I loved all the excitement about the Blue Moon, did you? I smiled whilst driving along listening to the radio the other day. Even Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 was discussing the Blue Moon and – although he wasn’t coming from the same angle as I might – he was reading out an astronomer’s scientific guide to why we call it Blue (because two full moons in one month is rare) and the fact that it is a Blood Moon too (as close as it ever gets to the Earth) and that it occurred at the same time as a total eclipse which hasn’t happened in 150 years. If you caught sight of it, how lucky you are! For me I felt the enormity of the energies, but in North Essex the Moon’s magnificence was obscured by clouds and rain.

I’m so delighted that this all happened during the over-lighting presence of Archangel Gabriel, as guardian of our beautiful majestic moon. If ever you have been driving down country lanes to the light of any full moon you will know how brightly she shines, even when not at its closest to Earth as it has been this time.

However, it’s not the brightness I want to talk about in this blog, it’s about the shadows that powerful light creates. During our nights, as the moon rises and our daylight fades, her mystical task is in highlighting the intuitive messages and lessons in the shadows for us to work through.

Were you afraid of the dark? Did you fear what monsters were lurking in those shadows of your childhood? I certainly did, and insisted on a night-light for years! But this time I mean our human shadows, our hidden inner demons we have pushed inside. For as much as I’m sure we try our best to portray the best of ourselves, our shiny bright positive side, the majority of the time, I’d stick my neck out and say that we all have hidden demons. And for those of us on a spiritual quest it is not until we are well into our journey that  we realise we try to hide away from our shadows most often because we are trying to be all ‘love and light’. After all, it is not seemingly ‘spiritual’ or ‘angelic’ to show our negatives is it?

Do you ever have a temper, are intolerant of others, impatient, greedy, jealous, judgemental, uncouth, bad-mannered? Ever? Yes, of course. But actually, it isn’t these ego-centred character flaws I call shadows. For me the shadows are the little monsters that creep into my thoughts in those dark dark hours of wakefulness before dawn. Things like guilt, blame, shame, and fear. So what do we do? Do we admit to their presence and accept them, stare them in the eye, ask ourselves what caused them, … or sweep them under the carpet, pushing them away from sight deep into our psyche, on the pretence that we have actually dealt with them?

For those who find this difficult I say: take one small step at a time. Knowing that these are so common in us all helps only a little, for these negative sensations are feelings and emotions which are, in fact, detrimental to our health and wellbeing as well as our spirit.

If you are unsure of what you need to change, or how to do it, then call upon Archangel Gabriel to illuminate it for you. Oh, and be prepared for the Universe to provide a demonstration for you. You will certainly see it clearly. Then call on God and the angels to help you to focus your attention (and intention) on what you hope to achieve (in terms of healing, letting go and moving forward.) Trust and know you are being supported.

Here’s a lovely little exercise you might like to try: Think of some of the things you were attached to as a child. Some of the fears you had then that no longer affect you. Allow yourself to smile inwardly at some of the memories of how you once felt about them.

Think of some of the things you are most attached to now as an adult. Say to yourself three times slowly, “this too will pass, or fade away.”

Think of some of the things you fear. Now say for each separately say to yourself three times; “This too will pass”. (Repeat as often as you like, in threes)

You may or not be interested in science fiction or following that mega-block-buster Star Wars, but just as in the great success story of Star Wars we are all influenced by the interplay between ‘The Force’ and “The Dark-side”.
The challenge is accepting that both sides must exist. There is always light and shade somewhere even at the height of the midday sun.

The power of the path towards ascension requires us to face our shadows full on. Noticing our triggers, working out what presses our buttons, what upsets us or causes an emotional outburst of tears or anger, is hard work. Deciding to observe this and embrace the notion that it is also part of us, our true self, and part of the beautiful intricate, complex personality and character we have become doesn’t in any way make us wrong or bad. We have not failed if we have made it to middle age, or beyond, and have only just brought our shadows into the open for scrutiny. None of us is perfect … and if we were we surely wouldn’t be reading a blog, we’d be already enlightened, ascended beings!

Understanding this deeply and being kind to yourself is all part of the process of self-discovery and spiritual development. You don’t have to do it alone. Whatever our cultural, religious, social background, age or gender, we are all walking the path together. Some may not recognise it yet, and some seem further along. Whether you’ve been racing along and working extremely hard on spiritual practices, or decided to have a rest, or life created a bit of a stumbling block, let me urge you to carry on.

We have had such a surge of magnetic, powerful energy that I doubt any of you missed it. But whether we are Light-workers, or just rather lovely ordinary people, the energies of Gabriel are calling, and the beauty and pull of our moon has affected us all. Which path you take from this moment is entirely your choice, but never forget that you are never alone, you are surrounded by angels. Trust and believe in them, they trust and believe in you! (Shadows and all!)

P.S. Having been driven to find my own soul-purpose for decades – and finding it, with angelic guidance, through a personal transformation, I’ve since been working with people and helping them on their personal spiritual pathway for over twenty years. If you feel my experience can help you get in touch with your own inner journey, or you’d like some personal angelic guidance, do get in touch. You’ll find all the info about courses, retreats and personal guidance sessions on the website, including my 2018 Coaching/Mentoring Programme which is currently open for registration.