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Posted by on Nov 30, 2017

AngelInsight_AscensionWhen we are born part of our soul remains behind in the heavenly place of Love’s existence . This is the ego-less, non-physical part of ourself.  The higher self is wiser and purer than our bodily form, our corporeal self, and has no material attachment. In this way it is possible to connect and ask our higher self for guidance in all aspects of our lives. When we tap into the wisdom of our higher self we can also connect with the angel within our being.

If we dwell on negativity by busily judging others, or being overly self-critical, if the mind is full of old conversations, and bad memories, how can this higher self (or the angels) possibly ‘get in’ to give us the guidance we ask for? Guide and guard your thoughts, and give the angels a chance to guide and guard YOU.

Try this exercise:

  • First imagine your favourite person, the one you hold most dear to you. Hold on to that feeling of love.
  • Now in your imagination go to your favourite place. Bring to mind the sheer joy of it, and smile.
  • Now attach those two feelings, first the love then the joy. How do you feel? Blissful isn’t it?
  • Love+Joy = Bliss.
  • Get right into the feeling and give it a name… such as ‘Angel-Bliss’ or a colour like rose pink.

Now for the rest of the day try being in full awareness of how many times you hold on to negative thoughts. Each time you think critically of either yourself or an other stop, be aware of your body, does it feel relaxed or tense? Having observed yourself immediately let go of the negative thought without judgement and think ‘Angel-Bliss’ surrounding you.

Remember also, your guardian angels are with you even when you are feeling negative. You are special to your angels no matter how you are feeling about yourself. Whenever you need reassurance, guidance, protection, and love, just call on them for help. Soon you will be shown the way to Angel-Bliss again.

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Guiding Us Towards Clarity

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017

In the second step of the Seven Steps Into Angel Light, we work with the energy of Archangel Jophiel. Click to watch my short introduction.

archangel_jophiel_170Working with Jophiel’s Light can help you release any blockages that are holding you back from bringing spiritual practices into your life. He shows us that there is beauty in everything.  And when we open our hearts and minds to fully experience this beauty, Jophiel’s light guides us toward a point of clarity and deeper understanding. You will begin to get a clearer picture of how everything in the Universe is energy. He will show you that everything is connected and interwoven like threads of a tapestry – a fabulously exciting cosmic order, a Divine co-creation – that includes you.

The Light of Archangel Jophiel brings amazing moments of clarity to help you shine a light on who you are and what you know. Use the following affirmation to help support you on your exploration: I  see, and am part of, the Golden Thread of Love in all things, running through all  beliefs, all  faiths, all  pathways leading into  the  light.

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You are never alone

Posted by on Mar 16, 2017

AngelInsight_HarmonyDo you ever get the sense of being totally overwhelmed? So much ‘stuff’ going on, so much to do, not enough time in the day … and no one else seems to be there when you need help? Maybe there are people about – it’s just that you have become so used to doing things on your own (or maybe even refusing to ask – preferring things done your own way) that it doesn’t occur to call out for help. But please remember that you are never alone. Your angels are always there and always come to your assistance. It’s just that they cannot interfere, they have to be invited in.

I know that feeling of ‘over-whelm’ very well. Especially if I’ve allowed my emotional self to get involved in the drama of other people’s journeys and issues. Even the best of us can let it happen occasionally ad especially when it is close to home!

So when this happens and I’m exhausted, or things are going array, I know I have to step back, take a breather, re-assess my priorities, and try to gain an insight into the bigger picture. I go away from the clammer, take a walk, and ask myself “exactly what is really going on here?”

What is it that really stops us from asking for help? I have a suspicion that at the heart of it is a twitching ego that whispers in our ear. Our ego could be saying any number of things, but the most common things I come across in my work (even though people don’t always realise it is actually their “ego talking” is that we might lose control, or that the job won’t be done exactly to our liking, or that someone else might get the credit at the end of our hard work. Some of us might need to soften up on these ideas a little.

Remember that old saying: “If you want a job doing properly, then do it yourself”? I was brought up on that one. It fed into my already independent free spirit and I soon learned the tiring behaviour pattern of believing that I was quite capable of doing everything I needed done myself. Of course there are problems with this attitude and I’ve learned big lessons as I grow older and wiser. Firstly, if you turn away help people can feel rejected. It may also give the impression that you are so capable you wouldn’t need any help anyway.

When we turn away help we are turning away a gift. If we do that too many times we may find we are not offered that gift again. Then we struggle on for a little longer until at last we change our attitude.
This happens on a spiritual level too. We tell the angelic realms what we need or desire in our thoughts, our daydreams, which create energy. Every request is heard. Yet when the answer is given we don’t often hear it, or its not exactly what we thought it might be, it doesn’t suit us at the time. So we ignore or reject or dismiss it.

