What a Summer it has been for us all.

What with all the “Super” moons, new gateways,  ‘portal’s opening between worlds, and advance warning of even greater shifts over the next months no wonder there is a surge of energy within humanity that’s a little ‘over-bearing’. I’m sure we have all been experiencing these immense levels of energy (even those we know who are oblivious to it) in some way or another. It’s no wonder some of us are feeling the strain!

How are you coping in all of these ’shifts’?

Do you have personal strategies, practical tools in your kit, methods for continuing self-care?

meditationIt’s taken me a while, but I’ve begun to understand that the best way to stay calm, grounded and healthy is to develop a strong regular spiritual practice. So before you stop reading, or argue back at me that you don’t have time for these time-consuming practices (no matter how health-giving and beneficial) such as meditation, yoga, or walking in nature (daily) in the never-ending drive ‘to get things done’, please allow me just to encourage you with a few suggestions. All these can be easily incorporated into the busiest of mornings. For those of you who do already have a daily meditation or similar practice I don’t intend to try and teach anyone’s granny to suck eggs but there might be the odd friend to two out there who is struggling? I know how it feels to be overwhelmed by pressures of that old chestnut “work-life balance” so these loving suggestions are gentle, and well tried and tested by yours truly.

* As you get out of bed step into an imaginary circle of bright light, drawing it up around your body and surrounding yourself in angelic protection.
* Stand for a moment under the shower consciously allowing the Angel of Water to bathe away all energy that is not loving and health-supporting.
* Take several slow, deep nurturing breaths down into your body and as you exhale release any negative energy you may have been holding onto.
* Bless every mouth full of food and drink accepting the gift of life-giving supportive energy in every mouth full, and send this lovingly into your cells, with the affirmation: “Every cell in my body works in perfect harmony”.
* Read or say words you find inspiring, such as a prayer, affirmation, or guided meditation. Some take only one minute, yet effectively last the day.
* On your travels smile and greet as many people as you can. Whether silently or verbally your blessings carry positive loving energy from the heart.
And lastly, a few things to really take care of yourself …
* Take lots of short ‘breathing’ breaks, drink more water, stretch your body, and find as many things as you can to laugh about all day.

Prayer is, for me, one of the most powerfully strong act of connection. Our words, sent with love and sincerity, bring peace and blessings for each of us as individuals, for our loved ones, for the planet and the all of humanity. A wonderful saintly great-aunt once said: “To read a prayer is the same as saying a prayer.  God’s grace comes through the words straight into your heart.”

essenepackage-200In the Essene tradition we have morning and evening communions with the angels, which many of us read as prayers straight from a book. In practice these are normally followed by a meditation of however long we choose. For those who are unable to sit in meditation, the act of reading such beautifully inspiring and powerful words on a regular basis is, in itself, a spiritual practice. The energy within the inspired words is profoundly beautiful – mystical.  Many of my students have told me that they have carried the booklet of Essene Communions with them for years after receiving it as part of the Educating Heart and Soul home study course. (It’s also available separately from my website).

I’d like to share the short opening prayer with you. When those of us who feel a connection to the Essenes are using the Communions, as individuals or in a group setting, we start with this short prayer known as ”The Prologue’. It can be used on its own before you begin a silent meditation, with or without the angel communions, and it sets the scene for inner calm, peace and balance. I’d be very interested to learn how it makes you feel.

The Prologue

Let us enter the eternal and infinite Garden of Mystery,
Our spirits in oneness with the Heavenly Father,
Our hearts in oneness with the Earthly Mother,
Our hearts and minds in oneness with each other, and with the whole of creation.

Have a peacefully calm, and self-nurturing weekend. With love.