Chrissie Astell

Photo courtesy Steve Meddle / Lenscap Photography

What a fun morning. Many of you will have seen the ITV programme This Morning where following the meteor shower spotted by the son of Paul Daniels on the day he passed away I was invited to take part in discussing signs from the angels . Or so I thought. Actually we were hearing from hundreds of people who have also received signs from their loved ones to let them know all is well ‘on the other side’. Feathers from Grandma, Robins from Dad, and ladybirds from Mum, all found in extraordinary circumstances by their grieving family members. In almost every case (as far as I can see from the Facebook page, as there are hundreds to read through) each time a sign is noticed there is a positive sense of relief and comfort.

When we find signs from beyond the veil we are mostly delighted. “Ah but are we looking out for them”? Asks the presenter, “and, could it be our imagination because we are yearning for some kind of comfort”? To be honest, probably. But I don’t believe that matters one jot if the experience is a positive one. If we feel better, gain a sense of relief and comfort thinking that our mum sent us a feather, or the robin redbreast on the gate is a message from our Dad surely that’s absolutely ok as long as we are sensible about it? I always tell people about the duck pond near to where I live. With a dozen white geese and ducks on the green I’m finding white feathers all the time, and I know they are definitely from the geese and ducks, no-one else. They still make me smile though, so even then it has a positive result.

I love these kind of interviews, and never mind a sceptical presenter, that is their job. Mine however, is the work of enabling my students to connect with the angels, and to help them establish and learn to find other signs. Similar in appearance perhaps, but from the angelic realms. These signs come to us from a higher vibration and we can learn to feel them within our own body. Some people will always continue to find white feathers as well, because it is meaningful to them. Others hear song lyrics, some feel a shudder down the spine, see a rainbow or smell roses. Whatever works for you, is perfect. With a deeper connection and regular spiritual practice we learn to connect to our inner wisdom too, and can learn to decipher sensations within our physical body in response. Reactions on the surface of our skin or in the pit of our stomach may be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ to meaningful enquiry.

AngelInsight_GrowthOur loved ones will show us they are around, as do the angels. Try asking your guardian angel for a specific sign (if you haven’t tried this already) rather than a random discovery which may be difficult to understand. With an open and trusting heart ask the angels to send you something of your own suggestion. Maybe you could ask to see a purple feather perhaps, instead of a white one, or a white dove instead of a robin. Take it to the next level and ask them to help you with a difficult decision by showing you three signs in response that will be meaningful to you. And then take notice, with gratitude. Trust the signs you have asked for are real.

There is a lovely little quote in my first book, Advice from Angels, which says: ‘Children believe in angels, the feeling is mutual’.

Let’s follow the signs given by our children, but with the trust and innocence of children, then develop that belief. Then let’s watch it grow into a beautiful positive relationship between us and the angelic realms. Even stronger than the relationship we may have with them now. Who knows what the next sign will be. We are already experiencing meteor showers and planetary alignments which herald energetic shifts within the cosmos. Potentially we may develop such a graceful life, be in a peaceful loving world because of it, that we even develop our own bit of Paradise here on Earth.