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Spring In My Step

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017

IMG_9248This week’s blog comes from one of the world’s most beautiful areas of natural beauty – the Lake District National Park. I’m here in Cumbria for a few days to hide away and enjoy all the things I love most about Springtime in the British countryside. Mother Nature displays her raw beauty in the wild coastal paths, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and bleak moorland passes, contrasting the gentleness  and delicacy in all the lanes filled with golden daffodils (as well as all the other wonderful ‘flora and fauna’ ). So many favourite sights.  One of the cutest, funniest and uplifting sights is the leaping, frolicking and tiny bleating sounds of new-born lambs in the lowlands as we drive through the valleys. I love to stop and watch them turn to look at me, as I’m  leaning over the gate to take pictures, and hear the deep call of the mother sheep in response to her babies call. This visit I’m amused by seeing some tiny lambs in ‘plastic’ raincoats. I guess it must be for the tiniest and most vulnerable. What bemuses me is that for some reason we believe sheep to be fairly stupid. Yet these ewes are totally aware of the presence of a stranger. Every mother in the field stands and stares, then slowly moves her babies out of harms way, across the pen, or the field. That protective ‘Mother’s instinct’ is demonstrated so clearly. Not so stupid.IMG_9238

Some of us believe that our Earth is a Divine feminine presence. The Mother of all life. Would she too not wish to protect and defend her creation? I’m only muting this point because if we believe, as I understand the Essenes certainly did, that Gaia is our Earthly Mother and that we are to protect and nurture her in return for all she provides … then why on earth do we treat her so badly?

There are so very many examples of lack of regard for our planet. (I don’t need to labour the point about nuclear missile testing in the Pacific ocean, and fracking). What I’m saying is that because like you I do care I think I’ll try to do one extra thing each week (or each day if possible) into showing my love for her. I’m sure everyone reading this already does everything in their power to live in an eco-friendly way because we are all trying to become more conscious, more aware of our actions.

But I pause in the misty mountains here and reflect –  I feel I could be doing more. When my children were small I would (to their embarrassment)  take a carrier-bag and collect litter as we walked to school. For some reason I have stopped doing this but now I think I’ll start again when we walk our dog. I enjoy planting tubs and pots but I’m going to put in a few extra flowers in the garden to feed the bees, and make sure I never forget to fill up the bird feeder for the garden birds. Being just a little more consciously aware of our use of electricity and water makes so much difference too. I’m trying to encourage the grandchildren to turn off the tap when they are brushing their teeth – not just because I’m on a water meter- but because it makes sense! I am shocked by a recent report that indicates less and less people are ‘bothering’ to recycle as it is simply too much trouble. Oh no! That’s so sad. What happened? (I actually enjoy my trips to the bottle bank. There is something therapeutic and strangely satisfying about the sound of breaking glass).

As I sit in my lodge in Cumbria looking about at the budding trees, watching chaffinches hopping about, listening to the crows circling as they build their nests I’m struck by a deep sense of emotion that I can’t quite name.IMG_9235

The Essenes worked with the earth energies and called them angels. They honoured and worshipped the Angel of Earth as they tilled the soil, blessed the Angel of Water in gratitude as they bathed and honoured the ‘never ending streams’ that irrigated their crops. They gave thanks as they ate in silence and honoured all work as a blessing of joy. Life must have been so very different for the Essenes of Nazareth and in the mountains of Qumran by the Dead Sea. But I’m so sure that as I look out over the vast swathes of green fields and hillsides that many of the local farmers around have a similar relationship with their animals and land.

Those of us who love and work with the angels are not just called to heal our selves and one another, we are also here to be mindful  – as a society – of the small and important ways to show our gratitude  for life …  for our work,  our planet. Have a wonderful weekend! With love.

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Chocolate, Lent & Mindfulness

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014

daffs_200Ah, here we are feeling like Spring again. I do enjoy all the glory and beauty of every season, but Spring really has to be my favourite. There is an air of expectation in the lengthening of the days, and after all the severe weather conditions most areas in the country have experienced, the bright sunshine and warmth in the air is nectar to the soul, and the daffodils do look glorious! Maybe as an ‘Aries’ person it also has more than a little to do with a childlike anticipation of birthday celebrations too. Many happy memories of childhood birthdays, now a pleasure shared with my own grandchildren.

