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So close and yet so far away…

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016

IMG_2289Do you ever have emotions or visions which you know most certainly have a connection with a past life? In my role as a celebrant and trustee within a group called the New Essenes I felt honoured and very privileged to be invited to take part on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The pilgrims were all interested in the Essenes, believing themselves to have been around in Israel at the time of the Essenes, between 2-4000 years ago or beyond. We were all interested in what the group leader referred to as the Crystalline energy of these sacred lands. Meeting up with so many (92) people, from all over the world, many of whom had clear ‘memories’ of an Essene connection was extraordinary. So, with high energy, huge excitement, (and high expectations for some) a great deal of knowledge and experience amongst us, we arrived in Tyberius on the banks of Galilee for the first of many adventures.

We embarked for our sail across the Sea of Galilee (which as you probably know is actually a lake) on Thursday the 1st of May. The Captain stalled the engine and I briefly shared with the group that I found the synchronicity of it being Thursday, very important to the Essenes, and their communion with the Angel of Water, very profound. Certainly orchestrated by our celestial friends as a day of deep healing for us all. Because many of the group were healers I felt that we were being called together for some higher purpose.  The water on the lake was calm and we all stood in silent meditation, then, led by one of the group, and from within this living crystal bowl so high above sea level in the centre of the Holy Land, we sent deep spiritual healing from our hearts to one another, and to all corners of the world.

As the little boat continued our journey across the water I caught sight of a cluster of buildings and a village came into view on the far bank of the lake. My heart felt as though it would burst and tears began to flow. I felt overwhelmed by emotion, yet I had no idea why. Someone asked me if I was ok as I was noticeably trembling. I have experienced similar, and often related to a past life or an angelic presence.  I had no idea where we were other than on the Sea of Galilee in a tour boat, and although energies were high among the party of Pilgrims we were all very quiet and I couldn’t quite work out my sudden overwhelming emotional reaction. Then the guide announced that the village we were passing and could see in the distance was Magdala, the birth place of Mary Magdalene. Oh my word, my heart almost jumped from my body! I felt in every cell of my body that I have a connection to this place. As we sailed past I could feel my body sobbing. It was as if I yearned to ‘go home’ yet I have never been there in this lifetime. As I turned and looked around the group many of them were also in tears. How strange, yet not at all. In that moment I was determined to return.

IMG_2292This is not the first time I have had a strong emotional reaction, extreme and beyond my control, in relation to Mary Magdalene. I have my own ‘inner’ explanation, and have been given several interpretations by mediums, as I’m sure you can imagine, but am curious to explore the feeling further. You can be sure that I have included Magdala on our tour schedule for the Spiritual Pilgrimage in Spring 2016.

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A Special Moment

Posted by on May 15, 2014

My trip to the Holy Land blessed me with so many amazing experiences that I could probably carry on with stories for weeks!

IMG_2292I already shared with you the wonder of sailing into the centre of the Sea of Galilee, switching off the engines and meditating, chanting and then sending healing to mind, body and spirit of all. What I didn’t tell you about was the sheer overwhelming sense of love and emotion when I set eyes on the village of Magda, the home and birth place of Mary Magdalene.  I’m not going to pretend that I had any special message there, but if I tell you that I felt such a strong excitement and sense of ‘home’ and that I was reluctant to leave the area you may understand how I might have felt. Many of you will have a similar sense of recognition on your travels to certain areas in the world.

I’d like to share a little story that relates to my trip but has its roots in the beginning of my re-awakening.

When my son was a small boy, in the mid nineteen eighties, he was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. His dad had the habit of listening to the radio as he drove around London and heard about the benefits of  complimentary therapies. Over the next couple of years I took him to many various therapists and found a brilliant Acupuncterist and Chinese herbalist who specialised in children’s illness. One day, during a very stressful time, we arrived for his session and Robin, the therapist was shocked by my state of health. He insisted that Daniel should play with the toys in the ante-room while I had acupuncture myself. I was told that every system in my body was near collapse, my nervous system, adrenals, liver and heart were all over stressed and he literally covered me in his fine needles. Then he left me to rest a while with the strict instructions not to move! As he closed the door I gently shut my eyes to try and relax but was suddenly aware of being watched. I opened my eyes to find a huge eye looking at me. Wherever I looked it was there staring right at me. If I closed my eyes and opened them, the eye was still there. It was huge, it was looking at me with a gentle but piercing stare. It unnerved me. Then I closed my eyes and opened them again to see if it was still there. The room had filled with eyes. Pairs of eyes in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Robin walked back in and was unimpressed by my description and excitement. I guessed he thought I’d actually flipped! I was puzzled and sought some answers, even from the vicar of my local church. To no avail.  Until I spoke to my own dad who laughed and said that this was the eye of God, and that I was being looked at very closely… and that I was to understand that I was being observed by the all seeing eye.

