Working with angels is about strengthening your connection with the cosmic energy of “God” (whatever that represents to you). It’s also about growing as a person, enhancing your spirituality and becoming more compassionate, more caring and acting from love without need of reward. Signing up to be of service to the world doesn’t have to turn you into a doormat!

There is nothing ‘soft and fluffy’ about angels. Take a look at the representations in classic art (throughout history) of the magnificent power portrayed in the many pictures of Archangel Michael. He is always adorned in a metal breastplate, and sometimes full armour for protection, and for good measure carries a sword.  Are we to assume from this that this is the angel who will defend or even fight our battles for us?  Is there more significance to the sword than simply as a weapon of defence? There certainly is.  The sword in Michael’s case is to protect us from harm, to cut through the dross, clear a path forward, separate the wood from the trees, and release the ties that bind us.


Think of all the self limiting thoughts that creep into your mind everyday. Reasons  (and excuses) for not allowing yourself to be true to your purpose. The things in life that prevent you from doing what you would really like to do. For instance taking up an exercise or yoga class. How about re-training for that therapy you’ve always felt you’d like to learn? So many nudges we receive from our soul, that we push aside because we limit ourselves by finding reasons why not to succeed at something we would love to do.

These ‘excuses’  are real (in your head) aren’t they? They range from time constraints, child-care, expectations from family and others, job restrictions, too many responsibilities, money worries, health issues, and so the list goes on. As we get older many of us have demands from our children / grandchildren and elderly parents too. Then there are those little doubts that niggle from childhood. Those memories of being told that we were not good enough. Reminders that if we listen tell us that we would probably not be very good at it if we tried anyway.

Then we finally hear that call. Our soul cries out: “Enough” … and once we change the self-talk we find that opportunities arise bringing different circumstances, a renewed awareness that enables us to change the situation. Either we give ourselves the space to change voluntarily or we receive a huge ‘kick in the pants’ that makes us change anyway, like becoming unwell or losing our job (which incidentally we may have hated).

Once we have decided to make steps to change we are fully supported by the Universe. God and the angels present us with an abundance of spiritual gifts, as well as their loving support. Many of these can be used as practical tools – once we recognise the significance. And one of those tools is Michael’s sword.


Use this meditative visualisation to all upon Archangel Michael whenever you need strength, particularly if you need to stand up for yourself in some way. The visualisation allows you to cut away any ties that are holding you back, releasing you to move forward on your true spiritual path. It is part of the spiritual home study programme, Educating Heart & Soul

Visualisation with Archangel Michael

by Chrissie Astell