There really is a comparison between owning chickens and running workshops. Honestly.

What would you miss most…if you found yourself incapacitated for several weeks? One of my greatest challenges, even dare I say disappointments, sitting at home for seven weeks and counting, (apart from all the obvious) has been my inability to feed the ‘chicks’. In August we built a henhouse, Brian secured a good sized secure pen, and we took delivery of six gorgeous Bantams. I researched all the right feed and my grandchildren were happy to chose their names. This was to be a new project, and I was so enjoying getting to know the various personality traits, and language of our new residents. They are so interesting, and really lift my spirits. Just like the fabulous groups of people I am so lucky to have spent time with my many retreats and workshops over the last two decades.

Well a chicken pen might not be quite the spiritual retreat I had envisaged owning decades ago when I started my work as Angel author, spiritual educator and ‘Light -Worker’. But what ‘tickles me’ are the many similarities in running retreats and workshops, and owning chickens. go on, indulge me for a few minutes whilst I show you some of the comparisons.

First of all, before taking them on I had to research, and learn how to meet all their expectations. It’s essential to make certain they are warm, happy and fed with a high quality variety of organic nourishment to maintain a high level of healthy outcomes and meet expectations. My priority is always the health and wellbeing of my flock. And, these girls chat amongst themselves loudly when left to their own devices, and may wander off track if not well organised !

What do we need?

  • Enthusiasm, research and knowledge of the subject
  • Suitable safe and comfortable venue that suits the needs of the group
  • A safe group space, with spacious, natural and pleasing surroundings
  • Easy access with comfortable accommodation
  • High quality, multi-level nourishment
  • entertaining stimulation
  • A willing assistant to help out
  • Like-minded group of participants, dare I say ‘birds of a feather’

I’m so lucky to have a garden with enough space to house my chickens… and also to have found super places for my retreats. I enjoy my Bantams, but I love my groups. Some people ask me why I go back year after year to the same place in Crete. Why? Because it ticks all the boxes, and with so many returning year after year I am not the only one to think so.

On my Angels Abroad Crete Retreat people join me for the combination of workshops and holiday, with like minded people, having a healing and personal transformational experience in a sunny and friendly space with mountains and ocean. A fabulous combination.

When we fly to Jordan and Israel together on a spiritual journey into the ancient world of the ‘Holy Lands’ the emphasis is on experience. Together we ‘feel’ the energies of desert, temple and sea. the feedback from these ‘pilgrimages’ is extra-ordinary. With phrases like: ‘once in a life-time’, ‘life-changing’ and ‘phenomenal’ coming up time after time.

Next year I’m venturing to one of the most ancient civilisations of our world. I shall be leading a group to Egypt, and I am SO excited. I’ve reserved 10 cabins on a small but wonderful cruise ship. I can’t wait to sample all the delights of the Nile with like-minded souls. Can you imagine the energies as we meditate together, and share experiences on multi-dimensional levels, on some of the oldest sacred places in history. Now, after decades of being blocked, it is now possible to sail from Aswan to Cairo. We’ll be experiencing the Nile in all its glory from dawn til dusk, and visiting, the spectacular wonders of the ancient Egyptian world on our way.

Being on this sofa for so long (and not over yet) has been a very strange experience, for many reasons. It has been full of surprises. Particularly surprising is getting to know things about myself that I wouldn’t have discovered had I not had hours and hours to do nothing!

I don’t recommend breaking an ankle to find the space to get to know yourself. But I can recommend spending lots more time in daily meditation and contemplation. It really is good for your soul, mind and body. You may well have some extra-ordinary realisations too. What multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, wonderfully complicated creatures we truly are!

[If you would like any information about any of the upcoming retreats for 2020/21 do take a look at my website or drop me a line].