I was enjoying watching the moon change from the sliver of a shiny white smile to a great orange beam at the side of the road as I drove along with two of my older grandchildren the other day. The darker the sky turned to night, the deeper the orange of the moon. They were fascinated by it (as was I). “I wonder what the moon is trying to tell us Nanny?” Sofia (aged 11 ) asked me. “Well, I think its smiling because it knows how much you are loved.” I replied.

Isn’t watching the sky just the most amazing way to make that deep heart-felt wonder-filled spiritual connection to whatever ‘The Divine’ actually is?

As many of you know, our moon in all its glory is guided and over-lighted by the angelic guardian we know as the Angel Gabriel, as are these Winter months of the Northern hemisphere. There’s little wonder then that New Beginnings are afoot as we step into our New Year. No wonder our intuitive senses are tingling, and so many of us are seeking our true purpose, trying to make changes that we call ‘resolutions’ and seek out guidance for perhaps a completely new or revised change of direction.

So, I checked out a couple of good astrologers and it seems we are heading for another eclipse, (20th/21st Jan) and this one under the influence of that fabulous sign of Capricorn. I do love reading the insights of a good astrologer. Do you?
Capricorn is the star sign of responsibility, self-control, good manners and discipline.

And according to astrologer Jamie Partridge of AstrologyKing.com, the Sun’s powers will be further heightened by the presence of the New Moon.
Apparently, the strongest and most important aspect in astrology is Sun conjunct Moon.
“It means all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future.
“It is time to question your old habits and behaviours as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.”
With this in mind, the solar eclipse in the New Moon will be the perfect time to make a fresh start.

A perfect time to make a fresh start! 

Great news for those of us who may have been going through a slightly troublesome shift. So many of my friends have been feeling either stuck, or overwhelmed, or both. And that’s not just some of us, by all accounts on the social media forums, it is many. Yes, what we are experiencing in individual micro-cosmic form is that Global re-birth … of something amazing! And I for one aim to be a part of it in some way or another.

For me this, and the other delightful planetary news that all planets are continuing forwards at the moment (so no tricky retrogrades to halt us or trip us up) really does spur me on to take things in a new direction. I’m sure that in those still moments of being open to Divine Impulse – the angels will make sure I’m kept up to speed. Quite how these changes are to take place I’m not sure. But the lovely Margaret Koolman’s Soul Astrology helped to reinforce a new aspect of my life, a different way of doing things, a shift in perspective. She also suggests that we stay calm and be still. In the silence of the moment our highest guidance will become clear.  Ah, so maybe that’s why I’m being woken at 4am every night again (last time it was because I was writing a book ).

I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing this wonderful advice with you here…

Contemplation for this New Moon in Capricorn

You will step more steadily if you relax.
The situations of life are always beyond your control,
just now you can feel the truth of that.
Now is the time to reach for what you can rely on,
your source, your life’s beginning and end,
spirit itself, no matter what that is –
in your heart, you know this.
Rest assured.
Whatever happens you are safe
in the arms of love, and the company of all.
Do not block your awareness of the truth
nor veil your eyes from the light.
Nothing truly real can ever change.
Let go your desire to be right
and your fear of loss.
Joy and love and peace are behind what you see
resting in the silent stillness within



(Margaret Koolman https://soulastrology.com/)

What are you going to do to shift your energy into a higher gear? To raise your vibration? and move forwards with this new found energy, I wonder?

If you need some help with that I’m opening my diary to start offering my one to one sessions again from mid- January. With twenty years of working with people, years of academic professional training – and through the intuition I’ve developed by using cards too – I’ve learned many helpful techniques for sharing with seekers on their journey. Taking time to work through some of your personal issues with a fresh Light, deep insight, healing and Divine guidance from the angelic connections we build during our session together, may be just the boost you need.

In the meantime, enjoy the energy of our rising moon, and the influence of Capricorn. And remember that wonderful Essene saying from the beginning of time: “Be Still. And know I AM GOD”

There is nothing as meaningful as silence.

Love and Blessings in abundance,