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Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015

chrissie_holylandsHosting a pilgrimage tour of the Holy Land has long been on my spiritual wish list. Well I’m delighted to say that it is now definitely happening. We are planning a carefully designed itinerary based on my own experiences during my visit there in 2014 combined with the expertise of Maranatha – a professional, ATOL protected agent who specialise in spiritual tours of this kind.

The tour will run from 3rd to 14th May 2016 and we’ll be travelling through Jordan and Israel, staying in comfortable, family-run hotels with many years experience of welcoming pilgrims. There will be group meditations at the sacred sites where the mystical communities gathered, as well as the important historical sites at Mount Carmel, Nazareth, Galilee, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Magdala, Qumran, Caperneum, Petra, and the Dead Sea. We’ll connect to the ancient teachings and energies of the Angels and the Essenes in Qumran (the site of the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls), with some sailing and meditating on the Sea of Galilee, experiencing intense personal healing of body mind and spirit in the minerals of the ‘Living’ Dead Sea. Naturally I’m excited about visits to Bethlehem and Magdala where we’ll be connecting to the energies of both Jesus (Jeshua) and Mary Magdalene.

I’d like to share with you again my own experience of visiting the region back in 2014, when I posted these two articles:

Our group won’t be anywhere near as big – I hope to keep it smaller and more initimate. Plus I am carefully crafting an itinerary which I hope will offer a more ‘balanced’ tour of the region, with time to meditate, explore and relax en route.

Full details will be published over the next few days, and there are still some weeks of detailed planning to do, but places will be limited and I know of many students who have expressed an interest.

More details of the pilgrimage, along with a downloadable booking form, will on the website shortly. In the meantime please call 01223 969858 to register your interest or to book a place, or email us at:

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Greetings From The Holy Land

Posted by on May 5, 2014

Greetings from Tiberius,

MountBeatitude_300This week’s post opens like a message from the Roman Empire! I’m writing to you from my lap as we leave the town of Tiberius on the banks of the lake called the Sea of Galilee. Those of you who have been to the Holy Land will be able to understand me when I tell you this has been one of the most powerful and special places I have ever travelled to.

Firstly let me introduce the group. There are ninety two people from all over the world. There are beautiful souls joined together from the four corners including the South Americas, USA, Britain, Ireland, and all over Europe. Many of the group have travelled with the organiser James Tyberon (Tyb) many times to Sacred sites all over the world. For me it’s the first time I’ve travelled with him as a leader, although I have enjoyed listening to his channellings from the Archangel Metatron from his website (Earth Keepers). I have to say he is a great leader, and creates a very safe and magical group energy – even with such a huge number.

On arrival in Jerusalem we enjoyed the cultural differences and the evidence of one of the most powerfully historic religious practices of the world. I’m really looking forward to the three days of exploring this ancient city at the end of our trip.

On our first day we went to Nazareth, where the family of Jesus lived. We felt the strong presence of the ‘Essene’ energy here, and especially in the church built over the cave-house said to be his original family home. Yes it’s true, the villages were mostly built around cave centres and small houses were all carved or built from the hillside stone. Here my husband Brian and I were so moved by a group of Ethiopian Gnostic Christians who were praying together and singing in such beautiful harmony, it brought us both to tears. I thanked one of these beautiful ladies in her white head dress… and she kissed me, which brought more tears to my eyes!

Yesterday we were all taken on a boat to the centre of the Lake. For those of us who have loved the Bible stories of Jesus walking the banks of Galilee, choosing his Disciples, calming the storms, and walking on the water, you will understand the powerful emotions this brought to this whole group of spiritual seekers. The boat stopped and the captain cut the engines. Tyb explained the significance of the topography and power of the energy of the lake within the valley and then we held a meditation including sending three powerful ‘Aum’ chants for peace to the world. It was a truly amazing experience to treasure for ever.

Today we pass into Jordan for our visit to Petra, then on to the Dead Sea to bathe in the salts there and refresh our bodies. I will write more in my blog about the Dead Sea, but in the meantime I leave you with one of my photos (I’ll post more on Facebook and my blog over the coming days) and hope that you will feel the blessings I continue to send you from this ancient and sacred land.

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‘Join me’ on my birthday in Carcassonne

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014


This coming weekend I’m being ‘whisked off’ to Carcassonne as a special birthday treat. I am really looking forward to it. (My lovely husband booked it for us because I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, a historical novel, called The Labyrinth written by Kate Mosse, 2005, Orion books).

This is the first of a trilogy which swings back and forth between a modern archeological dig, and the early thirteenth century. Like many people I am interested in my past life connections and I love to allow my imagination the freedom to roam between ages. Having a very vivid imagination helps, and I can easily sit happily in either age. The book is about a young woman named Alice in modern times and Alais in the twelfth century and tells of the savage crusade against the religious group called Cathars, and becomes a very exciting and engaging read.

I have a great interest in the Gnostics and Cathars, and ‘know’ I have walked ‘the Labyrinth’ many times. One of the beliefs of the Cathars, was that human beings are angels, beautiful divine spirits trapped in a material body, created by the devil, and that only by pure living and many reincarnations can they be free. Another belief was the equality of men and women spiritually. They saw Mary Magdalene as one of the most important founding members of the Christian sect following the crucifixion, and interestingly many churches – including the church in my own village – are indeed named after her.

