How are you doing?

I mean, how are you coping in this seemingly chaotic existence of ours? Are you steaming ahead, upwards and onwards and disregarding all the flux. Or just keeping your head down and hoping it will pass? Are you actively involved in some way, either politically, environmentally, or perhaps on a personal quest for fulfilment and success? Or, are you struggling ? Whatever place you’ve reached on your journey it is, on one hand, totally unique to you, and yet on the other you are part of the long winding human journey of self discovery that each one of us has taken … together.

After quite a number of years down the road I can honestly say that only some parts were easy. Others were and still are challenging beyond measure. Yet it seems that we do come through it all, sometimes unscathed, but more often than not with a few dents and scratches, having learned a lesson the hard way. And right now, it seems a particularly challenging period in human history doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, and don’t be afraid, remember it’s not just you … and there is definitely something BIG going on, which is affecting everyone. Apart from all the crazy government politics, there are major planetary influences, (and not least Mercury in retrograde again) which I know some rational types like to dismiss, as nonsense, but the giant planets on the move pull us about. What happens then when our gravity is shifted? The water inside our cells like tiny microcosmic oceans swirl. That water, all seventy percent of it, inside our bodies holds our emotions, and some of us end up feeling slightly awash – or nauseous – and fatigued by all the mixed energies, and the more sensitive you are …even totally overwhelmed. The waves of high energy are creating a tsunami of emotion within many of us with a monumental overspilling that seems (sometimes) to be almost uncontrollable. It is affecting our children, young people, and right across the world. That’s all of us. I understand. I feel it too.

But Light workers are supposed to be calm, strong, grounded, wise and solid aren’t we? How are you measuring up to those expectations?

Very often I’d like to ‘metaphorically’ pull off the road, hide in a wood somewhere, park up and take a long break, or maybe sleep in a lay-by until it has all calmed down! Maybe a handsome prince would wake me after 100 years… (Aha better not wish for that. If I slept for even ten years I would definitely not understand the technology)

But joking aside we can be pretty hard on ourselves can’t we? Please don’t beat yourself up whatever you do, it really is ok to take time out sometimes … Be honest with your self, and if you need help, ask. Remember the words from the Bible: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”Ask the Universe for support, and it will always be forthcoming, … but not necessarily in the way you expect.

At the same time bear in mind that our inner life is reflected by every single thing we do. If we feel inwardly confused and chaotic, don’t we make silly mistakes and errors in judgement? If we are feeling dejected, or angry doesn’t it show on our face?
Our thoughts, words, actions and mannerisms all reflect our emotions. And the positive or negative energy of our thoughts acts like a magnet either attracting or repelling those around us. So, how can we balance that? Without flying off to the Caribbean for a very long holiday there are some very practical steps you can take.

Call it relaxation, de-stressing, mindfulness, walking in nature, staring at the night sky, watching the birds in the garden, enjoying a moment with young children, listening to your favourite music, laughing at a comedy show. Choose anything that takes your mind off the anxiety, by connecting with something else. Yep, and that is what Meditation, is all about. Call it by any name, meditation is the key.

I feel very blessed that I belong to a group of people called ‘New Essenes’. We gather in the Summer, and sometimes in Spring, and spend time, early morning and in the evening, in meditation together. A group meditation is a powerful experience.
But you can do this too. So if you don’t belong to a group why not create one? How about joining together with a couple of friends, even via FaceTime or Skype. and take some sharing time out, together? All you have to do is light a candle, switch off phones and any other distractions, and play a recorded meditation that you can all share. Or some gentle music and just set an intention, like sharing healing with the planet, or bringing more love to the world, then sink into your chair, and breathe.

Another way is to find a retreat that excites your interest. My Angels Abroad retreat in beautifully unspoilt West Crete has grown in popularity year on year (though I keep the numbers limited to make sure everyone gets lots of love and attention) and we have some life-changing, positively transformational, healing experiences every year in the over-lighting energies of Archangel Raphael, and the Ascended Master Hilarion.
(See for details of how to book your place)

As you may know I’m also privileged to be taking a group again this year to the Holy Lands, including Petra as well as bathing in the Dead Sea, and meditating with my group on the Mount of Olives, Nazareth and Magdala to name but a few of the sacred sites we will connect with. (There is still time to get on board this trip in May check for your downloadable brochure)

I shall be starting a new meditation group next month, in my area in Essex, and teaching a programme based on “your Spiritual Health” (you can learn about the actual programme at and perhaps find a group near you).

Find some space, think of your favourite things, meditate, enjoy the journey!

With all my Love, Chrissie