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Are you a Channel of Peace?

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015

AngelInsight_Peace2Are you a channel of God’s Peace? That might sound like a pretty weighty title, but just think about it for a moment. Do people often tell you they feel better when you are around? Does your presence very often create an atmosphere of calm. Are you generous of nature, bringing a shoulder to lean on, a ready ear to listen? Do you offer distant prayers, blessings and healing to the world having felt their pain empathically from afar? Then chances are you are one of the many ‘earth-angels’ working as emissaries of Peace throughout the world. Why not make a note of some of the many ‘little’ things you do, possibly without even thinking about it, that make life a little better for those around you? One of my favoured teaching tools is a journal. I always say to participants following a surprising coincidence to write it down. We so often forget things which may prove later to have great significance.

The first time I ever attended a spiritual retreat was in the late nineteen nineties. I was unhappy, stressed, and living in East London doing a job I hated. I was invited to go to a Summer Gathering of the Essene Network in the Midlands. This was a group I had never heard of before, but I had been persuaded to attend by my mother who was flying over from America to give a talk on Sacred Sites. It was there I was first introduced, over four days, to a loving healing energy, and the celebration of the Angel Communions of the Earthly Mother and Angels of the Heavenly Father. These ancient meditative prayers were offered every morning and evening. It felt very strange to me at first, yet it was there I felt such love and acceptance that it honestly gave me the courage and inspiration which later changed my life.

The following year I joined them again and arriving early I skipped off into grounds enjoying the countryside with my little dog, Barney, feeling happy and free. I literally started skipping like Dorothy and Toto on the Yellow Brick Road, in the Wizard of Oz! I flung my arms into the air with sheer delight and called to the Universe: “Thank you Thank you. I’m back. What would you like me to do now?”. Strangely, yet clearly, as if someone had pressed a button, I heard music in my head. I began humming the vaguely familiar tune as I made my way back to the others who were arriving and greeting one another. Then the words bubbled up from my memory. I was singing aloud by the time I walked up the drive to the large house. It was a Sunday School hymn I had known years ago but which had recently been made popular by the Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, “Make me a Channel of your Peace”. Oh my goodness. A lightbulb moment. “A channel for peace… me? Ha, I know nothing about politics!” I thought. As I entered the house the first person to greet me was one of the co-founders of the organisation, and I excitedly told her of my experience.

“Well that’s marvellous dear, you can come with me and help to carry and sell our Essene books at the Peace conference in Holland next May.”

Once inside everyone was busy making tea and greeting one another with hugs. An unfamiliar woman walked into the room and announced: “Where is Christine, is there a Christine here? ” I went over and introduced myself. “I have this book for you”, she said. “Its rather annoying actually as I was half way through it when a strong urge popped into my head with the instructions to give it to you.” It was a paper-back called “The Emmisary of Light” by James Twyman. I’d never heard of him, or the book at the time. In an effort to find out more I flipped the pages from the back only to immediately open it at the Prayer of Saint Francis, Make me a channel of your Peace. Cold shivers ran down my spine from top to toe.

Just as I was recovering from the ‘spookiness’ of this coincidence a lovely lady I had met the previous year came over with a huge smile and a gift in her hand. “This will impress you even more”, she said, and handed me a home-made gift of a bookmark pressed with little flowers. It had been embroidered beautifully with the words “Lord, make me a channel of thy Peace”.

These were only some of the many synchronistic experiences that guided my journey in the beginning. It’s only when I’m writing do I remember them. How I wish I’d kept a journal. Have a fabulous time writing yours!

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Forging Forgiveness

Posted by on Dec 17, 2013

As I watch the memorial celebrations for the life of Nelson Mandela, and read the many stories about his life, I am struck again and again by the gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation that he offered everyone his life touched. I ask myself – what can we do to remember this shining example in our world?

Here is an exercise that I provide in the home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul. Many people find this very difficult and yet are always amazed at the positive outcomes it provides. I invite you to try it this weekend.

Most of us have experienced situations where we have ‘lost touch’ with someone in our lives. We used to be friends or acquaintances, perhaps even lovers, but we haven’t spoken for many months or years. This may be because of an incident that took place in which we were hurt, or it may simply be that we ‘drifted apart’.

This exercise is very simple. Write a letter or buy a beautiful card and write a short note to the person… or if you are feeling very brave pick up the telephone one day and call that person. Simply saying: ‘I know we haven’t spoken for a long time and I am not writing/calling to try to reconcile or put things back the way they used to be, but I wanted you to know that when we were friends, I enjoyed your company, respected your views and had some wonderful times. I will always remember that.’ … and if you would like to become friends again you can add ‘I’m sorry that we lost touch’ (which gives them an opening to make contact.)