As many of you know it’s the first week of Lent. The time of forty days and nights which Jeshua spent in ‘the wilderness’ – meditating and fasting in preparation for his great sacrifice, facing angels and demons. Many people have a ritual of ‘giving up something for Lent’ though it wasn’t ever something I understood, or indeed was encouraged to do as I grew up. I was first introduced to the idea as a student nurse when one or two of the other nurses avoided the tinned ‘Quality Street’ chocolates or biscuits donated by grateful patients. By Easter some of the girls would have lost a few pounds and express their delight in the fact. I often wondered – at that time – if somehow they were perhaps missing the point.

Then, when as a young mum taking my children to Sunday School, I was introduced to a series of Lent Meetings. I was delighted to go along and explore the meaning of it all in more depth. Over the weeks we were encouraged to reflect on something meaningful that we might do – purposefully – in our everyday life that would make a difference, and bring more peace into our life. Rather than a token sacrifice it became an act of mindfulness. So that we might gain an understanding of the spiritual idea of Lent. The period leading up to Easter became a time of reflection, meditation, consideration, intention and effectiveness. I was still left with the same thought ~ giving up chocolate, sweets or alcohol will undoubtedly improve our health, but does the same amount of personal sacrifice as simply going on a short restricted diet have a profound effect on the world around us? Maybe it does.

I’m sure we could all think of lots of things that as spiritual warriors and Light Workers are worth giving up permanently, such as greed, envy, anxiety, and that old chestnut ‘fear of the unknown’ – but we are also realistic enough to understand it takes very hard work. Maybe giving up chocolate, as a way of introducing mindful awareness, isn’t such a bad option after all!

Whether you believe in the Christian concept of Lent or not, I would like to share a few ideas – or reminders – for your own reflection and contemplation to bring you a little more peace on this lead up to Easter-time. None of this will be new to any of us, but in the overwhelming business of ‘Life’, or because we are concentrating on one particular form of spiritual practice, we may have forgotten the value of:

Body Awareness: Very often on our spiritual journey we are led by the spirit and forget that as Human Beings we have agreed to ’embody’ the Light. I invite you to close your eyes. Get in touch with your body. Become aware of all the sensations on the surface of your body: starting at the crown and moving down to the tip of your toes. Aim to connect the sensations with an awareness of the inner – the whole you. Offer love and peace to your self. Take this renewed sense of peace into your environment. Be in touch with your body at least once every day.

Acceptance: Reflect upon your level of trust in the Divine. Say YES! to everything that you find awkward or unpleasant but cannot change. Say yes to everything that is gone in the past. Say yes to whatever awaits you in the future. Acceptance brings us firmly into the ‘Now’, into our ‘Being’.

Perspective: Think of some of the things you were attached to as a child. Think of some of the fears you may have had as a small child. Allow yourself to smile at the memories of how you once felt, and how this has changed with experience and time.

Think of some of the things you are most concerned about or are attached to now. Say to yourself three times slowly, ‘This too will pass, or fade away’.

Think of some of the things you fear or dislike. Say to yourself three times: This too will pass away.

Daily Mindfulness: Take one extra minute at breakfast, driving to your destination and any other activities you can. As you do this with awareness, observe the effect it has on you. Allow yourself time to notice what you are doing. Verbalize internally what you are doing as you do it. Like a sports commentator, to yourself. Give yourself permission to have some fun with it! Create an inner smile out of every task. This will enable you to carry out one task at a time (and will assist your memory too).

Whether or not that has much to do with a time of Lent and the contemplation of Christ I don’t really know. If indeed we are all truly ONE, and if as I believe my feet did tread where Jeshua walked, then perhaps my soul is reaching into that forty days too. Ha, something else for me to think about – what a busy head!

(The above exercises have been taken from Module 7 of my Educating Heart & Soul course)

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