The angels will keep on and on trying to help and guide us. Then they step back. They wait for us to ‘lighten up’ to understand what’s happening, to see the bigger picture. Once we have stepped out of the situation, and sometimes because the universe has co-created a really challenging situation where we really do have to stop and listen or re-evaluate our life path – we may ask again with a renewed sense of acceptance.

The angels answer every prayer, every request and give guidance and answers every time. We just have to learn to be quiet and listen, or to stop and notice. That offer of help you just turned down? It might just have been angelic intervention. Sometimes the angels know a little better than we do. They see the bigger picture when we can sometimes only see what’s right in front of our face.

I’ve just been having a great conversation with a very spiritual friend about the ‘heaviness’ in our world just now and how helpless and vulnerable it often makes sensitive people feel. Some of us can’t bear watching news programmes any more, or reading the papers. Some very sensitive empaths are picking up despair and painful emotions from the hearts of refugees all over the world, as well as the political issues and powerful decisions being made that impact us all. There is a lot of fear and this creates dark shadows around our world. Yet there is so much good and Light shining in the world too. So many random acts of kinds and gifts of immense generosity . And, has anyone else noticed what lovely young people so many of our current actors, artists pop-stars and musicians are? (Nothing like the egotistical often foul-mouthed, hotel trashing rock-stars of my youth!!) So things are changing, yes, and as ever has been there is light and darkness, yin and yang, good and bad in our world. As Light-workers we all know what to do, keep on the good work!

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Shifting Sands

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016

AngelInsight_HarmonyHave you ever had a dream where you were running on the spot, trying to get away from someone, or something, and try as you might your legs were like lead. Do you recall using all your strength as you tried to move your legs yet were unable to move – getting nowhere? Perhaps you’ve experienced calling out in a dream, shouting a warning yet unheard, or screaming out for help but there was no-one there? Awful aren’t they, these dreaded nightmares which we now label ‘anxiety dreams’ ?

The reason I ask is that so often we feel as if we are talking to the wind. When we feel literally ‘unheard’, we might as well be invisible. This isn’t a healthy state of mind and consequently we may be left feeling very vulnerable, insignificant and develop low self esteem. When, and if, our requests or suggestions, instructions or even demands are simply not heard by those we direct them to then perhaps its time we reviewed the way we communicate. If life mirrors our actions back to us so that we can make the necessary adjustments for growth, then isn’t this obvious? Not necessarily! Sometimes lessons are learned very slowly.

When my children were young my mother lived in Oregon, USA. I decided that before they were both too old for child fares on the transatlantic flights I ought to take them to see their grandma and experience America (or at least part of it) for themselves. We flew in to San Francisco and traveled by car north and upwards through gold-mining towns, then giant Redwoods, then along the coast of California and along to the rugged coastline of Oregon. What an adventure for a nine and eleven year old!

The reason I’m sharing this story is because at one point my mother suggested we see the shifting sand dunes and let the children see how fast the dunes travel in the high winds. As you watch with your own eyes the dunes travel along as the sand blows, completely altering the landscape as it disappears into the headlands of the Oregon coast. Having been cooped up in a small car with three adults for hours they were delighted and raced off into the sand. I watched carefully to keep my eyes on them as they ran and rolled up and down the dunes, traveling further into the distance until suddenly to my horror they were completely out of ear-shot. As I shouted and yelled out to them, all I could hear was my own voice in the wind echoing back to me. The sands certainly shift, and in no time at all they were completely out of sight and I knew it was pointless following, and running after them – they still wouldn’t hear my voice in the wind. Even though I had given them instructions not to go too far, in their excitement and needing a release of energy, they literally got carried away. Although I could hear their voices blowing back to me, they certainly couldn’t hear mine. That felt like a nightmare, a real life anxiety dream. Yet I had to remain calm, and practice my belief in trust.
I took a deep breath, prayed that they would run to a high mound and spot us standing waving at them to return to the car. My mother started to panic, but I hoped and trusted that my adventurous pair would realise just how far they had gone and turn round and come back. Which they did.

Looking back to experiences I had with my children I can easily relate it to how we are in our spiritual life. Whether it’s our Higher Self, or God and the angels we pray to, we make a request, (or demand), meditate peacefully to gain wisdom and insights, or indeed physically call for help when things go awry, and then we still rush along in our own ‘little world’ forgetting any words of wisdom or guidance we may have received. Can you imagine our magnificent, patient and loving angels watching as we go rushing off course, headlong and oblivious of the danger? Remember the phrase: “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” ? Hm, makes you think – doesn’t it?

