AngelInsight_Discovery2Angels respect your right to be human.

We are all part of this fascinating creation. We are all very unique, special and loved. Though it would be foolish to think of ourselves as perfect, that would create an almost impossible position for us to have to live up to.

Marianne Williamson says ‘we are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not in some of us; it is in everyone’. We have chosen to become human beings, to incarnate with a role to play. The angels are here to help us achieve our goals. With prayer, meditation and an honest desire to achieve we can do the right thing, most of the time. And when we don’t? We are truly loved unconditionally, which means all the time, regardless of poor choices and our human frailties. As we liberate ourselves from the fear of failure our confidence and trust carries us forward and our presence automatically liberates others.

When an angel has touched you… you will never quite be the same again.

In my personal mentoring sessions with students and at the regular workshops I run around the world, people ask what they should be looking for, what do angels really look like, and whether figures surrounded by bright light, or blessed with wings, are really figments of the imagination.

My response is always the same. Angels present themselves in a way which is acceptable to each individual. There are no rights or wrongs. The imagination is the creative expression of everything in your mind and your heart. Every experience of this lifetime, and many others, is hidden away in your soul memory. Sometimes certain pictures and thoughts, dreams, words heard or read, can stimulate the creative aspect within our memory which then invokes pictures in our mind. Don’t worry whether it is real or imagined. Some would say nothing in life as we know it is real. When you hear the sound of an angel speak to you, or you feel the wisdom of Love touch your heart, or when you are stood in the presence of your guardian angel, whether in your dreams or reality, not only will you never forget, your life will never quite be the same.