Can you remember the old western movies where the ‘cowboys’ slowly trampled their wagon trains across the ‘indian’ burial sites with trepidation and spooky dramatic music? I used to shudder in my little bones knowing instinctively that they should be more respectful… not really understanding then of course.  My mother spent most of her life seeking out ley lines, and with a good friend studied sacred geometry with passion. But what is actually a sacred site?  …and what is sacred to you?

Since the beginning of time we have held high regard for the energies of ancient sites and regarded places all over our planet to be sacred. Many believe, as I do, that coursing throughout the Earth like the energy meridians of our human body runs a web of energy lines (called Ley lines). In the same way that Acupuncture or Acupressure may stimulate a healing response (whether emotional, mental or physical) by focussing on certain pulse points along the lines and junctions of our body, so too can we heal our land. At many of the cross-roads and power-points around the world where two ley lines cross we will find magnificent sacred sites. We might say that wherever there is a magnificent sacred site, we will find a powerful energy centre, a crossing of the web of ‘universal and planetary’ energy. We may say that all is sacred and connected like the blood that unites one family.

Some places are famous, like Chartres Cathedral, Glastonbury Tor, Mount Shasta, Banff, Mt Fuji, Uluru, and millions of others (including natural sites such as mountains, rivers, forests, and rock formations) but whether you’ve heard of them or not have held a special sacred place in healing, insight and transformation for us. And it is my passion for the healing energy and sacred connection to the ancient wisdom that inspires me to lead exciting retreats all over the world. Some of my most profound insights and deepest connections to the angelic realms have come from my annual ‘Angels Abroad’ retreat in Crete, and of course it goes without saying that the Holy Land visits have been truly transformational.

I have been to many sacred sites over the years, but being on the same lakeside in Capernaum where Jesus called his disciples, and spoke to crowds, walking the banks of the Galilee in Magdala where Mary Magdalene lived, strolling through the tiny streets of Jerusalem and standing in the synagogue of Nazareth touched me with a more sacred reality. Traveling with a small group of like-minded seekers, experiencing deep prayerful meditation on these powerful sites filled with memories of sacred ceremony and pure soulful being opens the veil to higher consciousness.

These retreats are carefully designed for us all to experience as much sacred energy – individually – and as a group, as we can take in. Carefully planned programmes are put together to stimulate a personal transformation, at whatever level appropriate to each of us in our unique way.

Now I’m venturing to the sacred and spiritual Isle of Sri Lanka to experience the web of energy and the synergy of an island steeped in sacred history. Bathed in the beauty of an Indian Island with green magnificent sacred mountains, ancient temples and warm white sandy beaches this sacred place appeals to me on many levels for a variety of reasons. With colourful and flavoursome Ceylonese/ Sri Lankan traditions and culture, deeply spiritually nurtured by a blend of Buddhism, Hindu, Islam and Christianity, every aspect of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual senses are satisfied.

Why Sri Lanka? Because everyone I now who has been there tells me it is one of their absolute favourite places in the world. My passion is for embracing the sacred, and for acting as a conduit or channel for Divine energies of angelic realms for healing and personal transformation. My role is to facilitate spiritual awareness, and my style of coaching is to enable my students and companions to ‘feel’ those energies for themselves through a sense of ‘Being’. Of course travelling is always experiential, with sights and sounds that may be new to most and sensations we may never have even dreamt of realising. And in the case of a sacred retreat or spiritual pilgrimage most often brings great personal and planetary healing too.

I have decided to take at least two retreats each year … Come with me and meditate on sacred ground where millions have prayed for thousands of years. Feel the energy of mountains and temples dedicated to deities for centuries. Meditate with me to anchor the healing Light of the angels in places where perhaps suffering decades ago remains in the earth and where bringing our love can make a difference. I, in the footsteps of my father and mother before me, have been doing this work for over twenty years. Join me and let’s raise our vibration, healing ourselves as we discover the delights of this precious world, and be an anchor to the Light … in a time when it is needed the most.