Do you know that wonderful feeling when just about everything goes to plan (give or take the odd minor challenge)? Well that just about sums up the AngelsAbroad Spiritual Retreat to Jordan and Israel.

I’m sitting here still processing all the amazing synchronicities and life-changing experiences, which on the one hand feel almost unreal, and hard to grasp it was only last week!

My own serendipitous adventures started in Jordan, when on a visit to one of the points of interest I just ‘bumped’ into a guide I’d worked with 3 years ago. Apparently he owed me money (I’d completely forgotten) and was over the moon to be given the opportunity to pay it back. What a surprise.

On our visit to Petra one of the lovely ladies on the trip had been ill during the night and joined the group later in the day. As leader I walked back up the hill to meet her at the gate. As we walked down to join the others I looked up and saw what I thought looked like a lovely big red rose formed by the sunlight on the rock. As we looked together it morphed into Mary Magdalene holding a bowl (or could she have been holding a baby?). We were stunned at the clarity. Both of us tried separately to find it again on the way back, but it had completely disappeared. Neither of us could find the place again. Clearly, whatever the message was it was meant just for the two of us, and had she been with everyone else we would not have seen it.

Inside the temples and tombs four of us, myself Mary, Frances and Teresa, explored the sounds and echoes together. Chanting a continuous Om we stood transfixed by the beauty of the reverberating sound. (We later repeated this all embracing and very emotive experienced in the amazing acoustics of St Anne’s Church in Jerusalem where we sang Ava Maria, and Alleluia all together – and brought tears into the hearts of other tourists at the back of the church).

In one of the temples Frances and Teresa noticed a beam of light pouring in through a small hole. I quickly encouraged everyone to take a ‘Light bath’ allowing the subtleties of the energy to flow through each of us. What an amazing sensation.

My whole group were amazed how the busiest of places were cleared for us to enter, how the roads were clear, and how experts appeared just when we needed some advice (like a wonderfully inspiring Rabbi at the Kabbalah Centre in Sefad/Tzfat).

Even our guide, Joy, couldn’t believe her luck on our way out of Bethlehem. The road out of Palestine has a security gate, and can take up to a couple of hours to get through. Not for us, we had no hold ups (no queue of coaches, no security guard, no passport check and no soldier walking up and down the bus with a loaded weapon, and no traffic leaving the city). Although we laughed together at our good fortune as we drove back into Jerusalem, it gave me the opportunity to put a little visualisation and manifestation into practice and show her how to use it for herself.

I explained to Joy, and reminded everyone, that prior to our retreat we had met online during the previous weeks to meet one another and ‘Bless the journey ahead’. Together in meditation we had all visualised clear roads, timely safe travel, comfortable accommodation, great food, co-operative and friendly helpful people wherever we were to go, and that we would have a wonderful time together. It worked!

Now that I’m home, and with the decision made to develop this side of my work – sharing wonderful sacred and exciting places with spiritual people for transformation, healing and self-discovery – I’m  already planning my next retreat!

Isn’t life an amazing journey? Do take a few moments to Bless yours!

Have a wonderful weekend.

With my love and Blessings in abundance,