Shine your Light with Loving brilliance, and have a Great Day!!

When we are born we incarnate fully into a material body, born of the Earth and containing everything we need to live ~ and a Light body which contains the brilliance of the True Light of the Divine, God, which is our Loving soul. When we interact with negative situations, other people who are aggressive or controlling, or develop self damaging behaviour patterns, this effects of own Light body because we distance ourselves from that Loving Divine Light of God. But when we deepen our connection with the Angelic Beings here to guide and protect us, we begin to heal ~ and shine again!
I was recently guided to teach a series of talks and workshops called ‘Step into the Light’ ~ it sounded like a super title! From this I developed a very short meditative, power filled prayer for myself which I would like to share with you now.
Take a few moments (put your phone onto silent if need be) and close your eyes. This works well if you are standing with feet slightly apart, or sitting with your back straight and feet fully on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and make sure you are grounded. Imagine your self stretching upwards into the brilliance of the Light of God.

“I call upon the Guidance of the Crystal Light of Gabriel” (pause and take a deep breath between each)
“I call upon the Wisdom of the Yellow Light of Jophiel”
“I call upon the Power of the Blue Light of Michael”
“I call upon the Healing Green Light of Raphael”
“I call upon the Love-filled Pink Light of Chamuel”
“I call upon the Peace of the Ruby/Gold Light of Uriel”
“I call upon the Transformative Violet Light of Zadkiel”
“May I step into your Light” – “Thank you”