have more and more ancient rituals coming back into fashion. These quarters and turns in the season held extremely deep spiritual significance to the farmers and country people and I wonder how much knowledge of that remains. It feels to me as though even without intention the majority of our society are actively seeking ways to bring a more meaningful, even spiritual and social significance into our lives at a time when diversely we spend more hours in isolation with our laptop, tablet or phone making contact via social media rather than in person.

Some of you might know that I have had the honourable pleasure of being Celebrant to three wedding ceremonies last year and all of which included the most beautiful and very romantic ancient ‘rituals’ of hand-fasting and broom leaping. As the ribbons passed over the wrists of the couples they each said beautiful words and expressed their love and gratitude for one another. As they jumped over a decorated broom together holding hands it was a ritual of promise and to some extent another act of thanksgiving as well as celebration.The guests and attendants loved it, and for almost everyone present this was an absolutely new experience. Yet it happens to be a very old tradition, some would describe as ‘pagan’ because it was a way for country people to marry without the church and has a deep, meaningful , spiritual significance.

I absolutely love the whole idea of social gatherings for significant ritualistic purposes and long may it continue. I suspect that even though many don’t know the history or significance they will continue to hold the energy of the origins, and my hope is that gratitude and thanksgiving will prevail.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Let’s just give thanks for what we have anyway, whatever our nationality!)

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Every Day Is ‘Angel’ Day

Posted by on Oct 19, 2017

AngelInsight-horiz-_0019_AngelInsight_Harmony.jpgIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed that I often call upon individual Archangels on specific days of the week.  One of the many attributes that mystics have asscoiated with the angels is that each of the seven Great Archangels has their own day of the week:

  • Sunday is a good day for taking time to focus on personal power, protection and Divine connection through meditation and prayer with Michael.
  • Monday is the day for sharpening perception and gaining wisdom from Jophiel.
  • Work with Chamuel on Tuesday to bring more tolerance and love into your daily life.
  • Gabriel on Wednesday is about direction, organisation, artistic development and clear communication.
  • Work with the powerful energies of healing, creating sacred spaces and deepening your understanding of what’s ‘true’ with Raphael on Thursday
  • Uriel encourages a sense of peace and service to others on Friday.
  • Saturday is a good time to invoke the angels for transformation, joy and freedom with Zadkiel.

Now, of course, angelic energies permeate the universe and surround us constantly. There’s nothing wrong with calling upon them at any time. But by keeping each day special as part of your regular spiritual practice, you’ll focus your attention on those seven important steps in on your continual spiritual growth and development.

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Chakras In Meditation And Healing

Posted by on Oct 13, 2017

chakrasWorking with the seven energy centres of the body, known as the “chakras”, forms part of the practices in the Seven Steps. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light” and derives from the highly trained Indian yogis that observed the chakras as spinning vortexes. It is through this energy that our life force flows, stimulating the endocrine system and helping us maintain a healthy, open balance of body, mind, spirit and soul. As a filter of subtle energies from earth and heaven, the chakras also act as conductors, and can help you become more open to receiving and transmitting Angel Light.

Growing Strong Roots
Archangel Gabriel is mainly associated with the throat chakra, the centre of communication and will. However, this angelic force is also closely linked to the root chakra because she “over-lights” our entry to the world at birth and working with her light enables us to become conduits of Divine energy. Our aim is therefore to create a strong, clear communication with the angels while also balancing the root chakra so that we feel safe enough to stand our ground.

This is important because in order to express your highest truth and open the “third eye” to the light, you will need to open the upper chakras. But first you need to strengthen the lower chakras (starting from the root and working upward) or you may feel off balance or floaty. Ways to ground yourself include meditating on the root chakra, walking in nature or feeling the earth beneath your feet.

In Seven Steps Into Angel Light, I offer several exercises connected with the Chakras. I’d like to share this ‘balancing’ exercise with you:

  • Sit comfortably, phone off, eyes closed, back straight.
  • Breathe deeply in and take the breath right down into your lower abdomen. Imagine you are strolling through a sunlit meadow filled with glorious red poppies bobbing cheerfully in the warm breeze.
  • You sit and peel an orange, enjoying the sweet juice as it quenches your thirst, under the gaze of the bright yellow sun above your head.
  • Continue through the meadow towards a clump of deep green trees where the air is cooler and you feel calm and serene.
  • There you find a stream trickling over pebbles which leads you to a lovely pool, turquoise in the twinkling sunlight teasing through the tree tops casting indigo shadows on the mossy banks.
  • Here you find clumps of the sweetest little purple violets, hiding their beauty from the world.
  • Sit for a moment, opening your balanced chakras to the angels, feeling their presence and basking in their light.


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