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The Dignity of Women

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017

womens_atrium_01In my work I hear countless complaints from people who believe they are being dealt a tough hand, as I’m sure you do too. I hear tales of how unfair or unjust life has been, and that all their problems have causes beyond their control. Yet actually, it isn’t true, is it? There’s been so much written and taught about ‘mind over matter’ for thousands of years and even science is coming round to proving that it is our thoughts, the mind itself, that is the culprit. If we have negative, or unhappy thoughts, we become unbalanced. And when the mind, body, and spirit are not in balance we become sick.

It’s not that difficult to work it out that we need to believe we can change. We just have to have faith in god, or the angels, or the therapist and then change our thinking.  It is we, ourselves, who are unfair. We are asking for healing, then not believing it to be possible. Perhaps we want to believe it, but after all there are mitigating circumstances why it is unlikely – aren’t there?  Nope. Only the story we tell ourselves. We can all seek a miracle worker – but actually I do believe we heal ourselves when pointed in the right direction. We can heal. If we believe we can. There’s nothing new in this it is as ancient as the hills. I love it when someone heals because they know they will, and occasionally I’ll witness a ‘miracle’ or two as well. But always, without fail, from someone who has absolute faith in their recovery. Let me tell you a story…

boat_chapelIn the atrium of the new church in Magdala there are eight pillars. Seven are dedicated to the women followers and supporters of Jesus’ ministry, and the eighth is to all women of faith, of all religions. The pulpit of the beautiful church is a replica of one of the ancient fishing boats, and the backdrop a wall of glass – with a view of the Sea of Galilee behind it. Sitting there is stunning. It is impossible for most people to speak. Yet this is not the most powerful place inside the building which – in this birthplace of Mary Magdalene – has been dedicated to the dignity of women.

Ancient-Chapel-Feb-21-2014Downstairs in the basement is my favourite of all places on this trip. I grow excited with childlike nervousness as I approach, knowing how it makes me feel when I go in. The floor is actually part of the original stone of the first century marketplace of Magdala. (We now know it was a thriving port where local fishermen would gather and process their catch for export to Rome). A powerful energy presents itself as soon as we walk down the stairs. We all feel it.

And as I take my group into the Encounter chapel, one of the most mystically emotive spaces I have ever witnessed, we are all intuitively prompted to sit around the edges of the room, where stones have been placed to replicate the original Magdala synagogue. As we take in the colours and detail of a large fresco, a breathtakingly beautiful mural of the feet of Jesus and his disciples which fills the entire wall, it is difficult to know which aspect is more powerful: the sense of history of the stones beneath our feet, the reverence of being in such a sacred space, or the emotion depicted by the intricate detail in the mural. Reaching across the picture is the arm of the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years, and who believed that Jesus could heal her. As her fingers touched the threads of his robe he felt her presence. She was immediately healed. Cured because she knew she would be.

We sat in meditation with each of us empathically feeling the immense pain of all the suffering in the world.  Then standing in a circle, we held hands and prayed for all those women throughout the world who are suffering emotionally, spiritually, mentally or physically. Then we particularly prayed for the families of those affected by the terrorist attack in London which happened whilst we were away. We called for healing for all our own loved ones, and for all those friends and colleagues, and for any specific areas throughout the world, each of us saying names out loud into the circle. We sent the Light into the ether and sent a kiss around the circle.

As we left the chapel I was touched by how a group had respectfully waited outside until we completely our meditation and prayer. I honestly thought we were the last group to go in, and was surprised to see them waiting. As we left the room they thanked us, just for being there. Wow!

We were all moved by the whole Magdala experience and several of us felt the incredibly strong past life connections. (Last year I got the sense that one of our group would receive healing from severe grief, and she most certainly felt so much better after sitting in that space). After sailing across the Lake and sending out world peace from the centre as the Captain raised the British flag to half mast following the morning’s news of an attack in London it had been a very emotional day! Some have since described it as their personal highlight of the pilgrimage. It is certainly one of mine.

[Just in case you are unfamiliar with the New Testament story of the ‘encounter with the woman with the issue of blood’ here it is:

When Jesus had again crossed over by boat to the other side of the lake, a large crowd gathered around him while he was by the lake and a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, because she thought, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.”Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.

