I found this among some papers while I was searching for something else. I don’t remember writing it, but it was during a time nearly twenty years ago, when I was practising automatic writing, and receiving many beautiful messages from the angelic realms during my meditations.  Finding it again after all this time, is very moving. As I read it again to myself just now it still inspires me. Clearly at the time it was a personal message.  I would have been seeking Divine guidance and possibly reassurance that I was ‘doing the right thing’. With all the current changes in my life it has ‘popped up’ with perfect timing. It is just as pertinent and poignant as it was then.
In the absence of anything better to say today I feel inspired to share it with you. Because, you never know, it might have been whispered to me….. for you too!

Dear you,

“You are a beautiful, loveable soul.
You are responsible for your own choices but you needn’t make them from a place of insecurity or uncertainty.

You are always guided with wisdom and love.
Focus and tune into your soul. To the essence of who you really are not what you feel others expect you to be.

In your inner being you have great wisdom.
When you are still, when you trust your self, when you tune your soul to the greater One of which we are all a part… then the answers to whatever you quest will be found.

Go deep within yourself. Trust the faces you see. Trust the sense of inner knowing that you have developed through the years.

Over many lifetimes and many journeys you have travelled. Each lifetime has taught you much about yourself and your world.
You do not need others to affirm your value. Your journeying has led you to this place. Now stop for a moment and take stock of the knowing, for yourself.

You are not alone. Even in your loneliness you are not alone.

Follow your heart. Never be afraid that you may be misled by it.

Fear is not a necessary requirement for life. It is an experience that you have felt in many places and in many lifetimes but it has only brought you pain.
Harness your strength, your courage. Trust yourself and be the person you know that you truly are.

You are so loved.
You are a precious child of the Universe.
You chose to be here.
You chose service.
You will succeed in playing your part.”

With my love, and many angel blessings,