Many people react to a call or letter like this in a very positive way. Often people say things like; ‘I’ve been thinking the very same thing’ ‘That’s very brave of you’ ‘It was just as much my fault and I’m so glad you called’ ‘We parted on such bad terms that I didn’t think you would ever want to speak to me again’ ‘I remember those good times too’

Even if this doesn’t immediately lead to a reconciliation, perhaps to meet up soon or talk again, you have broken the ice that was preventing either person from considering the other. And when the reaction is negative and the other person is angry or dismissive of your call, do not be upset. You have shown YOUR compassion and opened the door for a future conversation should they ever change their attitude.

Relationships are not always forever and we do sometimes have to learn to let go and cut ties. You may feel that it is not appropriate to open the channels of reconciliation as such but by sending a note in kindness and love you are offering closure and healing to wounds that may hold bitterness. Both parties, if they wish, can move on and heal.

This is an incredibly powerful exercise for healing your own doubts and fears about the past, as well as creating opportunities for forgiveness.

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Five Steps To Peace

Posted by on Dec 7, 2013

Today we celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. As he, himself, stressed frequently, the transformation of South Africa from a regime of apartheid to democracy was never the work of one man alone. Yet Mandela was the great catalyst for change. His ‘long walk to freedom’, perseverance, endless compassion and extraordinary charisma, inspired generations of people to seek and fight for change. He was a leader in its purest and most spiritual sense, by fighting not for victory over oppression but for equality and understanding between all sides. He will be remembered alongside Gandhi and Luther King as one of the great peacebuilders of history. And as we approach Christmas and the festive season, let’s take a moment to reflect on the process of peacebuilding.

AngelInsight_Peace2Peacebuilding is a process which has been adopted and widely promoted by the United Nations and other international organisations. “Peacebuilding” is different from “peacemaking” and “peacekeeping” in that it focuses on creating a long-term culture of peace, rather than solving individual conflicts.

Peacebuilding activities aim at building understanding and tolerance between individuals, communities and societies and establishing new structures of cooperation. Activities range from individual acts of kindness, to community initiatives that cross cultural, political and religious boundaries, right the way through to inter-governmental programmes between nations.

There are five steps that we can take to create peace:

Create Inner Peace & Harmony – without ‘inner’ peace within ourselves how can we possibly move towards ‘outer’ peace with others? Creating and maintaining balance and harmony in ourselves and being ‘at peace’ with ourselves is necessary through reflection, contemplation and personal forgiveness and the inner harmony that is achieved will be reflected in the actions we take in dealing with others. Create an affirmation and repeat it often, such as: “When my mind, body and soul are in harmony, I am at one with the Universe,” engaging the help of the angels of peace and harmony.

Communicate & Cooperate – no agreement can ever be achieved unless dialogue takes place. Being able to discuss issues, cooperate with others and move towards understanding is at the foundation of creating peace. Sometimes it can be difficult to enter into dialogue, especially with those who have hurt us, but it is essential to open channels of communication and to keep them open. Create an affirmation for your communication such as: “I connect with the oneness of all creation as I communicate from the heart”Working with the angels will help your communication skills by helping you to deepen your understanding of others.

Respect & Understand Others – as children we are brought up to believe in ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’. But this black and white view of the world does not exist in reality. In every person there are elements of good and bad. To create peace between people, within communities and ultimately between nations, it is necessary to respect the notion that other people can have different views and beliefs from ours and that this is OK. Mutual respect for others is not a sign of failure or capitulation, but rather a willingness to try and see the good in others and understand how they feel. It takes strength and will power to stand back and let go of the need to impose our ‘better’ ways on others. An affirmation might be: “I am at one with all my family, and with all of humanity, who are my brothers and sisters” All of us are part of the vast network of energy that connects humanity to the rest of the universe.

Be Compassionate & Forgiving – to err is to be human, and to forgive people their transgressions is one of the common tenets in every religion and faith. Forgiveness and reconciliation are, perhaps, the hardest part of creating peace, because it requires not only putting the pain and hurt to one side (ideally forgotten permanently) but often there will be the need for you to admit your own failings too. Once again, reconciliation does not mean that you have given up your own ideals, or given in to your opponent’s. It is a process where both parties agree that they will put differences aside and begin afresh the process of peacebuilding. Affirmations for these virtues could be: “I completely forgive myself and others” or “I treat everyone I meet with love and kindness”. By holding on to bitterness we are only harming ourselves as we now know that it is our thoughts that cause disease of the body.

Offer Protection & Justice – for peace to exist people need to feel safe and secure and so if you protect those in your care and offer fair and impartial judgement when there is conflict, you create an environment in which others can begin their own steps towards peace. By conducting your life in a confident manner, shining your inner light as brightly as you, can you automatically empower others to do the same. Affirmation: “I seek justice and fairness in all my dealings with others.” Archangels Zadkiel and Michael will help you with these two issues, call upon them whenever you are faced with an issue of justice and protection. Uriel, remember, will help you to strengthen your ‘back-bone’ and resolve.

These principles can be applied at every level – from creating harmony between individuals in your home or workplace, to peacebuilding across societies and nations. How can you apply these principles into a daily spiritual practice and take positive actions to create greater peace in your life?

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