At once Jesus realised that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and asked: “Who touched my clothes?

“You see the people crowding against you,”  his disciples answered, “and yet you can ask, ‘Who touched me?”

But Jesus kept looking around to see who had done it. Then the woman knowing what had happened to her, came and fell at his feet and, trembling with fear, told him her truth. He said to her “Daughter your faith has healed you. go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” Mark 5: 25-34 NIV]



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My Easter Wish for You

Posted by on Apr 14, 2017

AngelInsight_Unity2I’m sitting and wondering what would be an appropriate message of hope, love and healing.

I bet like me and many other ‘empaths’ and sensitive types you are feeling lots of strange energies right now – this week. You’d be right in thinking something is going on – way more than we can possibly image.

As well as Mercury in retrograde, giving us all the opportunity for a pause for reflection, and Venus (who has been retrograde) coming back into focus, and a full moon to boot, this all coincides with a period of the most powerful spiritual  significance. Passover in the Jewish calendar, and Easter to all Christians.

Whatever our faith background we can all reflect, recollect and refocus our thoughts with gratitude and grace, and celebrate re-birth and renewal together.

Let me share my Angel Prayer with you now, and invite you to take a moment sometime over the Easter weekend to take a few moments to connect to the angelic realms and ask for balance and renewal in all our lives.

Angel Prayer

In the name of “I am that I am” we detach and let go of all energy in truth that is not ours.

We call back to ourselves all energy in truth that is ours and we ask that as it comes back to us it may be dissolved in the Love and the Light.

We call to the seven archangels and their Legions of Light,

We call to beloved archangel Zadkiel and the angels of Joy. 

To Archangel Gabriel and the angels of Wisdom,

To Archangel Michael and the angels of Protection,

To archangel Jophiel and the angels of Illumination,

To Archangel Raphael and the angels of Healing,

To archangel Uriel and the angels of Peace

and we call to archangel Chamuel and the angels of Love.

With gratitude in our hearts we ask you to enter our earthly affairs and bring to us your wonderful heavenly qualities. Give us please the freedom from fear and self-doubt, that we may find in our minds your wisdom and illumination, understanding, inspiration, creativity, knowledge and clearness of sight.

Help us to fully appreciate and enjoy the qualities of giving and receiving unconditional Love, to feel compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.

Show us how to dissolve the feelings of selfishness, self-condemnation and low self-esteem.

Give us the guidance we need to create inner peace and tranquillity in our hearts and minds, with a truly spiritual balance in our humanness.

We ask that with the Love and guidance of God, the Source of all life, and the help of the angels, we will grow to reach the understanding of true Christ consciousness.

As we ask, with honest intent, so it may be so.

For those of us who were brought up with the Easter story we may have an understanding of the magnitude of the sacrifice of Jesus. Not everyone holds to the same story of the final days, but whatever our knowledge or beliefs the fact remains that the Easter Story is one of mixed emotions, of great sadness yet joy, of resurrection and hope.

For many others Easter is simply a 4 day break, a Bank Holiday.

But whatever we choose to do this weekend let’s just be aware of the enormity of the synchronicities at play within our cosmos. We have major planets like Mercury and Venus in retrograde (standing still) right now. We have world politicians making strange and dangerous statements of intent. And we have Jewish Passover and Easter, the most important festival in the Christian calendar.

Our world is as tumultuous now as it was when Jesus carried out his ministry, bringing His message of love, tempered with hope. His message was a simple one: love one another, because despite all our human weaknesses, we are equally loved by the Divine forces we call God, or Allah, or Angels, or Spirit.

Easter may be a Christian festival but it is one of unity of all people. Whatever your personal faith or beliefs, I invite you to join me, over this weekend, to reflect upon the small, but significant part each of us plays in bringing love and unity to our world.

Have a wonderful Easter and may the blessings of love, peace, and hope surround you in abundance.

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Messages in the Stars

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015

Over two thousand years ago a new star appeared in the sky in the east. It was a sign of a great new beginning and was seen by Magi. Persian wise men were masters of astronomy and astrology  in those ancient times. They worked out the significance of the brightest star in the heavens, and decided to investigate. The rest is history as they say.

