Chrissie Astell is one of the UK’s best-loved spiritual educators and angel experts. Following a visionary experience in 1997, she is the author of five books, most recently Seven Steps into Angel Light.




“One of the most highly qualified angel teachers I know…”

William Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality

Preparing for your Spiritual Journey

When seekers first begin to explore their spiritual calling, and discover that the coincidences and patterns they are noticing may indeed be nudges from the angelic realms, one of the first questions they ask me is what should I be looking for? What do angels really...

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Harness The Moon’s Power In Your Self-Healing

We'll be experiencing a second 'super-moon' this month, frequently referred to as a 'blue moon', (when our nearest celestial neighbour is as close as possible in its orbit  to the Earth) and this time it is a super-blue-blood-moon because it is extremely rare and...

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List your qualities not your faults

Here we are just about half way through January, only two weeks into the year, so how many of you have broken your New Year's resolution so far? Instead of the usual high number of resolutions relating to all areas of my life, I only made two (light-hearted)...

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New Year, a Super Moon and Archangel Gabriel’s Light

Did you see that wonderful 'Supermoon' heralding the start of our New Year? And at the end of the month we have another one, which we call a 'Blue' moon (because it happens twice in one month). The super-sized moon is when the full moon is sitting so close to the...

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Twelve Days of Christmas – insightful gifts from angels

On the first day of Christmas the angels showed to me… a star glowing on my Christmas tree. On the second day of Christmas, the angels showed to me … warm candles glowing and a star glowing on my Christmas tree. On the third day of Christmas, the angels showed to me …...

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In The Bleak Midwinter

Christmas-time and a time for celebration with lots of family and friends. We all try and deck our homes with whatever decoration appeals to our taste. Whether we put up holly and ivy, or tinsel and glitter, we usually do it with a sense of joy, don't we? Children...

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Angels are not just for Christmas

It is that festive time of year again when all the shops are filled with baubles, tinsel and ‘angel wings’! Stores will be carrying a variety of tree top and glass angels for your tree, and infant schools will have little darlings dressed in white representing the...

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Fifty, or more, shades of grey.

I want to shout "Help! What's happening ?" Is the whole of Britain turning grey? It seems that every time I leave my home another whole house in the village has been painted grey. Grey is spreading across windows and doors, and into the homes. All fashionable home...

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When we are born part of our soul remains behind in the heavenly place of Love’s existence . This is the ego-less, non-physical part of ourself.  The higher self is wiser and purer than our bodily form, our corporeal self, and has no material attachment. In this way...

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Thanksgiving, a day of Gratitude.

We human beings love a ritual don't we? We actually need festivals and rituals, it is what brings us together, strengthens our tribal connections, feeds our community spirit and gives us our 'social glue'. Right now all over North America, and the Caribbean, families...

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