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Angels Never Give Up

Posted by on Nov 17, 2017

AngelInsight_Love_Chamuel_400Angels respect your right to be human.

We are all part of this fascinating creation. We are all very unique, special and loved. It would be foolish to think of ourselves as perfect, that would create an almost impossible position for us to have to live up to.

Marianne Williamson says ‘We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not in some of us; it is in everyone’. We have chosen to become human beings, to incarnate with a role to play. The angels are here to help us achieve our goals.

With prayer, meditation and an honest desire to achieve we can do the right thing, most of the time. And when we don’t? We are truly loved unconditionally, which means all the time, regardless of poor choices and our human frailties. As we liberate ourselves from the fear of failure our confidence and trust carries us forward and our presence automatically liberates others.

An angel will never give up on you, even if you have given up on yourself!

Many of us are plagued by feelings of unworthiness or low self esteem. Keep in mind that all thoughts create energy, and like attracts like. When we focus on negative thinking, we attract disappointments and disasters.

Archangel Chamuel and the angels of Love can help you overcome negative feelings if you ask. Close your eyes and send a prayer asking that angelic Love surround you. Banish negative thinking by saying, ”Be gone feelings of Anti-Love!” (three times) See yourself surrounded by bright pink light and feel instantly uplifted.

Remember also, your guardian angels are with you even when you are feeling negative. You are special to your angels no matter how you are feeling about yourself. Whenever you need reassurance, guidance, protection, and love, just call on them for help. Soon you will be shown the way to happiness again.

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Honest Authentic Love

Posted by on Sep 15, 2017

In the fifth step of the Seven Steps Into Angel Light, we work with the energy of Archangel Chamuel. Click to watch my short introduction.

archangel_chamuel_170Working with angels to develop your ability to love without question does not represent weakness.  Nor  does  it  mean  you need to adopt any sickly sweetness. Being more tolerant and accepting of others, without trying to change them, means we are developing spiritually; we are becoming more aware and in control of our own reactions. The angels are warriors of the Light; there is nothing weak or “soft” about them! Real love is strong and supportive, it is honest, authentic and means loving without the need to control others, allowing those we love to be free. Real love is nurturing without smothering, it is shining your Light and being true to your soul. Step into the beautiful rose-pink energy of Archangel Chamuel to deepen your understanding of true, universal, unconditional love and how to share loving-kindness throughout the world in harmony with the angels. Try this affirmation: “I am ready to love myself and others fully with a pure heart.

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My Easter Wish for You

Posted by on Apr 14, 2017

AngelInsight_Unity2I’m sitting and wondering what would be an appropriate message of hope, love and healing.

I bet like me and many other ‘empaths’ and sensitive types you are feeling lots of strange energies right now – this week. You’d be right in thinking something is going on – way more than we can possibly image.

As well as Mercury in retrograde, giving us all the opportunity for a pause for reflection, and Venus (who has been retrograde) coming back into focus, and a full moon to boot, this all coincides with a period of the most powerful spiritual  significance. Passover in the Jewish calendar, and Easter to all Christians.

Whatever our faith background we can all reflect, recollect and refocus our thoughts with gratitude and grace, and celebrate re-birth and renewal together.

Let me share my Angel Prayer with you now, and invite you to take a moment sometime over the Easter weekend to take a few moments to connect to the angelic realms and ask for balance and renewal in all our lives.

Angel Prayer

In the name of “I am that I am” we detach and let go of all energy in truth that is not ours.

We call back to ourselves all energy in truth that is ours and we ask that as it comes back to us it may be dissolved in the Love and the Light.

We call to the seven archangels and their Legions of Light,

We call to beloved archangel Zadkiel and the angels of Joy. 

To Archangel Gabriel and the angels of Wisdom,

To Archangel Michael and the angels of Protection,

To archangel Jophiel and the angels of Illumination,

To Archangel Raphael and the angels of Healing,

To archangel Uriel and the angels of Peace

and we call to archangel Chamuel and the angels of Love.