WIMG_2379hy am I telling this story now? Because in the church of the transfiguration on mount Nebo in the Holy Lands…. I found the eye again! I walked around the church, enjoying the energy there and feeling a strong sense of the sacred. As there was a communion service being held in the lower body of the church I moved to the side of the alter where I found this painted on the ceiling. Two angels…. and the eye!

I felt compelled to kneel down straight away and took a deep breath. In my head I began to say the Lord’s prayer. At the very same moment the congregation who had been taking communion did exactly the same. A very special moment, for someone who is always seeking answers and signs. What a sign!



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‘Join me’ on my birthday in Carcassonne

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014


This coming weekend I’m being ‘whisked off’ to Carcassonne as a special birthday treat. I am really looking forward to it. (My lovely husband booked it for us because I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, a historical novel, called The Labyrinth written by Kate Mosse, 2005, Orion books).

This is the first of a trilogy which swings back and forth between a modern archeological dig, and the early thirteenth century. Like many people I am interested in my past life connections and I love to allow my imagination the freedom to roam between ages. Having a very vivid imagination helps, and I can easily sit happily in either age. The book is about a young woman named Alice in modern times and Alais in the twelfth century and tells of the savage crusade against the religious group called Cathars, and becomes a very exciting and engaging read.

I have a great interest in the Gnostics and Cathars, and ‘know’ I have walked ‘the Labyrinth’ many times. One of the beliefs of the Cathars, was that human beings are angels, beautiful divine spirits trapped in a material body, created by the devil, and that only by pure living and many reincarnations can they be free. Another belief was the equality of men and women spiritually. They saw Mary Magdalene as one of the most important founding members of the Christian sect following the crucifixion, and interestingly many churches – including the church in my own village – are indeed named after her.

I have had many long conversations and read lots of research into the ‘marriage’ of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I had considered the idea but had little knowledge of any great depth until I was invited to take part in a conference called “The Divine Feminine“. I was speaking about the balance between the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father, and their angels, within the teachings of the Essenes. The conference took place in London and Dublin where I listened avidly to the key note speaker, a wonderful author – who was impressively spiritual and academic – called Margaret Starbird. Some of you will already have heard of or read her seminal book called ‘The Woman with the Alabaster Jar’, in which she sets out to prove that there is more evidence in the New Testament of the Bible that Jesus and Mary (Magdalene) were man and wife, than there is to prove they were not.

I was equally fascinated when I met a lovely young woman at an Essene gathering who channelled the energy of Mary Magdalene, and who recognised me as a close friend whilst in trance! I have always held trance and channelling lightly, having had experience yet knowing only a little about it in the past,  whilst remaining open to the possibilities. Whilst channelling can be enormously inspiring – and I do know that I am often ‘in-spired’ by energies greater than me when I’m speaking publicly – I am very aware that all of us, even the very best of us, can have an agenda… and we all have an ego, which can if un-checked, run away with us. Yet I was intrigued. I have always known that I was there…. 2000 years ago…. but was I in the inner circle of Mary’s friends? Hm…. .

Now I shall have the opportunity to find out more about the Cathars and their beliefs, and how the energy of Carcassonne feels now…. One thing is for certain, there is a lot of healing work to be done. Many have been there and added their healing energy to the place. Now it is my turn to share some healing Light too. Even thinking about it in advance I can feel healing energy in my body building.

AngelInsight_Healing2My intention is to act as a channel for the Light by inviting the healing energies of the angels to flow through me and using me as a vessel bringing down and embodying their healing energy of Christ consciousness – anchoring it  in order to release the pain –  within Carcassonne. Since 1209, when 20,000 innocents, healers, herbalists and devout Cathars were slaughtered as ‘Pagans’ -in this one area – because they would not conform to the  rulership of Catholicism, like many other places in the world the earth has carried that pain in it’s own memory.

If you get the chance, and have the inclination, perhaps you would like to join me at midday on Saturday 29th March – in your prayers and thoughts – as I walk the same streets . Together we can add Light and healing. I shall write again to let you all know how I feel afterwards…..

What a privilege …. Thank you…. I shall be sharing my birthday in the company of angels!

Top photo reproduced under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation licence. “Panorama de la Cité de Carcassonne vu depuis le Pont-Neuf”, courtesy of Jondu11.

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