I read recently that one of the most well known  ‘Angel experts’ and Psychologist Dr Doreen Virtue, who as we know has been teaching Angel Therapy Practitioner courses all over the world, has become a Born Again Christian. When I heard this I was just happy for her, as I am for anyone who has found their inner calling, but I do wonder about her sudden ‘repentance’ and fear about the demonic nature of angels. Many of us were raised in religious families, and many know Jesus, whether or not through their own Christian upbringing . Some of us have turned away from the dogma whilst retaining a faith in God, a love of some of the ritual, and a deep interest in the Mystery.  I’d say many still adhere to the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ. So,  after Ms Virtue’s recent outpourings of fear based evangelism condemning everything of the so called New Age,  where does believing in the power of angels sit with you now?

Doreen Virtue tells us that most of the angels we are talking to could be demons in disguise. Are there really demons? Well… Yes, there are. But do we need to be afraid and stop talking to our own angels, or indeed the powerful Archangels when we are asking for help? Absolutely NOT.

How can we tell the difference?

First of all we do need to stay absolutely grounded. It is so easy as sensitives to take on board other people/s negative energies, and some of it might be really harmful to us. And there are indeed strange things that happen to some people, that cannot be explained.

So, if you are hearing voices, or feel a sudden desire to do something or move somewhere…. stop! Is this instruction overly prescriptive, bossy, uncomfortable? The only time I’ve ever heard of an angel giving a sudden direct order was to save a life. For example stopping someone from absent-mindedly walking into a road with an oncoming lorry.  Or, when I have been lost (pre-satnav) and asked for directions in a panic I might have been drawn to suddenly look left (and then seen the signpost). Angels speak to you in a very authoritatively powerful way when you are in danger… but when you are asking for guidance will show you signs… and never, ever tell you to do something that is detrimental to the greatest good. Their voice is loving, not harsh. The energy is felt differently by us all, but should never be frightening, or leave you nervous or uneasy.

My mother once told me to ask three times if you feel that an angel is telling you something but you are unsure. Ask: “Are you coming to me from the Christ Light?”. Pause. Ask again. Pause. Ask again. If the presence leaves you, there’s your answer.

My father told me many tales of ‘demons’ too, and always in every situation the angels stepped in and helped him. Angels, he told me on many occasions, are to be respected, held in awe, but never fear, their power is Divine.
I am happy that Doreen Virtue has found a new life through the saving grace of Jesus, but so saddened that she feels it is ok to proselytise through the medium of fear, using the very social media platform that gave her fame and fortune. Whilst I read her intention that she is trying to help the many thousands of people who bought into her earlier teaching, and have been working with angelic beings for years to bring healing to others, her emotive language and proselytising hell, fire and brimstone is not the way forward today (well not for any reasonable person that’s for sure). What a shame that now many of the very people who adored her will be wondering what on Earth to do with their so called ‘ATP qualification’ and may even be tempted to remove the word ‘Angel’ from their bio.

I am able to look back at the thousands of times angels have guided me over the years. I have helped someone find a way out of their trouble, or brought healing or clarity and a new perspective. Maybe through something I said at a workshop, a private 121, words I’ve written in my books, insight through card sets and courses, I have not led people away from their faith, but rather I’ve given them fresh enthusiasm and inspiration by connecting them with the depth of their own spirituality – work which I call angelic and inspired.

There is, and has been an enormous rise in interest in spirituality over the last decade. What once was a secular society, lurching away from all religious teaching and scoffing at a Divine creator, is now strolling en masse towards combining scientific discovery with spiritual development and dare I say ‘enlightenment’ . Whether or not they find it through prayer, mantras, yoga, meditation (even if we call it mindfulness) sacred dance, healing modalities, becoming a vegan and respecting all life, and/or world travel, the next generations are opening their eyes to the beauty and wonder within this life we all share. For what its worth, I certainly do believe it was created by a creator God, but it doesn’t matter to me if someone else doesn’t. Their lack of faith in God doesn’t make me dismiss or dislike them in any way. I certainly don’t judge them as misguided or led by demons. And I won’t have someone else telling me that my beliefs are demonic just because they have now found a new personal truth.

Our middle and young generations are herding in droves to MBS events, festivals, retreats and societies (and some to temples and churches) that offer companionship with like-minded souls for community and exchange of ideas. They really do seem to want to make a difference. This is not because they are being misguided by the devil. This is because they are inherently wonderful beings, who resonate with the goodness in life, the energies of love and the guardianship of our planet. And whilst doing so some may find that they communicate with, or sense the presence of a divine presence. Some people feel, see or sense as these energetic sensations as a presence,  messengers of God, – angels.

I rarely ever comment on other people’s work except to praise, honour or recommend it. I’m sorry that Doreen Virtue has done this. It is one thing to decide against one’s own previous beliefs, and another to try to push it down the throats of others.

In the New Age belief that ‘nothing is for nothing’, and that perhaps there are no coincidences, then what can we learn from this? I have been thinking and reflecting on my own beliefs, such as their origin, and their truth for me now at this stage of my development and understanding.

I invite you to think deeply too, and in particular on any emotions her words have stirred up in your soul…. and feel free to send in your opinions, and answers. I’m ready!