IMG_5727Have you ever heard someone say to you that they felt ‘in pieces’, were ‘torn apart’, or ‘fell to bits’ after en emotionally charged situation, or confrontation? Perhaps you’ve even felt or described yourself as being ‘all over the place’ or that your thoughts were ‘scattered’ when under pressure. It is not always easy to climb out of that kind of stressful situation is it? In my view the worst kind of remedy is to fake a smile and carry on as if nothing has happened. We have certainly all heard the stern instruction from an authority figure to ‘pull yourself together’. It’s certainly what we Britons are famous for!

However, I have a slightly different take on this interesting position, of our multi faceted beings. Today as I take all my birthday cards down from the shelf and enjoy so many different greetings inside. I’m reflecting on just how everyone sees us as someone they know and yet how many pieces we divide ourselves into … quite voluntarily!

Smiling, I remember back to my young years as a bit of a ‘wild-child’ playing outdoors alone, even now in my head most of the time I’m simply ‘Me, myself and I’ (To quote from Joan Armatrading). But, scarily I realise that I am also: a wife, daughter, step-daughter, daughter-in-law, mum, step-mum, mother-in-law, nan, child-minder, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, niece, friend, and even best-friend – and all these roles are just in my private life. Goodness knows how many different parts make up the professional side of me too. No wonder I sometimes feel I’m being pulled in all directions. (Chuckling, I’m certain some of you will nod in recognition).

Now consider the theory that places have memories too. Could it be that we actually leave a little bit of ourselves all over the world in the energetic memories of all the places we have visited? Especially if we have fallen in love, even with the place itself, and become emotionally attached. “I left my heart in San Francisco” – sang Frank Sinatra – Did he?

So, from a spiritual perspective then, it isn’t difficult to see how important it would to be grounded and whole. On a daily basis, through breathing and meditation practice, we can settle back into our body, become aware of who we are, surround ourselves in Divine Light, and re-connect.

How about a little bit of personal soul retrieval, are we giving away parts of our soul too? Over all the many lifetimes, let’s face it, we have all been different things to different people. Then, in this life, we have again been most of the above (or in the masculine version of the same with father, son, husband, granddad, grandson etc.) If I think about my workshops and how much energy I willingly share with so many people, I can be exhausted by the end of a weekend. Add to this all the tiny pieces that are left with each passing relationship, and those parts of us which are taken without us realising, can you begin to imagine how scattered we truly are, if we are not careful?

Here’s a little exercise that someone close to me once suggested after a particularly tricky week with family demands and life-work balance: Try sitting quietly, breathing slowly, and relaxing into a safe space within. Now say out loud:

“I call back all parts of my soul to return to me from the past, the present and into the future. I call all aspects of my soul back to me which I have given away, or which have been taken without my knowledge”.

Then, breathing steadily, imagine that you are surrounded by pure white light. Place a further ring of gold light all around you. Give thanks to yourself for all that you are, and thank God and the angels for assisting you in this process.