When we are called to serve the Light, angels surround us, inspire and protect us, bringing gifts of renewed energy and healing or new supportive, like-minded friends into our lives. Whether we recognize the presence of our angelic helpers or not, they enfold us in invisible wings of love and support. We have to learn to allow ourselves to be open to this.

Strange, sometimes unnerving coincidences might seem unreal. Beautiful visions in nature such as rainbows, prominent stars or sky formations catch our attention. To some, these are simply examples of the beauty of nature; to others they are signs of a deep connection with all that is. No matter what is going on around us, in our own lives or the wider world, we may always try to see the positive and feel love for others. But we can’t just sit back and wait. We have to be proactive. Use the following affirmation to support you:

“I offer the best of who I am, in service for the highest good.”

The opportunity for personal spiritual empowerment and fulfillment  is  right  now.  We  are  being  called  in  greater numbers to be Light Workers on a grand scale. While fearful news events, wars and strange weather patterns might be enough for some to conclude that the darker side of  our world seems to be taking control, inducing fear into many hearts and minds, on the opposing side of such dark forces is an army of Spiritual Warriors, a host of Light Workers, who are spreading love and peace.

When love and joy fills our soul, then fear disappears from our hearts. Of course, it is quite normal to feel fearful or unsure sometimes. It is how we handle that fear, and what we do with it, that counts.