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What does Heaven look like?

Posted by on Mar 9, 2017

IMG_7208Watching children play is such fun. Have you ever watched a little one play on his/her own from the corner of your eye whilst pretending to be busily pre-occupied with something else? I love it. Not only does it make me smile but as an ‘amateur psychologist’ it can be highly educational – as well as very entertaining. How to do that without intruding, interfering or spoiling the enchantment and innocence of their game is a skill I’m practicing as I spend time enjoying babysitting duties with the younger members of my growing clan.

Playing on my own was something I did automatically in a one-child family setting. Parenting skills at that time, in the nineteen fifties, didn’t include all the current guidelines about ‘socialising’ children  and as much as I probably needed to learn how to interact with other children I was happy to play on my own, or with Grandad! But these grandkids of mine are all from larger families and all have siblings of similar age – yet even in a room full of people they sometimes still like to play on their own. It seems to be very important in child development and as they play, creating conversations with any little thing (not necessarily toys) they can find, it demonstrates their sense of relationship. Even the salt and pepper pots or knives and forks, daisies and buttercups can get involved in a conversation, or an argument. Relationship starts from birth, and is possibly the most important  aspect of psychological, intellectual, spiritual and emotional development in our human life.

Relationships. Always and forever human beings will spend their entire lifetime worrying about, working on, ignoring, building or rejecting their relationships. Starting from tiny I know I worried about the relationship between mummy and daddy, then at school it was my relationship with friends, teachers, dinner-ladies, then on to worrying about high school friendships and the complicated relationship we develop with our own body. As we grow there are new and different types of  relationships with teachers, some difficult, and by mid teens getting to build relationships with boyfriends and their families. After school we meet even harder relationships with colleagues and bosses. Working relationships aren’t easy are they?

Then comes partnership and possible marriage between two people, and the family dynamics that change again when children arrive on the scene. And so it goes on.

But what about our relationship to self? Do you listen to your higher self? Do you practice listening to your inner voice, the deep knowing of intuition? Are you sufficiently comfortable with your spiritual life that your relationship with God and the angels brings all the answers you need on a daily basis? Or have you given that authority away to someone you’re in relationship with. Just asking.

Our human emotional need to be in a relationship with one special other is so fascinating that it has been observed, scribed, debated, and studied by philosophers for millennia, way before the modern study of psychology by scholars like Freud and Jung. Everything in the universe relates to everything else. We are in this great cosmic soup together and yet we seem to spend our entire life fretting about the relationship we are currently in (or not) with a significant other rather than developing the emotional connection within our own self. If our relationships are good we feel good. If we are not in a happy relationship we feel rotten too. Don’t we? But what does that tell us about our self? How else can we support ourselves to be independent, and whole?

There will always be people we don’t like, that we don’t agree with. Just there’s light and shade, night and day, yin and yang, because the world is created with opposites.. Discernment enables us to choose which aspects of other people’s nature is compatible with our own, and sometimes we have to reject other opinions and reach a level of maturity where we learn how to do that and also keep the peace.

Wouldn’t life be perfect if we felt so secure in our relationship within our self, to our higher self, that we were so congruent, so connected and grounded that no other personal relationship could ever knock us off centre. There would be discussion rather than argument, love rather than hate, companionship rather than rivalry and we would all be supporting rather than undermining one another. Is that just a Utopian dream?

Driving home from school the other day my ten year old grandson asked: “Nanny, what does Heaven actually look like?”

“Well” I slowly answered. “No-one really knows exactly. But some people have said they have experienced a sense of feeling it when they have had what’s called a ‘near death experience’ after a car accident or during an operation. It seems to be like stepping into the brightest light just like the middle of the sun. And it feels like the most happy and loving feeling you can imagine. You know how happy you felt when you saw rainbows when you were little, and when you are running in and out of the waves on holiday, and when you were tiny snuggled up with mummy or daddy feeling safe after a bedtime story … and when you feel exhilarated after scoring the winning goal, … and wake up on Christmas morning and Santa has been . Try to think of all those feelings all at once then multiply it by a trillion …. ”
“Hm, and so, ….. is that what its like then when we are dead?”
“Yep, … I believe it is”.


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Magical Moonlight

Posted by on Dec 16, 2016

As I drove home late from babysitting earlier in the week I was amazed by the brilliance of the light from the mid December full moon. The journey involved twists and turns round tiny country lanes, many of which have overhanging branches from high bushes and trees, and some fairly treacherous blind bends. The lower dips in the road were filling with a swirling eery mist and as I was very tired I had to concentrate really hard. Yet it was almost as if my pathway was being illuminated by some big friendly giant holding a lantern in the starlit heavens to light my way home. An angel to guide my way. Beautiful.