With gratitude in our hearts we ask you to enter our earthly affairs and bring to us your wonderful heavenly qualities. Give us please the freedom from fear and self-doubt, that we may find in our minds your wisdom and illumination, understanding, inspiration, creativity, knowledge and clearness of sight.

Help us to fully appreciate and enjoy the qualities of giving and receiving unconditional Love, to feel compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.

Show us how to dissolve the feelings of selfishness, self-condemnation and low self-esteem.

Give us the guidance we need to create inner peace and tranquillity in our hearts and minds, with a truly spiritual balance in our humanness.

We ask that with the Love and guidance of God, the Source of all life, and the help of the angels, we will grow to reach the understanding of true Christ consciousness.

As we ask, with honest intent, so it may be so.

For those of us who were brought up with the Easter story we may have an understanding of the magnitude of the sacrifice of Jesus. Not everyone holds to the same story of the final days, but whatever our knowledge or beliefs the fact remains that the Easter Story is one of mixed emotions, of great sadness yet joy, of resurrection and hope.

For many others Easter is simply a 4 day break, a Bank Holiday.

But whatever we choose to do this weekend let’s just be aware of the enormity of the synchronicities at play within our cosmos. We have major planets like Mercury and Venus in retrograde (standing still) right now. We have world politicians making strange and dangerous statements of intent. And we have Jewish Passover and Easter, the most important festival in the Christian calendar.

Our world is as tumultuous now as it was when Jesus carried out his ministry, bringing His message of love, tempered with hope. His message was a simple one: love one another, because despite all our human weaknesses, we are equally loved by the Divine forces we call God, or Allah, or Angels, or Spirit.

Easter may be a Christian festival but it is one of unity of all people. Whatever your personal faith or beliefs, I invite you to join me, over this weekend, to reflect upon the small, but significant part each of us plays in bringing love and unity to our world.

Have a wonderful Easter and may the blessings of love, peace, and hope surround you in abundance.

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Agape not Eros

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016

motivationHere we are at that time of year when all the shops are filed with hearts and many single people are cringing under the pressure of St Valentine’s Day so often put upon them because they are single. But just as there may be many lonely hearts dreaming of love there are just as many people who actually like being single. Not everyone needs to live with someone else or be ‘half’ a couple.

Love isn’t about being in couples is it? A loving relationship with someone special who returns our love in the same way is fulfilling and nourishing, but shouldn’t all our relationships be like that anyway?

So many people have written to me over the years about troubles in love. If I do card readings at a festival people come along wanting to be told they will find love soon. Yet all the spiritual teachers advise us that in order to find real love we must first learn to love our self.

‘Eros’ is the name of the love we feel for our partners and ‘agape’ is devotion. It’s the kind of love we call unconditional, or universal, it’s the love we feel for God.

My own thoughts are that as well as learning to love and accept who we are, we must also discover forgiveness to find out what love really is.

Let me remind you what has been said about love by some of the good, the great and the wise:

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
― Mother Teresa

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another” Jesus Christ (John 13:34).

“God loved us before he made us; and his love has never diminished and never shall.”
― Julian of Norwich

“Truth sees God, and wisdom contemplates God, and from these two comes a third, a holy and wonderful delight in God, who is love.”
― Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
― Mother Teresa

“There is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved.”
George Sand (1804-1876) French Romantic writer.

“Where there is love there is life.”
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
― Mother Teresa

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.”
(Romeo and Juliet, 2.2) William Shakespeare

“When Love speaks, the voice of all the gods
Makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.”
(Love’s Labour’s Lost, 4.3) William Shakespeare

Whether you relate better to Eros or Agape. Have a very loving weekend!
With my love, Chrissie

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Water, we cannot live without it.

