If you are a teacher, parent, grandparent, or godparent, what do you most wish for, for our children, the next generation? As much as it seems an old cliché, I really do wish, with all my heart, that humanity could live in peace.

Almost twenty years ago I went along to the World Peace, Inner Peace conference in Holland. I attended many world-class workshops and talks from inspiring spiritual leaders and religious elders from around the world, and the message everyone heard loud and clear was that without peace in our inner worlds, there will never be peace in the outer world. Our micro-cosmic turmoil is reflected by us all out into the bigger picture. Because energy follows thought. And words are things.

At first when I took part in a Hopi ‘peace-fire’ circle, and workshop sessions with people who are now world famous,  I felt that the whole conference pushed me way beyond my comfort zone. Yet little did I know that many of the people there would become my friends later on in my personal and work life. Teachers who would influence my own journey and empower me to become a peace-worker in my own way.

We can all work for peace. We can all be ‘spiritual warriors’, ‘Light-workers’ or ‘Earth-angels’. This is my aim in working through the Seven Step programme with the powerful energies of the great Seven Archangels. To empower and inspire everyone to work at their own level and do their bit, in whatever way they can.

All the angels and Archangels bring enlightenment, transformation and and empowerment but for me its Archangel Uriel who enables us to gain serenity and inner peace. The quality we need to avoid confrontation and disharmony in our own lives. This when perfected reflects onwards through our thoughts, actions and words into the outer world..

Inner peace for your own heart and soul and peace within the family or even planetary peace can be requested from Archangel Uriel. Ask him to enable you to become a channel for God’s peace if you feel this may be part of your soul’s purpose. You might not. Your soul journey or way of serving the world, may be different. All are worthwhile, even if we don’t understand what it is we are doing.

Uriel and the angels of Peace will work with us and through us if we allow our self to be used as channels for God’s Peace. Through the many challenges in life we often become weary, confused and exhausted by the pain we inflict upon ourselves emotionally, through mental turmoil. Our despair or even physical torment of illness is often brought about by our own inability to connect with the Divine forces of healing and forgiveness which is always available to us. I believe this is the most difficult of human lessons. To be at peace internally when all about you are seemingly contriving to create chaos and stress is nigh on impossible at times! It may even be one of the greatest tests.

We are told that we only have to ask. To ‘knock and the door will be opened’. But how to put this in to practice in real terms is often a huge challenge, a test of faith, and patience.

One of the ways we can open our hearts to become at Peace and therefore at liberty to assist others, is simply to call to the great archangel Uriel and the angels of Peace, really from the heart, with true ardency and purity of intent.

Archangel Uriel, and the Angels of Peace, I am ready to be at peace in my heart, my body, my mind and my soul. Please show me ways that I may release all inner turmoil and be at peace within. Then may I serve with the angels as a channel of God’s peace here on Earth.’

Do this and set your intention to release all feelings of anxiety you hold towards yourself and others, connect with, acknowledge and release old wounds and memories of any painful experiences of the past. They are unwanted in the role of ‘peace-maker’.

Shalom – May the Peace of the Angels be with you.