One of the most satisfying ways of connecting to the angelic realms and all the creative energies, as well as being one of the most grounding, is in nature, and in particular working in the garden. Growing plants, veggies and beautiful flowers is nurturing, grounding, and a perfect spiritual practice.

I was sitting in my own garden with a cuppa, enjoying the energy and flow of light as the sun played around with the shadows, and found myself pondering on why we don’t all understand, or even believe in, the mysterious life forms that we know as the angelic realms. To people like you and me who believe in angels it is almost incredulous. Of course many of my friends and acquaintances sit on the fence (and I’m sure tolerate my enthusiasm with dubious humour) and of course I know lots of people with no belief, and no faith at all. And that’s absolutely ok and I don’t judge this because it is where they are on their personal development journey. But for me these ‘Light Beings’ are part of the Creative mind of God and so important to every aspect of our life, not just our spiritual life. As I was deep in thought, contemplating, as you do, on why some people pick up the ‘vibration’ of the angelic realms more easily and really understand it, and some don’t,  I realised that just by being in nature we are brought closer to our own soul connection to whatever it is that some of us know as angelic . It is that sense of wonder, a magical sense of oneness. It is a feeling that delights the senses. A spiritual experience that doesn’t really have enough words but is like the presence of Archangels: bigger, better, more!

The Nature spirits and elementals are at play in every aspect of the gardens and meadows in rural Essex life where I live. I love the images of the sweet little flower fairies by Cecily Mary Barker (even though fairies look nothing like the beautiful illustrations),  and I remember my mother telling me of how often she saw them on her land in California when I pointed out the tiny bright lights flickering in the darkness on a visit there. I receive messages from my readers who have enjoyed wonderful unexpected kindness from strangers, or life-saving experiences which they believe to be instigated by their guardian angels. Then there are the magnificent Archangels and gigantic Seraphim who energise our entire planetary system. You and I know this. But it is tricky when confronted by scepticism and we have to be careful how we handle it. Learning how to stand your ground and be true to your self in a way that does not impose our beliefs onto others can be tricky. We have to wait for people to discover the thrill of seeing signs the way we do, and feeling the energy of angels for themselves. It’s hard some times, and to be honest if we don’t want to be judged as ‘airy-fairy’  I believe we have to show how angels work through us in very down to earth and practical ways. I’ve always said “working with angels is finding opportunities to put love into action”.

When we buy bags of rich garden compost to feed the earth, rake the soil, plant seeds, bulbs and cuttings and nurture them, then enjoy the delights of watching them grow as we take out the weeds and trim off the damaged leaves we are playing out a representation of our own spiritual growth. We are symbolising all the aspects of relationship between our self and higher-self and all the other people in our life (all of which needs careful nurturing, pruning and weeding out from time to time.) The more care and attention we put in the better the blossoms and stronger the plants. Maybe you are spending a few moments pondering how well are you blossoming, Petal?

On the higher planes Archangel Uriel is the blazing ‘Celestial Guardian’ of the Summer season and also of our beautiful planet Earth (which is why he is so good at helping us to be fully grounded) yet not everyone knows that this is also the heavenly guide who pushes us towards helping others. Uriel is the Angel of Service (Ministration) so what better time than early Summer to  do a little bit of focussed meditation, connecting to that wonderful vibrant calming energy and asking for guidance to find more ways we can share our spiritual beliefs in loving, practical ways. Gardening, sharing home grown nurtured veg and cuttings and encouraging children and grandchildren, friends and neighbours to enjoy this connection to nature (and all the spirits and devas there) is a fabulous spiritual practice, and a way of nurturing a little more angelic energy here on earth.