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An Angel’s Touch

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015

AngelInsight_Discovery2Angels respect your right to be human.

We are all part of this fascinating creation. We are all very unique, special and loved. Though it would be foolish to think of ourselves as perfect, that would create an almost impossible position for us to have to live up to.

Marianne Williamson says ‘we are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not in some of us; it is in everyone’. We have chosen to become human beings, to incarnate with a role to play. The angels are here to help us achieve our goals. With prayer, meditation and an honest desire to achieve we can do the right thing, most of the time. And when we don’t? We are truly loved unconditionally, which means all the time, regardless of poor choices and our human frailties. As we liberate ourselves from the fear of failure our confidence and trust carries us forward and our presence automatically liberates others.

When an angel has touched you… you will never quite be the same again.

In my personal mentoring sessions with students and at the regular workshops I run around the world, people ask what they should be looking for, what do angels really look like, and whether figures surrounded by bright light, or blessed with wings, are really figments of the imagination.

My response is always the same. Angels present themselves in a way which is acceptable to each individual. There are no rights or wrongs. The imagination is the creative expression of everything in your mind and your heart. Every experience of this lifetime, and many others, is hidden away in your soul memory. Sometimes certain pictures and thoughts, dreams, words heard or read, can stimulate the creative aspect within our memory which then invokes pictures in our mind. Don’t worry whether it is real or imagined. Some would say nothing in life as we know it is real. When you hear the sound of an angel speak to you, or you feel the wisdom of Love touch your heart, or when you are stood in the presence of your guardian angel, whether in your dreams or reality, not only will you never forget, your life will never quite be the same.

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When Angels Point The Way

Posted by on Apr 16, 2015

When an angel points the way, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

angelwingsWe know that angels can appear in many guises. I have so often asked for guidance from the angels and then opened a book or heard a conversation that gave me the very insight I needed to help me on my way. Chance or Divine Guidance? I have experienced this so often and heard stories from dozens of others to know that when we focus on our questions, the universe has ways of sending us guidance! Sometimes we try too hard to struggle on our own believing that our strength is in our independence and that we must do it on our own. God doesn’t need you to struggle on blindly. Our growth comes with the realisation that we are NOT alone. Ask for help when you feel ready. Meditate, pray, join a spiritual group, work with a spiritual mentor or start a course. Each of us must travel on our own unique spiritual journey, but we don’t need to travel alone!

Once you open and stretch your wings, you’ll see feathers everywhere.

Try this simple exercise.

Sit and close your eyes, breathing deeply and allowing yourself to relax and let go of any stresses and anxieties held in your body.

Visualise your guardian angel standing behind you with open hands poised over your shoulders.

Imagine the warmth of loving energy coming from those healing hands.

Now visualise that your angel places an index finger on each of your vertebrae, one by one, down your spine. You have two enormous folded wings attached to your shoulder blades, unused and heavy. Feel their weight.

Now speak to your angel, and ask that the unused wings be opened for you. Feel the angel smoothing and stroking your wings and feeling they’re wonderful strength and softness. Hold out your arms and really stretch them above your head. Imagine you are stretching your wings.

Now as you fold your wings behind you imagine that the angel encases them in a beautiful divine radiance visible to all the angels of light.

Thank your angel and breathing deeply, bringing yourself back into the moment allowing yourself to hold the sensation of being an angel, feeling empowered to share love and joy in every situation.

Open your wings and be the angel that you can be.

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Clipped Wings or Set Free?

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015

How often do we seek guidance, but don’t follow it?
It is strange, (isn’t it?) how some of us follow our inner auto-pilot, repeating patterns, continuing to fall into the same traps or even making the same mistakes over and over again. What is it inside us, I wonder, that fails to notice, or even if we do simply refuses to change?
I’m sure that the majority of us don’t even realise what we are doing – let alone accept that we are on a pattern of ‘self-destruct’ yet we carry on regardless, and so often to our own detriment. Do you know what patterns you have created or set up in your life that cause unnecessary challenges and make life harder for you?
Once you call in the Universe to help you sort this out the angels will set up ways to help that may exaggerate and drawer attention to a need for change. Clues will come flying from all directions. You may notice differences in your own energy levels and certain jobs and activities you once enjoyed lose their appeal. You no longer feel enthusiastic about certain things … but do you fall into the trap of conning to do them anyway? Like pushing a a donkey backwards – uphill?
Trust me when I say this has happened to all of us at times, me too. Even though I might see the signs, and constantly be given clues I can belligerently continue onwards ‘because I can’t let anyone down’. Are you a bit like that?
Your prayers are heard. Always. Our thoughts and words do contain the same energy as everything else in creation. Our thoughts are the energy behind everything that happens in our life.
If we decide to make a change – but don’t quite know how to, and ask for help – then God will send His angels – and the Universe will interveneAngelInsight_Harmony. Not always in a way that you might have planned or expected.
Like me with my recent car accident, no-one was hurt but I have a written off my car and now am well and truly stopped in my tracks! I must either ask for help from a colleague or let the train take the strain. We will eventually be forced to make that previously difficult decision we have been putting off – because what seems like ‘fate’ to others has taken over, and events engineered by the Universe will push us into making the decision once and for all.

I do understand how hard it is. For ages and ages now, I have been saying I need to find more time to get on with writing my new book. So I’ve been asking the angels to help me re-arrange my life, to prioritise so that I am able to carry on doing what I love, whilst taking more care of my own energy levels and caring for my family too. But in my ‘Aries-like’ eagerness I have filled up my time with even more ‘stuff’ and have been ignoring all the signs! So now the Universe has stepped in and now I’ve smashed up my car and am without my independence and my wheels. Its a pretty big light-bulb moment wouldn’t you say? The angels are definitely telling me to slow down and as I always pray: “Please show me in a way that I will understand” … They have!
At first I thought my wings had been clipped – but now I can see that I have been given the opportunity for change. In fact I have been given a huge tap on the head that invites me to free up my time and become organised! How AMAZING life truly is!

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