Astrologers are not the only ones who see messages in the stars. How many of us have caught sight of a shooting star and decided it was a good omen? Or made a wish, or at the very least allowed it to lift our spirits? (I admit to all of those things).

AngelInsight-landscape-GrowthMy father, Fred, often shared with me this story of one of his first mystical experiences from when he was in his early teens. He had been camping and as the evening was warm and dry he slept on the outside of his little one-man tent. As the stars appeared he lay on the grass and gazed up into the night sky. He could see the Milky Way clearly in the velvet black night and was already familiar with the constellations. Being keen on mathematics, physics and astronomy he had already become familiar and learned to decipher and understand the patterns and laws of the universe emerging through his studies. He always had a fascination with the mystery of creation.

As Fred meditated on the wonders of the world, and stared into the night sky, he was filled with awe as the stars slowly began to move together and form a large, bright shape in the sky above him. To his absolute amazement and wonder the stars had all come together in the sky above his head to make a picture. It was the face of Christ. That vision stayed with him for ever. Although Fred hadn’t quite worked out how and why, he knew , even in his youth, that this was hugely significant, but kept it as a secret for many years. He grew closer and closer over the years to the mystical teachings of Jesus (Jeshua) eventually becoming a mystic himself, and a powerful healer.

This morning at 04.45 I looked out of the sky-light and straight into the most beautiful clear sky. “Come and talk to me”, said God. “The world is yours and all those who share it. Just as you love your family, I love you. For every star there is a soul shining. As you look up into the night sky, I look at all of you – as you are filled with awe and wonder, so am I. Where you see light shining in the darkness, I see the same.”

It truly is a beautiful world. Shine on all you beautiful stars!

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Greetings From The Holy Land

Posted by on May 5, 2014

Greetings from Tiberius,

MountBeatitude_300This week’s post opens like a message from the Roman Empire! I’m writing to you from my lap as we leave the town of Tiberius on the banks of the lake called the Sea of Galilee. Those of you who have been to the Holy Land will be able to understand me when I tell you this has been one of the most powerful and special places I have ever travelled to.

Firstly let me introduce the group. There are ninety two people from all over the world. There are beautiful souls joined together from the four corners including the South Americas, USA, Britain, Ireland, and all over Europe. Many of the group have travelled with the organiser James Tyberon (Tyb) many times to Sacred sites all over the world. For me it’s the first time I’ve travelled with him as a leader, although I have enjoyed listening to his channellings from the Archangel Metatron from his website (Earth Keepers). I have to say he is a great leader, and creates a very safe and magical group energy – even with such a huge number.

On arrival in Jerusalem we enjoyed the cultural differences and the evidence of one of the most powerfully historic religious practices of the world. I’m really looking forward to the three days of exploring this ancient city at the end of our trip.

On our first day we went to Nazareth, where the family of Jesus lived. We felt the strong presence of the ‘Essene’ energy here, and especially in the church built over the cave-house said to be his original family home. Yes it’s true, the villages were mostly built around cave centres and small houses were all carved or built from the hillside stone. Here my husband Brian and I were so moved by a group of Ethiopian Gnostic Christians who were praying together and singing in such beautiful harmony, it brought us both to tears. I thanked one of these beautiful ladies in her white head dress… and she kissed me, which brought more tears to my eyes!

Yesterday we were all taken on a boat to the centre of the Lake. For those of us who have loved the Bible stories of Jesus walking the banks of Galilee, choosing his Disciples, calming the storms, and walking on the water, you will understand the powerful emotions this brought to this whole group of spiritual seekers. The boat stopped and the captain cut the engines. Tyb explained the significance of the topography and power of the energy of the lake within the valley and then we held a meditation including sending three powerful ‘Aum’ chants for peace to the world. It was a truly amazing experience to treasure for ever.

Today we pass into Jordan for our visit to Petra, then on to the Dead Sea to bathe in the salts there and refresh our bodies. I will write more in my blog about the Dead Sea, but in the meantime I leave you with one of my photos (I’ll post more on Facebook and my blog over the coming days) and hope that you will feel the blessings I continue to send you from this ancient and sacred land.

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