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Strengthen Your Intuition

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014

I write this as I set off on another weekend of adventure. I’m working in Belfast. I shall no doubt be meeting up with lots of lovely friends, old and new, and as I have been traveling to Belfast for several years it is becoming very familiar to me now. So why do I call it a ‘weekend of adventure’? Well, because that is the nature of my work. Every experience is wonderfully different.

Whilst I might teach well researched and practiced topics I am also open to the flow of Divine energy working through me. The participants at my workshop on Saturday are there, together, because they have been drawn to that particular connection – for whatever reason – and they will experience a shift in their own spiritual growth and connection at a level that suits them. On the Sunday at the Waterfront where I will be giving two talks I have a title and a whole plethora of information and knowledge gained from the sixteen years I have been working with the angels …but every talk is different. The process is one of inspired and guided energy that is hard to explain… but works every time! And so I have no idea ‘what will come up’ …or who I shall meet on the day. Many people from the audience have described lights next to me or behind me as I speak. I feel the presence, and although I don’t often see these ‘beings’ I know they are with me while I work. So this is my adventure, another step into the familiar yet unknown.

I find that one of the challenges brought to me by my students and in ‘one-to-one’ sessions over the phone with lovely people who are seeking guidance, is that of trying to live a life true to their spiritual impulse, and yet work or live with people who do not understand them. Folk who quite simply are ‘not on the same wave length’ …in other words they are trying to walk with one foot in either camp. The sacred and the mundane. We all have to do it. It can be very wearing at times but there are so many ways of supporting this situation. Meditation is one tried and tested way, and calling on the power of the angelic realms is another. We have to learn how to choose between those things that make us feel depleted and worn out – and those that make our heart sing! It’s all trial and error until we find the right practices for our personality type, something which really suits us.

Sometimes when we are presented with too many options we allow the mind – in our confusion of thoughts – to overpower our intuition. How many times have you had an ‘instant’ reaction and known what to do in a situation but then persuaded yourself out of it, only to regret not following your intuition in the first place?

Here’s an exercise to strengthen your intuition, deepen your angelic connection and help you to read the signs and signals being offered to you.

Meditation exercise for increasing your intuitive connection with your angels and higher self (for decision making):

  • Start by switching off your phone and finding a comfortable position
  • Breathe deeply, down into your lower abdomen. Take three or four deep breaths and with each exhalation relax your body.
  • Feel your feet on the floor and imagine that the soles of your feet are connecting with the earth sending invisible roots of energy down into the soil below grounding you, in your safe space.
  • Now take your focus up into your crown and visualise a beautiful light shining between your crown and the heavens above, connecting you with the source of all pure love and universal truth.
  • Next ‘look’ into your brow and allow your eyes to roll slightly inward and upwards as if you are looking into your third eye chakra. (This is where some traditions believe the soul to reside).
  • Imagine some of the light above your head forming a beautiful ball of light in front of your third eye, as you gently tune in to your higher self for the purpose of this exercise.
  • See the ball rise up and hover around your crown as it increases in light and energy. Allow the light to cleanse and purify any memories or old negative beliefs you may be holding onto which no longer serve you.
  • Watch in your mind’s eye as the ball moves around to the third eye, and again watch as it’s light cleanses and purifies your centre of imagination and intuition. Allow all negative or worrying thoughts to melt into the ball of light.
  • Now see the ball in front of your throat, and repeat the process, this time letting go of all energy attached to conversations from the past which you may be hanging on to.
  • As the ball of light gently drifts down to your heart call your guardian angels to come closer to you. You might ‘feel’ one or more energy approach you, just allow that sensation to deepen and increase your connection. Sit in that energy and ask that it strengthens your intuition so that with practice you will receive clear messages that you will easily understand. (These might be a word that pops in to your head, a symbol, a sound or colour, or a physical sensation).
  • Thank the angels for their presence, as always, and watch the ball float gently back to your crown, disappearing as it moves upwards into the light.
  • With your eyes returning to the third eye imagine that the area is now filling with the brightest light energy and breathe this powerful light down through the rest of your body and out through your feet into the earth.
  • When you feel ready take a few deep breaths, bring your full attention into the ‘now’ and, as you stand make sure that you feel fully grounded.

Resolve to trust your inner and angelic guidance, knowing that you are strong, and intuitive, and that the more often your practice your connection the deeper your insights will be.

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