What did I do?

Well if you don’t follow me on facebook and weren’t there on the Angels Abroad retreat to Crete you might not know about my broken ankle. I’d love to be able to tell an exciting story of a Greek extravaganza where I was dancing on tables… but alas I simply slipped on a pavement, twisted it badly, rupturing a ligament and fracturing my fibula. Hey ho!

From the moment it happened the angels were there supporting me.
As I fell over there was a helpful (and very strong) man who picked me up off the floor and helped me to hop to a set of ‘random’ steps. Then a lovely young passer by kindly called her father, who just happened to be an insurance advisor. He came straight down from his nearby office and gave me lots of useful information, called a taxi and explained (in Greek) which clinic I needed to be taken to, where I was immediately seen, X-rayed, bandaged and assisted on my way. Luckily I wasn’t on my own and my super-sister-in-law
Kim sorted out all the admin. (And lighten the drama when we fell about laughing as she produced a KitKat from her bag to share for our lunch…… ‘Have a break, have a Kitkat’!)

Just as you might expect of a supportive Universe, out of the 19 participants on the retreat 7 (that magical number) of us were nurses. Not only that but one of them, Teresa, is still an orthopeadic nurse. I was so well looked after, with arms to guide me on my unsteady new crutches, foot-stools and cushions, and vigilant escorts wherever I went. Marvellous!

Sitting at home (with my plastered leg high on a pile of pillows) for the last five weeks has given me rather a lot of ‘reflection time’.

What are the spiritual lessons for me in this?

Many have suggested it is a sign to start slowing down. Perhaps it is. But I’ve actually come to a complete and abrupt stop!

What I have become is more mindful. Careful of where I place my crutches to support my weight (I’ve already slipped over twice) and mindful of what I need Brian to place close by so that I can reach things without risk. The symbolism of how, what, where, and whom I trust as I move forward, is in itself remarkable. ,

But the greatest gift of insight has been the realisation that this experience is about karma consciousness.

There’s a common misunderstanding that karma is some kind of punitive response to something ‘bad’ from an earlier life experience. No, not that at all. My new and deeper understanding is that karma is all about balance.

I have been inspired with the profound understanding that my ‘break’ is giving me the opportunity to be open, to receive, and to accept love – Big Time!

Way back when the angel visited me in 1998 I felt the deepest sense of love I had ever experienced. I could not even describe it in words. When he left me a wonderful cerise ‘heart’ in the sky, I knew that my purpose was to reflect that love and to bring it into my teaching.

Love is for sharing, for giving freely, but we need to be fully open to receiving it too.

If you’ve been wounded badly, abused, or abandoned, you may have closed down the love ‘receptors’. Yet you may still be a generous and loving soul with lots of compassion for others.

Giving love, being of service, living a life filled with helping others is perhaps seen as the most spiritual. But at the same time it is essential that we mindfully balance all that giving with being open to receiving help in equal measure. The gifts of compassion and love is for us all.

This also includes being kind to oneself.

In my case, now, it might mean stepping forward with more care. Not necessarily cautiously, but with care that I’m always fully grounded, my weight is supported, being ‘steady footed’.

It is also about being mindful of our own energy levels, not putting too much pressure on ourself because of ‘guilt’, depleting or over-extending our reach.

Do you ask for help when you need it?
Do you tell people they ‘shouldn’t have’ when they buy you a gift?
Do you always feel the need to repay a kindness, or favour, by doing more in return?

Well my friends, if you do any of the above, then my advice is become aware of these things, and stop it.

When we ‘over-give’ we will be placed in a situation where we are forced to experience completely receiving.

The secret, just like everything else, is in balance. Balance in all things. Including being open to receiving and giving love.

I’ve experienced the love of angels…. and now, with a grateful heart I can give thanks for a broken ankle, and the experience of being so lovingly looked after.

So, the recent Full Moon in Aries brought profound opportunities for major changes, to us all. and for me karma at its very best, a treasury of self-reflection, and many fantastic lessons. Now with the healing process under way I can process it all before I put both my feet firmly on the ground and start again…. more slowly.

My love and blessings, as always,
Chrissie xx