affirmation_abundanceLast year between 12:12:12 and the solstice of 2012, as many of you will know, there was a massive shift in cosmic energy. All those who are called to serve, felt it. As light workers or world servers we have been given the opportunity to step up  to the mark… and to serve with a greater wisdom, a higher vibration, and a deeper compassion.

2013 has been hugely challenging for lots of us, with many experiencing physical growing pains, emotional challenges, movement of jobs and homes and what seems the loss of our loved ones who have been called home to serve from a place of higher clarity. We have been experiencing extremes in our weather systems, and also in our personal lives. In my own life I’ve had the great joy of the birth of a new baby granddaughter but also the loss of 2 dear friends and an uncle… I’ve had my share of highs and lows like everyone else.

Some of you will be celebrating the winter solstice on the 21st, others will combine Christmas with their own cultural festivities.
Christmas-time, whatever your faith or beliefs, has become a time for giving. Some people go overboard, whilst others remember the nativity story and the message of the 3 wise men, the maji, who brought smaller gifts of greater significance.  If you were able to give one thing to the world, what would that gift be?

We have all been blessed with many divine gifts and for me one of the greatest is the presence of angels, an energetic, benevolent source of power and energy, which we are invited to tap into for protection, healing,abundance, wisdom and joy.

The Christian story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus has played a very important role in my own life! and I have always tried to encourage my family to remember the ‘reason for the season, which for me is celebration of family, magical mystery and love. Love is the most important of all Christmas gifts. We don’t need to show the world our love by the value of the presents we buy, but in the depth and generosity of spirit we share with one another.

In that Christmas spirit, I share with you my sincere wishes for  happiness this Christmas to you and your loved ones, and for many many blessings in the year ahead. May I wish you a joyful, peaceful and spiritual Christmas, full of the love and light of the angels and a very happy new year.