I spent many years of my life struggling with a feeling that there was something I was meant to be doing. Not with each moment, but with my entire life. Being a mother was a wonderful experience for me, but it wasn’t it. Returning to a nursing career was rewarding and fulfilling, but still wasn’t it. I began searching everywhere for answers. I saw psychics, mediums, palmistry, astrology and even my aura repaired, all very interesting but still couldn’t establish my true purpose in life.

Then I decided to pray ardently offering myself in service knowing that when I really meant it and was ready, the signs would appear. I spotted a course on ‘healing with the angels’ and signed up for it. My teacher, a medium, gave me this message from my spirit guides: ‘Welcome Chrissie, we’ve been expecting you, your work will be arduous but we are here to support and guide you.’ From that small seed, my path opened up before me and I became committed to learning as much as possible and passing that wisdom to others on their own spiritual journeys. It was the starting point for my books, workshops and courses.

Each of us has a soul purpose, a destiny to fulfil. The angels know it, they see the plan in our DNA, all they are waiting for is our own decision to go ahead.

Like children constantly needing reassurance and support it is very tempting to ask the angels for help with absolutely everything. We may trust that we are divinely guided, but also trust that we have a huge amount of wisdom and knowledge within. Whether referred to as an ’inner knowing’ or ’higher-self’ in the main our own resources are untapped. We have the ability to use our intuition and as we develop spiritually so our inner knowing / higher self becomes easier to access. We have immeasurable capacity for self-healing, making choices and ‘knowing’ the answers within.

Universal law will not allow the angels to interfere in your life plan. Sit silently with each decision, ask the angels for guidance and hold the silence, connecting with your own deep sense of ‘knowing’. Listen and ‘feel’ for reactions within your body too. Don’t worry, it does take time and sometimes we underestimate our own wisdom. But by learning to read the ‘signs’ all around you will soon be shown if you are going in the right direction. It was the Greek poet and playwright, Aeschylus, who said that “From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.” One small seed of inspiration may lead you to a change which lasts a lifetime.