chakrasWorking with the seven energy centres of the body, known as the “chakras”, forms part of the practices in the Seven Steps. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light” and derives from the highly trained Indian yogis that observed the chakras as spinning vortexes. It is through this energy that our life force flows, stimulating the endocrine system and helping us maintain a healthy, open balance of body, mind, spirit and soul. As a filter of subtle energies from earth and heaven, the chakras also act as conductors, and can help you become more open to receiving and transmitting Angel Light.

Growing Strong Roots
Archangel Gabriel is mainly associated with the throat chakra, the centre of communication and will. However, this angelic force is also closely linked to the root chakra because she “over-lights” our entry to the world at birth and working with her light enables us to become conduits of Divine energy. Our aim is therefore to create a strong, clear communication with the angels while also balancing the root chakra so that we feel safe enough to stand our ground.

This is important because in order to express your highest truth and open the “third eye” to the light, you will need to open the upper chakras. But first you need to strengthen the lower chakras (starting from the root and working upward) or you may feel off balance or floaty. Ways to ground yourself include meditating on the root chakra, walking in nature or feeling the earth beneath your feet.

In Seven Steps Into Angel Light, I offer several exercises connected with the Chakras. I’d like to share this ‘balancing’ exercise with you:

  • Sit comfortably, phone off, eyes closed, back straight.
  • Breathe deeply in and take the breath right down into your lower abdomen. Imagine you are strolling through a sunlit meadow filled with glorious red poppies bobbing cheerfully in the warm breeze.
  • You sit and peel an orange, enjoying the sweet juice as it quenches your thirst, under the gaze of the bright yellow sun above your head.
  • Continue through the meadow towards a clump of deep green trees where the air is cooler and you feel calm and serene.
  • There you find a stream trickling over pebbles which leads you to a lovely pool, turquoise in the twinkling sunlight teasing through the tree tops casting indigo shadows on the mossy banks.
  • Here you find clumps of the sweetest little purple violets, hiding their beauty from the world.
  • Sit for a moment, opening your balanced chakras to the angels, feeling their presence and basking in their light.