Well, my intention was to take August off this year, to try and avoid getting involved in too much new work whilst I settle into our new home and get to grips with our surroundings. Not so. From house move, building work and family life, through to writing commitments, social media, and online engagements nothing really ever stops or slows down unless I make it. But that’s my ‘little self’ wanting to play, and the higher bigger self never really switching off. The angelic realms have different ideas to mine too, and although I thought I’d be quieter, I seem to have been invited onto various radio shows, summits and festivals during August after all. So although I’m able to find a few days away from work here and there, and have lots of fun doing it,  Archangel Metatron, my Master guides and ancestral guide Enoch, as well as the celestial hosts are busy working with me on many levels keeping me going.

But hang on, its not just me! During this next whirlwind few days between the last Lunar eclipse and the next on 11th August with a New Moon in Leo, we are all – those of us who are dedicated Light-Workers willing to serve the higher realms – being given the opportunity to download extremely high vibrational energy and information from within the Light. Yes it is from the stars. Yes it is Divine. Yes, it is extremely important to the ascension of our planet and the whole of humanity.
And this new, seemingly, ever-chaotic super-phase is all part of this wondrous effect of the cosmic alignment affecting all of us in different ways. The so called ‘Millenials’ and the little children are more open to the cosmic information (some say form Sirius) than many of the older more cynical folks… but wherever you sit, sit tight!
As I write it is the 8:8, which astrologers call the ‘Lions Gate’. A day every year when we are given a great opportunity to re-align and balance our energies (8 represents as above so below). Carrying enormous power this is also a very feminine number (in numerology) and brings abundant nurturing as well as symbolising the opportunity to embrace harmony and balance the space between the spiritual and material within our life.
Why is it more important this year than normal? Because according to all the astrologers we are right in the middle of a cosmic triad of 3 major lunar eclipses, and six planets in retrograde!
I’ll leave the astrologers to give you all the info on this but for my part I’d just like to say, stay cool, stay calm, avoid making rash decisions and try to stay out of arguments!

Breathe and smile and blame the chaos on the moon if you like, but please, please take some time to meditate and tune in to these phenomenal cosmic energies. Whether you fully realise it, or even understand it, you do play an important role. The angelic beings need us all to anchor the Light. By putting love into every action, by radiating our smile, by holding the thought that in every way possible we can make changes happen. Together we can create magic. When we focus on the Light within we bring the God/Godess to the surface of our being.

Whatever stage of Light-Worker you are its easy to take it all a bit too seriously sometimes. But remember that its just important to relax and have fun and shine, as it is to work hard at adding your loving Light to the world. Laughter is music to the ears of angels!

Have a wonderful week!

All my Love,