I receive regular questions about my Guardian Angel Oracle cards, especially from those who want to learn more about the symbolism in the cards, and more advanced reading techniques.

Back in 2008, when these were first published, I wanted to create a set of pure Angel Cards, which are very distinct from Tarot and other forms of oracle cards. The words, interpretations and symbolism were Divinely given to me and then lovingly and beautifully rendered by artist Rene Milot. And with two further reprints in 2012 and 2018, and over 30,000 copies sold, they have proven to be incredibly popular.

So, I’m taking the opportunity to answer a few of the many questions I’ve received in this post.

Are Angel Cards like Tarot?

Angel cards are definitely NOT like Tarot. Tarot originated around the 14th Century and has roots in the occult and Kabbalah, possibly even as far back as ancient Eqypt.  With its complex ‘arcana’ and esoteric designs, the Tarot has long been associated with divination, but some people believe it carries negative connotations (although in the right hands Tarot is perfectly safe to use.)

Angel cards, however, are positive, uplifting reflections of the powerful divine energies of the angelic realms. They can be used by anyone who feels a spiritual connection, and the images, colours and symbols are easy to see and interpret. There is no negativity when using angel cards – only wisdom, love and compassion. When used correctly the cards can offer guidance and reassurance to those who are seeking it.

Why are there only four Archangels?

I believe there are many Angels and Archangels among the heavens, each with a unique energy. In my courses and workshops I use the seven of the most well known of these energies as a pathway to help readers connect with key aspects of their spiritual growth. But for the Guardian Angel Oracle, I wanted to keep the structure a little simpler, and so each suit is overlit by one of the four Great Archangels – Michael (for power and protection), Gabriel (for light and wisdom), Raphael (for knowledge and healing) and Uriel (for grace and peace).  These four cards help to add a further layer of power in any reading given and provide a focal point for the reader when drawn.

How should the cards be interpreted?

In the guide that comes with the cards, there is an interpretation for each card in the deck, and this is a great place to start with your card readings. But I would also urge you to spend time with the cards and come to know them better. Explore the colours, the landscape around each angel figure and the many symbols on each card – from clouds or birds in the sky, to objects held or attached to robes. Each has some significance which can add meaning to your readings. There are no right or wrong answers with these cards – give yourself time to reflect, and seek only positivity in your interpretations of the messages they offer.

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