It’s that time again, when millions of folk will be stressing about Christmas.

For those people for whom Christmas is purely material, then it truly is expensive. I once bought a tea-towel at a church Christmas fair when my children were small, that declared boldly ‘JESUS is the REASON for the season” and I put it in the window with the Christmas tree one year (but I was pressurised to take it down, in case our neighbours though I was a nutcase!). I relate that with a great big smile on my face as I recollect it may have been taken from the window but it remained behind the door in our hallway so that everyone passing through would see it anyway. My argument was why send the children to Sunday School if I’m unable to demonstrate the real reason for celebrating Christ’s birth.

It really is no surprise that faith of many varieties is still hidden in fear of persecution. For those who believe we have carried the ‘faith’, whatever interpretation it might be, through many lifetimes … and often at great cost… we are unable and unwilling to dim the flame this time!

It is time to shine our light as brightly as we ever did, as we ever can, and brighter still! This is it folks, it really is time for us all to raise our alms high, be willing and able to march forward, onward and upwards. This is exactly what was predicted. We are the millions of heavenly hosts.(As above so below rings in my ears)… It is the light workers incarnate now who will save the world. Our family has been waiting for this for such a long time haven’t we? There are areas where we can only watch as devastation takes place because of lower vibrational human domination between countries, cultures, and religions. Yet we are part of it all.

Now that we really begin to understand the principles of Universal law, we are all one – yet individuals, we have one home – yet live separately, we have one God – yet worship differently… there is one way forward and each of us in our own unique way is involved in this ‘tactical exercise’ to save the world. But our tools are those of resonance, our armour is built from high vibration, our goal is ascension and the quality of our sword and our shield demonstrable by our spiritual authenticity.

Each morning, following my stillness, I like to start each day reading some words of inspiration. I like to ask what it is I need for the day, then from the many books on my shelves (my Mother-in-Law suggested we change the name of the house to ‘Village Library’) I take which ever book appeals to me. Today’s lesson in A Course of Miracles was about the illusion of blame…. that God does not condemn and therefore there is no need to seek forgiveness. My goodness how appropriate for what I wanted to say in my letter?! How liberating to truly forgive. What a truly beneficial spiritual practice. How sharp the sword and how bright the shield of those who can really forgive with a generous heart.

As I write this the powerful November full moon begins to wane, and using the wonderful energy of that, each day I am going to practice forgiveness. ‘I need to polish my shield, and if you’ll pardon the pun, at the moment it reflects a little too much ‘guilt’.

Blame resides only in fear, in love there is no condemnation.
With Love, Chrissie