IMG_1371Most of us will be taking some time off this weekend as we enjoy the Easter weekend/ Spring break. Although I will be sharing a lunch with family, and all the fun of an Easter-egg hunt with my grandchildren, I am also deeply mindful of the true origins of Easter-time throughout the world.

As we enjoy all the Spring flowers and the sight of the new lambs in the fields out here in the countryside I really love this time of year. Ok I admit it brings back wonderful childhood birthday memories of gathering daffy by the armful in the Lake District, but I am also reminded that Easter is a time for renewal and re-birth in mostly all traditions, originally from Pagan roots, but to those in the Christian faith we celebrate sacrifice and resurrection.

Whatever your personal beliefs – this year our Easter celebrations are blessed by not only a full moon, but another lunar eclipse. The second eclipse so far this year. Full moon energy can be emotional at the best of times, but during an eclipse we are called to take note of the feelings rising within us and deal with them. If you have been resisting change then watch out for a huge galactic ‘shove’ – but if you have been sowing the seeds of growth you can now watch the flowers of your hard work spring into life! Call in the energy of Archangel Gabriel who is the guardian of the moon, and ask that all messages are communicated clearly to you so that you will understand exactly what you must do.

It’s a time for ‘purging’ out the negative and replenishing with sparkling new positive energy for all of us and especially Light-workers. With so many dramatic challenges creating fear and trauma around the world, goodness knows we are needed now even more than ever to share our love, healing and Light energy. No matter how much we are happy to share with others we do, sometimes, forget to replenish our batteries.

Do you ever feel too busy to meditate, to preoccupied to pray, and then feel guilty if your spiritual practice is being neglected?

I woke early this morning with a sense of urgency as I often do. So many people I know are ‘feeling’ a speeding up of time. Sometimes I wonder if it really is a planetary / cosmic quickening, or rather my own sense of pressure, of trying to fit so much into my days. Even as the shorter hours of daylight grow into Spring and we have more daylight hours I often can’t quite cram in everything that I hoped to, and I worry about missing something – especially all the beautiful spiritual practices that I like to incorporate into my day. Then I contemplated for a few moments on how many others might feel the same. I wondered how I could help all those other busy people to build their own spiritual practices into their own busy schedule. Via my regular blogs, affirmations and courses I know I’m reaching out to hundreds of lovely people. But there is always that little niggle that I could do more and that there are other people who feel the same.

Perhaps you are one of them? Come along and share some inspiration and deepen your connection with the Divine energies of the angels at one of our National Workshops, in partnership with Spirit and Destiny Magazine. The next one, in April, is in Bristol, then Stratford-upon-Avon, London, Edinburgh and Harrogate. I’d love to meet you there! Why not book right now to be sure of a place. (Full details are: )

However you are spending your Easter weekend I hope you will find the joy and blessings of Spring and renewal.

All my love, Chrissie.