I have had many long conversations and read lots of research into the ‘marriage’ of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I had considered the idea but had little knowledge of any great depth until I was invited to take part in a conference called “The Divine Feminine“. I was speaking about the balance between the Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father, and their angels, within the teachings of the Essenes. The conference took place in London and Dublin where I listened avidly to the key note speaker, a wonderful author – who was impressively spiritual and academic – called Margaret Starbird. Some of you will already have heard of or read her seminal book called ‘The Woman with the Alabaster Jar’, in which she sets out to prove that there is more evidence in the New Testament of the Bible that Jesus and Mary (Magdalene) were man and wife, than there is to prove they were not.

I was equally fascinated when I met a lovely young woman at an Essene gathering who channelled the energy of Mary Magdalene, and who recognised me as a close friend whilst in trance! I have always held trance and channelling lightly, having had experience yet knowing only a little about it in the past,  whilst remaining open to the possibilities. Whilst channelling can be enormously inspiring – and I do know that I am often ‘in-spired’ by energies greater than me when I’m speaking publicly – I am very aware that all of us, even the very best of us, can have an agenda… and we all have an ego, which can if un-checked, run away with us. Yet I was intrigued. I have always known that I was there…. 2000 years ago…. but was I in the inner circle of Mary’s friends? Hm…. .

Now I shall have the opportunity to find out more about the Cathars and their beliefs, and how the energy of Carcassonne feels now…. One thing is for certain, there is a lot of healing work to be done. Many have been there and added their healing energy to the place. Now it is my turn to share some healing Light too. Even thinking about it in advance I can feel healing energy in my body building.

AngelInsight_Healing2My intention is to act as a channel for the Light by inviting the healing energies of the angels to flow through me and using me as a vessel bringing down and embodying their healing energy of Christ consciousness – anchoring it  in order to release the pain –  within Carcassonne. Since 1209, when 20,000 innocents, healers, herbalists and devout Cathars were slaughtered as ‘Pagans’ -in this one area – because they would not conform to the  rulership of Catholicism, like many other places in the world the earth has carried that pain in it’s own memory.

If you get the chance, and have the inclination, perhaps you would like to join me at midday on Saturday 29th March – in your prayers and thoughts – as I walk the same streets . Together we can add Light and healing. I shall write again to let you all know how I feel afterwards…..

What a privilege …. Thank you…. I shall be sharing my birthday in the company of angels!

Top photo reproduced under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation licence. “Panorama de la Cité de Carcassonne vu depuis le Pont-Neuf”, courtesy of Jondu11.

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Nourishment For The Soul

Posted by on Dec 28, 2013

Here in the UK we are experiencing cold, wet and stormy weather, which has been causing great suffering and misery for many. At a time of celebration, reflection and renewal, many thousands of households are without power and are struggling simply to find warmth. My heart and prayers go out to all of them. At this time of year, when the days are short and the sun only appears for what seems like a few fleeting hours, I often think of summer, and especially all the magical, spiritual moments I have been blessed to enjoy over the years.

In summer or autumn each year I run my Angels Abroad retreat in West Crete. I always enjoy it. I always learn from it. I meet wonderful people some of whom are new to me and others are old friends. But the main thing about these retreats is the experience of sharing spiritual growth and healing. For the teacher or facilitator the weeks contain hours of preparation and planning, which when done successfully come across as relaxed and easy going… after all everyone is on holiday aren’t they?

People come along with different needs and expectations. For some the whole idea of a retreat, or a spiritual holiday is new. Many participants, over the years, have brought pain to be healed, disease to be addressed and issues that need releasing. In the safe space, relaxed atmosphere and expert guidance of a retreat we can look within ourselves with more clarity, more depth and hopefully more honesty.

Without exception I can honestly say that over the thirteen years I have been teaching lovely people on my Angel retreat in Crete (and sometimes twice a year) I have always deepened my own growth and understanding while supporting others along their own self discovery. After all, as I keep saying: ‘the teacher often teaches what the teacher needs to learn’!

This year was no exception and I had some amazing spiritually uplifting moments while we were visiting the sacred caves of the hermits and sacred areas in the rocks which have now been built into churches. In one beautiful modern church I was standing under the light of the stained glass window and felt a powerful presence which was overwhelming. When my friend Juliet showed me the photo she had taken we remarked on how the green light had fallen across my heart chakra and the red light towards the sacral and root. Quite a powerful healing gift I would say! Others felt something similar and many of the group either sat silently, not wanting to leave, or wandered between the icons with tears in their eyes. There was something special happening throughout the morning, which although we could not explain in words, we all felt in individual ways.

Group retreats are always different. Dynamics can change depending on the character and personality of each of the participants, but whether peaceful, challenging, demure or hilarious, each retreat is always another step towards our spiritual goal… and always, without exception, nourishment for the soul.

My 2014 Angels Abroad retreat will be in July and I sense that this will be a powerful experience and a catalyst for great change for all of us. I hope you’ll consider joining me. Full details are at the website

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