I often speak about the various full or new moons, but for now I’m going to leave the astrologers to describe the meaning of this latest “Super Moon” –  the benefits and attributes – because I want to ponder about its most fascinating quality the moonlight. I wonder how many photographs have been framed, song writers have ‘waxed lyrical’ and poetic narratives penned in an attempt to capture the magic of the moon. Her beautiful, romantic natural light, the constant changing shape, and the powerful magnetism affecting our Earth with the flow and ebb or wax and wane of this strange satellite revolving round us. Influencing the high tides with a cyclical nature which has been associated with those of women’s bodies and closely related to the feminine nature within all of us.

For me, however, the most appealing and intriguing aspect of the moon is its light. Crisp clear and bright, on a clear midwinter evening is as magical as the bright summer’s night as she shines among the stars with a delicate cool aura which may change colour (according to science) depending on the gases emitted from Earth. So different from the hot bright golden life enhancing light of the sun. Yet the moonlight casts shadow too. Some would say that it is in the darkest hours – or by the light of the moon – that our real or hidden self is exposed.

As we illuminate this  ‘sleeping’ self hiding in the shadows we are able to sharpen our perceptions of the whole ‘me’ just as we focus our eyes in the darkness as the moon shines and shows us the way. And, because we know that moon is also associated to the Archangel Gabriel and the bringer of messages, hope and new birth we can tune in and ask for wisdom and guidance in working out whatever we find hidden in those shadows, why they have been left there, bringing them out, reflecting on them and looking at them with a new light and perhaps seeing them more clearly.

Light. We can’t live without it. What is Light? – energy, vibration, the source of everything in the universe, we need it to thrive, we measure speed by it, it’s a means of communication, and the medium by which we ‘see’ in both real and meta-physical senses. Since researching for my upcoming book (Seven Steps into the Angel Light – Autumn 2017) I’ve become fascinated by it. Our language expresses the importance of it in words like enlightenment and phrases such as seeing the light within a situation, or perhaps we might say we have just had a light-bulb moment when something is suddenly understood. I’ve purposefully used several of these phrases to illustrate my point. Yet I’ve learned that it is not only in our speech but through our cells that we share light. We have photons in every cell which communicate with one another – sharing their light to stay bright and healthy. Science has always been fascinated by it too, and  recent experiments in Japan have shown that even in darkness our body emits a light which can now be seen by camera equipment. (This is completely different from the Kirlian photography which picks up the infra red heat from our skin) Aha, so science has now found that the ‘aura’ of the human body exists. Hurrrah, they’ve finally seen the light!

I’ve enjoyed the excitement of the research so much so that I’ve developed a new and exciting workshop dedicated to our own healing, by understanding the enigma of …. you’ve guessed it Light!

Image courtesy Yosh3000 Wikipedia Commons Licence – Moonlight over the sea. Location: Skogsøy, east of Mandal, Norway. 


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Many Hearts Make Light Work

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015

Connected handsYou may have heard the old English proverb, Many hands making light work. We all know the benefits of helping hands when heavy work needs to be done. The same principle applies in our spiritual practice, but with a slightly different message.

Light refers to Divine Love. It means the all encompassing universality of Divine Love which we imagine as a great Light, often seen by mystics as a beautiful, awesome and incredible brightness which is far too bright to look upon.

Light also means wisdom. When one refers to working in the light, one refers to the Light of God’s wisdom that shines with true Divine Love bringing the healing and peace into the darkness. When many like-minded hearts are filled with this Love, then the Light begins to work. Prayer or meditation groups have had significant effect worldwide in bringing healing and peace.

So as you read this message, I ask you to join the many hearts around the world, to call for the light and love of God and the Angels to bring peace into the hearts of all humanity.


The Great Invocation

From the point of light within the mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men,

May Christ return to Earth

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men

The purpose which the masters know and serve

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

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Shine your Light!

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015

Shine your Light with Loving brilliance, and have a Great Day!!

When we are born we incarnate fully into a material body, born of the Earth and containing everything we need to live ~ and a Light body which contains the brilliance of the True Light of the Divine, God, which is our Loving soul. When we interact with negative situations, other people who are aggressive or controlling, or develop self damaging behaviour patterns, this effects of own Light body because we distance ourselves from that Loving Divine Light of God. But when we deepen our connection with the Angelic Beings here to guide and protect us, we begin to heal ~ and shine again!
I was recently guided to teach a series of talks and workshops called ‘Step into the Light’ ~ it sounded like a super title! From this I developed a very short meditative, power filled prayer for myself which I would like to share with you now.
Take a few moments (put your phone onto silent if need be) and close your eyes. This works well if you are standing with feet slightly apart, or sitting with your back straight and feet fully on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and make sure you are grounded. Imagine your self stretching upwards into the brilliance of the Light of God.

“I call upon the Guidance of the Crystal Light of Gabriel” (pause and take a deep breath between each)
“I call upon the Wisdom of the Yellow Light of Jophiel”
“I call upon the Power of the Blue Light of Michael”
“I call upon the Healing Green Light of Raphael”
“I call upon the Love-filled Pink Light of Chamuel”
“I call upon the Peace of the Ruby/Gold Light of Uriel”
“I call upon the Transformative Violet Light of Zadkiel”
“May I step into your Light” – “Thank you”

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