My trip to the Holy Land blessed me with so many amazing experiences that I could probably carry on with stories for weeks!

IMG_2292I already shared with you the wonder of sailing into the centre of the Sea of Galilee, switching off the engines and meditating, chanting and then sending healing to mind, body and spirit of all. What I didn’t tell you about was the sheer overwhelming sense of love and emotion when I set eyes on the village of Magda, the home and birth place of Mary Magdalene.  I’m not going to pretend that I had any special message there, but if I tell you that I felt such a strong excitement and sense of ‘home’ and that I was reluctant to leave the area you may understand how I might have felt. Many of you will have a similar sense of recognition on your travels to certain areas in the world.

I’d like to share a little story that relates to my trip but has its roots in the beginning of my re-awakening.

When my son was a small boy, in the mid nineteen eighties, he was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. His dad had the habit of listening to the radio as he drove around London and heard about the benefits of  complimentary therapies. Over the next couple of years I took him to many various therapists and found a brilliant Acupuncterist and Chinese herbalist who specialised in children’s illness. One day, during a very stressful time, we arrived for his session and Robin, the therapist was shocked by my state of health. He insisted that Daniel should play with the toys in the ante-room while I had acupuncture myself. I was told that every system in my body was near collapse, my nervous system, adrenals, liver and heart were all over stressed and he literally covered me in his fine needles. Then he left me to rest a while with the strict instructions not to move! As he closed the door I gently shut my eyes to try and relax but was suddenly aware of being watched. I opened my eyes to find a huge eye looking at me. Wherever I looked it was there staring right at me. If I closed my eyes and opened them, the eye was still there. It was huge, it was looking at me with a gentle but piercing stare. It unnerved me. Then I closed my eyes and opened them again to see if it was still there. The room had filled with eyes. Pairs of eyes in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Robin walked back in and was unimpressed by my description and excitement. I guessed he thought I’d actually flipped! I was puzzled and sought some answers, even from the vicar of my local church. To no avail.  Until I spoke to my own dad who laughed and said that this was the eye of God, and that I was being looked at very closely… and that I was to understand that I was being observed by the all seeing eye.

WIMG_2379hy am I telling this story now? Because in the church of the transfiguration on mount Nebo in the Holy Lands…. I found the eye again! I walked around the church, enjoying the energy there and feeling a strong sense of the sacred. As there was a communion service being held in the lower body of the church I moved to the side of the alter where I found this painted on the ceiling. Two angels…. and the eye!

I felt compelled to kneel down straight away and took a deep breath. In my head I began to say the Lord’s prayer. At the very same moment the congregation who had been taking communion did exactly the same. A very special moment, for someone who is always seeking answers and signs. What a sign!