Today we are about to experience the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century. This lunar eclipse, as you’ve probably heard, will be lasting 103 minutes. A ‘blood moon’ in Aquarius, roaring in during one of the hottest July’s on record, this moon will be made even more beautifully orange and red by all the dust in the atmosphere created by all the recent forest fires. What exactly does that mean?

Here’s what some of my favourite astrologers have to say:

“Through this darkness we will be shifting our assemblage points to realign who we are through space and time.” (Mystic Mamma) “
“The energies during the past few months have been intense and chaotic, and it feels like things are getting more intense, very much like the stage in labor called transition – the contractions keep coming without stop. It’s an intense time, but it brings new birth…
“It’s during this most intense stage of labor that mothers have to try to stay focused on our task – to birth new life… (says Cathy Pagano)
…and metaphorically speaking we need to do the same.

Even if you can’t see the eclipse, do go out and spend some time gazing at the fabulous full moon. Shining along with the brilliant planet Mars the effect on your psyche is said to be magical.

As we prepare to see the historic blood moon which leads us further into the Age of Aquarius, and we look around our world we can see how rapidly these cosmic features are coming into fruition.
“Aquarius is non-traditional, quirky, unique, independent and pioneering. It’s a RADICAL VISIONARY and the bringer of PIONEERING CHANGE in the areas of sociability, social media, friendships, groups, belonging, nations, cults, tribe” (Sara Wiseman).
And as if that wasn’t powerful enough for all the empathic and sensitive mortals, Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, the ‘Guide of Souls,’ goes Retrograde on the 26th July 2018 until August 19th , in Leo. How does that affect us?
“One of the benefits of Mercury retrograde is that it provides the time for reflection, which can lead to revitalization after a symbolic fallow period…
“It is metaphorically an in-breathing or dreaming, a retracing and re-examining of steps already traversed, digesting and assimilating previous experience….
“This is a time when we can examine the effect that our subconscious mind and/or the Collective Unconscious has upon us…
“While it seems as though Mercury retrograde is associated with things that malfunction, and technical miscommunications and delays, we must remember no planet or its influence is good or bad unto itself.
“We are the ones who determine our ‘destiny,’ based on our choices, which shape our character.
“In that sense, ‘character is destiny,‘ and so we have the responsibility to determine whether we will be active or passive in responding to life’s challenges.
“We have free will and no planet or star ‘makes’ anything happen.
“They merely indicate the larger patterns we live within, and by understanding those patterns and what they symbolize, we are in a position to be in harmony or disharmony with inner and outer ‘reality.’ (Robert Wilkinson)

In the last decade, we’ve become ‘Globalised’, and we’ve achieved planetary inter-connection through the internet and all our technical devices. Yet also in the last couple of years, our politics (tribes) have gone haywire.

This Aquarian lunar eclipse brings radical change, the opportunity for visionary action and new ways. We can expect rapid movement and changes in our personal life, and a world wide scale. So I invite you, with me, to take full advantage of the opportunity of the eclipse to go within and ask our inner most being (and all the angels) to guide us forward with wisdom, so that the changes in our lives may be productive and always for the highest and greatest good.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Angel Blessings,