Posted by on May 15, 2015

falling dropsAs I sit by the window under a grey sky with rain pouring to write my blog this week I’m having a little chuckle to myself. It’s Thursday and I’m thinking of the traditional communion with the Angel of Water. I was going to write about my narrow boat trip but couldn’t do that without mentioning that we were ‘plagued’ by showers. We sometimes get so annoyed or disappointed when it rains don’t we? We get cross when our favourite sport is often ‘rained-off’ and we dread so called ‘bad weather’ on our holidays and days off. It’s as if the only good weather is a warm sunny day and yet the rain is absolutely essential to life. Some of the phrases we use to describe heavy rain are interesting aren’t they? We say that its ‘teaming down’ or ‘pouring down’ as if someone is standing on the clouds with jugs of water to spitefully tip onto us. Why would we say the term ‘raining cats and dogs’ I wonder, that one doesn’t make any sense. Then there’s my granny’s favourite when she got an unexpected soaking: ‘The heaven’s opened’. The weather in all its glory has been a conversation topic that’s inspired many a joke around the world for centuries, yet it has played a vital role in rural life since history began. Now that I’ve lived out in the country for almost a decade and seen the rise and fall of the crops I can understand why. But it isn’t just the sunshine farmers look for to bring on healthy crops, it’s this all so important rain. The powerful element that nourishes, restores, bathes, soothes and heals all sentient beings, and everything we eat.The element that makes up over 70% of our human body and carries our memories and emotions within its cells. Water is sacred, and yet, do we give it the gratitude and regard it deserves?.

Many of you will have read about Dr Masui Emoto, the Japanese researcher and healer who’s photographic discovery proved that water cells react to sounds including all different types of music, and human thoughts and words (whether spoken or written) and the power of love. At one of the Essene Summer Gatherings, which I have co-organised for many years, we decided to conduct our own experiment with the vibrations of love and water. One of our members is a dowser. Not only can dowsing rods find water, but dowsing can also show us the expansion of the human aura. I was amazed, years ago, when I first saw just how powerful human thought and the energy of words had on us all as a group; but when we saw the effect of the same thoughts and words on a jug of water I was astounded. We filled a clear glass jug with water, thanked and blessed it then placed it on the table on top of one of Dr Emoto’s beautiful photographic images of a crystal of water representing “Love”. We left it there in the centre of our group meeting room during the morning meditation and healing workshop. We then took it into the room where we were holding our Essene Silent Meal. This begins with calling in the angels and a candle lighting ceremony which is very moving and sacred to the group. Afterwards we all went outside and stood in a circle, passed the jug around and gave a few mouthfuls to everyone, first asking them to focus on gratitude and love for the water as they drank and nourished their body.
Our dowsing colleague then measure the aura surrounding the group. She stepped back, and back, and back, as the rods remained wide and still. The distance between the group and the measuring rods was about thirty yards before her rods turned to show the edge of our group aura. she then tried to measure the energy surrounding the jug, but in fact it filled the room and we couldn’t find an end or boundary to it as it seemed to be filling the whole building with its energy.

Water carries our emotions, we now know it also carries memory and we hold that memory in all our cells. Now consider, the same water doesn’t leave the planet. It goes around and around our rivers like a gigantic circulatory system nourishing the Earth. Then it fills the oceans, eventually evaporating into the clouds and completing the circle by showering us with its rain. The same rain has been there since the beginning of the Earth, and as it falls and runs into the streams and rivers, it passes through each of us, throughout the whole of nature and back again, all of the world. Nurturing, bathing, quenching, soothing, cleansing, clearing, purifying, calming, powerful water. Carrying memories from the beginning of time. What an amazing thought.

Let’s remember to be grateful for every drop. It’s the element of water, it’s mystery and it’s memory that perhaps helps us to understand that we truly are all one.

Someone once told me that the raindrops were the tears of angels. As a child I automatically expected that meant tears of sadness. But if we fill the water with our love and gratitude then could not these raindrops be the angels’ tears of sheer joy?

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