Here in this little picture of the angel of knowledge the image shows how the light from within the pages of an old book are illuminating the angels face.. Its one of the Guardian Angel Oracle cards you may have seen lots of times before. And in the moment the picture originally popped into my head I was given the message that we are all urged not to believe everything we read as true, but to take only the inspiration and enlightened words that really speak to our heart. The angels invite you to allow the wisdom of your own discernment to take from all shared knowledge ‘that which is true for you, and your own soul resonance’.

In 2012 I wrote “I recently woke with a channelled confirmation that what I have been noticing around me for the last couple of years is undoubtably true. Not only is everything quickening, speed of life, instant communication, the Earth’s revolutions, … but also our psychic awareness is sharpening so rapidly now, on a mega-scale. Given the right practices I honestly believe that humanity will be able to communicate telepathically between dimensions (as we used to many many lifetimes ago), … perhaps even within my current lifetime! How exciting”.

Can you feel this quickening too? And even more so now?

But I want to share with you a mystical and enlightening revelation that I had just experienced, and the reason for my comments on that day.
First I need to explain that since the late ’90s my entire teaching & writing career has been driven by inspired thoughts and what I’ve believed to be Divine guidance. At the same time as my workshops and seminars have been developing and enhancing personal spiritual growth in others I’ve also been travelling a path of self-discovery and growth too.It is impossible not to do this together. All of us are remembering and developing those aspects of Divinity we seem to intuitively know on an inexplicably deep level. In fact one of my favourite sayings is: ‘The teacher teaches what the teacher needs to learn’.

I had just recorded the third in my original series of online seminars on  Discovering the Seven Archangels, and we were all concentrating on strengthening our connection with the powerful energies of Archangel Michael.

(During a healing atunement several years ago, in Crete, I was shown that I work very closely with the Divine Beings we know as Michael and Jesus. These two often create the over-lighting presence I feel at the start of most of my workshops and talks, and although I cannot usually ‘see’ them myself are often reported by clairvoyant members of the audience).

About half way through this particular online seminar I began to feel the unmistakable presence of an over-lighting angelic energy which was filling my body causing me to sway slightly. Certain aspects of the talk changed in emphasis and I found it extraordinarily difficult to concentrate because everything was surrounded in light, and I became aware that strangely I seemed to be growing in size! I finished the seminar but that night it was difficult to sleep. The next morning as soon as it became light I went downstairs. I lit my usual meditation candle but I couldn’t sit down on the chair. I had the uncontrollable urge to stand with my feet apart and hands raised above me at my sides with palms facing upwards… I had no thoughts, my usual meditative routine of healing-prayers and morning Essene communion with the angels was completely taken over by the sensation burning through my body as I seemed to grow ten, twenty, forty feet high. Easily as tall as the massive conifer outside my window.

As the intensity of the experience passed I realised that I was being shown, as a physical experience, what I must teach next. In order to step up to the mark and be our absolute best (regardless of whether we choose to work with angels) we need to learn to grasp that we are literally made from the same light our selves. But not all of us understand that. To become our true Divine self we have to ‘Be’ the Light, willingly step into it, allow it to completely enfold us, and as we absorb it into our essence we become at one with the Divine, the angels, the Oneness, the All that Is…..and within that fraction of a second within the Light of our being we will receive all the guidance, all the love, and the healing, all the wisdom, joy and peace there is available to us. From the Source of all Light – God.

In that moment of communion within the Light I heard no verbal message of wisdom, no music filled my ears, no healing vibration coursed through my hands, yet I absolutely recognised what I as being given…. and all I had to do was let go and trust.

I wrote in my journal, “Now all I need to do is pass this message on….. hm, now where do I start with that!” How to describe and teach people that ‘Light’ is everything, and enable the understanding that we are all Light Beings. Five years later my book Seven Steps into Angel Light emerged. Just like my workshops and courses these chapters show how to take very definite steps towards this state of ‘enlightenment’ in super practical ways.

The secret of knowing we are all connected to the Divine Light is out, and as we engage with that knowledge and practice channeling it through our own ‘Light Body’ we can all find ways to anchor it here into our beautiful Earth.

I’d love to hear how you experience the ‘Light’ connection in your own life. (and if you’ve already read Seven Steps into Angel Light do please let me know your thoughts)